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  1. AslanC

    RPG Crowdfunding News - Pericle: Labyrinth, HârnWorld, HEROIC, and more

    Well thank you kindly for the shout out, I am rather proud of the work we are doing with HEROIC and can't wait for the final product to be in everyone's hands :)
  2. AslanC

    D&D 5E 3e Adventure Path in 5e

    Note: I've asked this everywhere I post, so if you've seen it elsewhere, cool. :) So I am getting ready to run a new adventure path for my players, to go from level 1 to as high as we can make it. I was looking at the old 3e Ashardalon Adventure path; The Sunless Citadel The Forge of Fury...
  3. AslanC

    Release Final Age Primer

    I have released my 5e campaign setting primer. Over 30 pages of awesomeness (if I do say so myself ;) )! Great cover art by Dean Spencer! Creative stuff that is an interesting read with minimal "game stuff" for even non-rpgers to enjoy! You need this in your life 🙂 It's only $1.99 guys...
  4. AslanC

    Demon Knight Name Help

    WOW! Now THIS is cooking with heat! Love it, might tweak it a bit, but HELLS YEAH! I love both, but this one really spoke to me! Thanks guys! More please?
  5. AslanC

    Demon Knight Name Help

    So in my Greyhawk campaign, the City of Greyhawk fell to the forces of Iuz, after he turned the Knight Commander of the Knights of Greyhawk, Raline Syn, to his evil ways, making him a Demon Knight ala Lord Soth, but not undead. I also want him to have turned his 7 commanders to lesser Demon...
  6. AslanC

    Visual Guide Races of Greyhawk?

    I am starting a Greyhawk campaign and am trying to find "real world" images to get the races (Baklunish, Oeridian, Flan, and Suel) so I can show my players what they all look like so they can visualize the characters and npcs better. Does anyone have anything? What art I have found is leaving...
  7. AslanC

    D&D 5E Non-Dungeon Crawl Published Campaign Recommendations

    So I am running one group through Red Hand of Doom, but have a 2nd group and am looking for a simillar type of published campaign. One that is not focused on dungeon crawls, or maybe even has none. I don't mind a 1 level temple or cave complex for example, but stuff like the Sunless Citadel or...
  8. AslanC

    Where to Place in the Forgotten Realms?

    Going to put RHoD near Shaar. Sunless Citadel is up near Neverwinter it seems. Now just to figure out where to put Forge of Fury. :)
  9. AslanC

    Where to Place in the Forgotten Realms?

    Because I have 3 different groups of players, so I'd like to explore different parts of the Realms. Yup! Like I said, that one is fixed :) No plans for that, no. Cheers!
  10. AslanC

    Where to Place in the Forgotten Realms?

    So I run 3 groups. I was using my own world, but to be honest time to design is gone. No more. So I am using 1e Forgotten Realms, the purest Realms for me. Easiest to manipulate and modify, etc... Group 1 is going for the Sunless Citadel, where in Realms is a good place for this? Group 2 is...
  11. AslanC

    Dark Fantasy/High Adventure Module suggestions?

    Hey there, I am starting a new campaign in 2 weeks (using Heroes Against Darkness) that will be set in a fantasy post-apocalyptic setting. Meaning it was once a Tolkienesque setting, or even a Forgotten Realms/Mystara level one, but now, after some horrible apocalypse it is more a Points of...
  12. AslanC

    D&D 5E Adventures Recommendations?

    Thanks for the info guys. What I was looking for, and my bad for not making it clearer, was your opinions on specific adventures, that's how I found A Wild Sheep Chase in the first place after all :) So what 5e adventures have you played/run that you think would be awesome and might fit what I...
  13. AslanC

    D&D 5E Adventures Recommendations?

    Hey there! So I have been running a very successful 5e campaign and the secret has been that I have been running published adventures instead of creating my own. Now, at 5th level, my players have set themselves up in the town of Alverton's Pass. This village lies on the Salt Road in the...
  14. AslanC

    D&D 5E Protection Domain Reworked

    Sorry to necro this thread (well not really sorry, just being the Canadian that I am), I would love to see a finalized version of this, as one of my players wants to do a Protection Domain cleric and I think you guys are on the right path here. Any luck getting a finalized version? Cheers!
  15. AslanC

    D&D 5E Feywild Analog for Dwarves?

    I am definitely going with Rockhome :) Cheers!
  16. AslanC

    D&D 5E Feywild Analog for Dwarves?

    Dude without realizing it you inspired me for that old Gazeteer from Basic D&D! Rockhome! Thanks :) I dunno, I think of the Underdark in a different way...
  17. AslanC

    D&D 5E Feywild Analog for Dwarves?

    So in my new 5e campaign setting, it is humanocentric, but I have legends of elves, dwarves, etc... I am not using humanoids, but primitives like in 13th Warrior for example. I have decided Elves live in the Feywild (along with Hobbits and such), which is essentially a pocket-dimension. Same...
  18. AslanC

    Pirate Adventures?

    I do not know Spanish alas, and 7th Sea is too magic heavy. I am looking for something a bit more swashbucklery and a lot less spell casty.
  19. AslanC

    Pirate Adventures?

    So I will be starting a Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have links/recommendations for pirate adventures? I don't care what system, I am looking for inspirations. Cheers!