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    The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

    You summed up my opinion perfectly. Thank you! :)
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    [Trailer] Cthulhu

    So this is finally coming out, about time. I've seen trailers for this in the past but that was a new one. I'll have to brush up on my Lovecraft.
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    A Dance With Dragons Release Date Accurate?

    Well, since he hasn't finished writing it I don't believe it is accurate. Currently he is in Iberian Peninsular on a book tour and won't be back home til the end of July or early August, just look at his Appearences link to see where he is going to be. He doesn't write when he's not at home...
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    Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)

    My condolences to his family and friends. Thank you Gary Gygax for the way you influenced my life and the endless hours of enjoyment you gave to me though the game you created. Rest in peace. And once again - Thank You. :(
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    Who Here is Getting Dragon Roots?

    Just placed my order today. I'm looking forword to actually having a print magazine. I hope this one is a success. :) I too miss Gaming Frontiers. I think I got 2 issues of that one. :(
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    Minesweeper - The Movie

    That was great! :lol:
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    Necro is IN! Planned Products

    Very little of what I've seen of 4e has excited me. But from what I hear here form Orcus has peaked my interest somewhat. In Orcus we trust and I'll leave it at that.
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    In the Name of the King

    I saw this opening day and my expectations were low, it is a Uwe Boll movie afterall. I must say that is was better then I thought it would be. Liotta seemed a miscast to me and was the worst of the cast, though he does have a good laugh. Sobieski seemed emotionless thoughout except for one...
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    How do you pronounce Drow?

    Now I think just the opposite, drow sounding like cow sounds silly to me and thus not frightening. Drow sounding like crow sounds more dark, menancing, and evil IMO. But I've always known that I'm in the minority in this and I've live to accept that fact and be comfortable with it. :uhoh:
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    No pro-football thread here???

    Well at least last week my Saints didn't lose. (Looks away from everybody who knows that the Saints didn't play last week :heh: ). That's an improvement from the first 3 weeks in the season. Maybe with their non-loss they will continue with that and break into the win column. They can...
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    College Football 2007-2008

    Whew! A very close one here in Death Valley! But now LSU is Undoubted #1. That game shows why SEC Football is the best in the Nation. Great game, I thought we were going to lose it when UF scored in the third quarter (our #1 defense couldn't stop them :( ) but we pulled it through. Next...
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    Serenity Sequel possibility

    :D I love the Bedlam Bards! I see them a lot at Ren Faires and heard them sing that song live!
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    If we all rolled the normal way for stats, how come he has three 18's?

    It's not your standard. It has been mine for 20+ years. When we have a new player join the group and they roll for stats they did't bat an eye nor ask any questions over that method; they just pick up their dice and started rolling. As I said earlier, yes, we've had super characters but we...
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    Ecology of the Deathknight up

    Now it's been a long time since I read the original Death Knight entry in the 1e FF (it's in storage) but IIRC one of the reasons for Demogorgon creating the DK's was to use undead loyal/created by him (Demo) against the Prince of the Undead. A friend of my decided in his campaign that of the...
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    If we all rolled the normal way for stats, how come he has three 18's?

    Since the moment I started playing we have always rolled for stats by rolling 4d6, drop the lowest die; rolled 7 times drop the lowest roll. I have rolled and seen rolled super stats like 2 18's, 1 17, 1 16 and stats where the character would never have survived childhood such as several 5's...
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    No pro-football thread here???

    Sounds like you're in Heaven.
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    No pro-football thread here???

    I think you misspoke there, or I should say mistyped. I think you meant to say the Saints not the RAms. 0-16 is looking likely down here in Louisiana. The magic is gone (along with Deuce for another year). :( Now where's that bag again?
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    College Football 2007-2008

    Well there's nothing like two weeks in a row. I've always enjoyed Fried or Blacken Alligator from the Chimes or Chimes East right here in Baton Rouge. Great food and beer there, huge variety of beers form around the world. If any of you ever visit BR I highly recommend these places. The...
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    College Football 2007-2008

    Whew! Tough first half for my Tigers. Couldn't believe they were losing to Tulane! But in the end they pulled it out. Next week we have the Gator's in Death Valley. Tiger Bait! Tiger Bait! Geaux Tigers!
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    Cosmology Part II

    Although I agree with you (and the rest of your post that I deleted) the current game designers don't. I guess we didn't have the right kind of fun with our own or previous elemental planes or cosmology because everywhere in the multiverse must be a fun place for the party to adventure...