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    Tarantino Movies, Ranked!

    10. Hateful- complete waste of time. 9. Once- better after a Youtube video explained the parts I didn’t understand, but still not very good. 8. Django- mediocre. 7. Kill2- fun parts make up for the dull parts. 6. Kill1- too much, with often irritatingly-deliberate dialogue. 5. Death- grew on me...
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    Campaign Inspired Art

    This one is pretty cool. These pictures are really, really cool, but in picture 16 is Shomei meant to look like she’s about eight years old?
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    How many RPG dice do you own?

    Six. One of each die size. Why would anyone need more? ;)
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    D&D 5E What are the highlights of D&D 5th edition for you?

    Simplified combat chapter. Cleaned up spell lists. Feats. And my favorite chapter in the phb: backgrounds, both the fluff and the crunch.
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    D&D General Tiamat Burger

    I have no idea. Ask the original poster.
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    What is your favorite RPG book of all time?

    D&D 1e dmg.
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    D&D 5E Player Hit Points

    Maximum at every level. :cool:
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    D&D General Tiamat Burger

    Love it!
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    Coen Brothers - The Movies and the Ranking!

    All the love for burn (which I hated) and hate for ladykillers (which I loved) is shocking. My top five are ladykillers, lubawsky, fargo, brother, and arizona. Love the screwball comedies!
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    OSR BECMI, how do you say it?

    Same here. In fact, until reading this thread it never even occurred to me to say it that way.
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    Eadric et. al. (The Paladin and his Friends).

    I haven’t read this, but from the notes I’m having much confusion about the character with the scimitar: 1. Is the character’s name Ortwin or Ortwine? 2. Is the character male or female? 3. Is the character a half elf, a satyr, or something else? 4. Is the character a 1e bard, a 3e bard, or...
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    D&D 5E What Is the Iconic Artwork Of 5E?

    That’s really cool. Where is it from?
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    D&D General Erol Otus has a store!

    Will there be any work by the famous drow artist Ool Eurts?
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    Owen K. C. Stephens hospitalized

    This is the first time I’ve wished I was a cleric. Then I could cast Heal on Owen.
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    D&D General My "Perfect D&D" Would Include...

    1e art 2e multiclassing 3e options 4e balance 5e simplicity
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    Best GMing Advice you've ever gotten

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    Cookin again

    GERD-friendly curry. It’s not as spicy as real curry but it has the flavor. (y)
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    D&D General Lodoss War Replay book translated

    Artwork is NSFW...