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  1. John R White

    2000AD Cyber Psionics

    Certainly canon, Dredd has worked with a Psi-Cadet who could use her powers to take control of part of a defensive system. Re macines and psionics the Inspektre strip showed Tek Division developing a robot that could use psionic skills.
  2. John R White

    2000AD The Dark Judges

    Judge Mortis's powers of decay don't affect gold, as evidenced by the pocket watch he used in the Deathworld strips and the Hondo Judges nearly managing to encase him in gold.
  3. John R White

    2000AD The Dark Judges

    Cool. GMs might like to equip suction traps to unfortunate Judges tasked with dealing with this powerful entities at some point in a campaign?
  4. John R White

    Apocalypse War extra material

    'The Citadel' is a 2000AD strip currently running which adds extra events, robots and vehicles to the Apocalypse War story. Planning to add some extra text comments and NPC stats after the strip finishes.
  5. John R White

    Rogue Trooper RPG campaign in West Yorks

    Hi. I'm currently running a Rogue Trooper campaign in Huddersfield on most Tuesday evenings. Game already has five players but I can add another if anyone is interested. Contact me in private message.
  6. John R White

    2000AD New Academy of Law advanced programs for Psi Judges - feedback welcome

    DEPARTMENT OF FORTEAN EVENTS JUDGE [1d6 years] The Department of Fortean Events, is a small unit based at Psi Division’s headquarters which is devoted to the storing, recording and researching of unexplained phenomena. Areas of interest for study include a wide range of subjects, ranging from...
  7. John R White

    2000AD New Academy of Law advanced programs for Psi Judges - feedback welcome

    Following might be of interest? You would need to add in some Pyrokenesis Exploits, probably using material from OLD as a starting point. PYROKINE PSI CADET [1 YEAR] PREREQUISITES: PSI 1+, Cadet, PSI 1+ ATTRIBUTES: END +1, WIL +1, CHAR +1, PSI +1 SKILL CHOICES: concentration, law, pyrokenesis...
  8. John R White

    2000AD New Academy of Law advanced programs for Psi Judges - feedback welcome

    Great to see these. I have quite a bit of work on Psi Judges in draft form [pyrokines, telepaths, telekines etc] but steered clear of using all the types of specializations that featured in Mongoose's work. Empaths feature in the comic strips, though Psi Judge Corrie felt that it was the worst...
  9. John R White

    2000AD Extra Rogue Trooper Locations

    New locations to the Rogue Trooper universe have recently cropped up in the 'Mayflies' spi-off comic strip, here they are with some extra notes on a few Nu Earth regions and settlements. NU EARTH LOCATIONS...
  10. John R White

    2000AD [2000AD Gimped non-Judge Psionics?

    Rules for precognition psi skills and exploits are in The Judge Child Supplement. There are also a couple of Races added which get an initial bonus to the PSI attribute.
  11. John R White

    2000AD [2000AD] Psidept Origin

    Nice Exploits. Rules for psyhic characters being late-inductees to the Judge Academy are included in the supplement The Day the Law Died. Civilian and perp psykers might have powers boosted by illegal drugs, alien parasites and technology in a campaign.,
  12. John R White

    D&D 5E Integrating a story-resistant player

    If they are unsure of character backstory but you feel that one is integral to the start of the campaign you could always devise a few random tables for motivation, events and locatations.
  13. John R White

    2000AD The Day The Law Died

    If you are especially fond of Kleggs ,the newly released Judge Child supplement suggests a few ways of adding them into a campaign involving the quest for Krysler.
  14. John R White

    2000AD Look to the Stars

    The Stats for Krysler in The Judge Child supplement just concentrate on his abilities at the time of Dredd's mission to find him in 2102. Hopefully a future supplement will present material based on City of the Dead along with bonus content looking at using time travel in Judge Dredd and the...
  15. John R White

    2000AD EONS #223: The Horror at Camp Vlad

    A professional version of this map is in the first RT Compendium, Tour of Nu Earth 01 that has been recently released. This includes six scenarios and a feature on equipment.
  16. John R White

    The Hidden Costs of Game Mastering

    I try to arrive early at the club before starting a game and also try spend time after the game with friends having a drink or two to unwind. This sometimes involves discussing the game/games just played [they are often up to six running on an evening] and besides being amusing this provides...
  17. John R White

    2000AD Red or Blue

    That's a hell of a tease at the end. I don't want half term to whizz by but am also impatient for Friday's news!
  18. John R White

    2000AD EONS #223: The Horror at Camp Vlad

    Map of Camp Vlad for GMs running this scenario.