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  1. shaylon

    io9 retrospective on the greatest out of print RPGs.

    Dragonlance SAGA? I had no idea anyone loved that game. Just sitting on my shelf, not 100% sure I ever read it.
  2. shaylon

    Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Announced

    I hadn't really considered this. I hope there are no issues with playing various classes in various campaigns. That would be more than a little disappointing. I will pass on the "beta", since we just started an EotE campaign, but I do hope that we don't have to wait almost a year for the full...
  3. shaylon

    Owl Hoot Trail: out for pre-orders!

    My copy arrived last night!
  4. shaylon

    When Boxed Sets Go Bad

    I took the materials out of the box, because of how thin it is, and am storing elsewhere. I won't travel with the box, it will stay at home.
  5. shaylon

    Beyond the Rim - new SW:EotE adventure

    That would be fantastic, but if it was going to be there I would have thought they would have mentioned that by now. Hope I am wrong.
  6. shaylon

    Beyond the Rim - new SW:EotE adventure

    The only info I have seen is 3rd quarter this year, so hopefully by September.
  7. shaylon

    Tell me about STAR WARS: EDGE OF EMPIRE

    Doesn't the total party Obligation score provide some benefit as well? I feel like the score was tied to what you are likely to obtain from the black market and what people will deal with you, almost like a reputation boon. Still reading the rules, and they aren't in front of me at the moment...
  8. shaylon

    "Exclusive deals suck!" - James Mathe's rant about the tabletop industry

    I would say that although things might be tougher on him, what this does for the industry would most certainly be beneficial. I know when the people from North Star Games (Wits and Wagers) got into Target it was a very big thing for them which allowed them to produce several more games and see...
  9. shaylon


    Sir Robilar, it was a bit of an inside joke. I ran with 3-0 levels last night and two of them advanced. It happened that I rolled extremely well all night.
  10. shaylon


    I will be playing tonight. My gaming group has decided to try this out after a long Pathfinder run. I made my own characters and I don't expect any of them to die.
  11. shaylon

    Sat 6pm-10pm+: Sorcery and Super Science Beta

    I'm in if you have room for me. Put Frater down too if you can as a tentative.
  12. shaylon

    2009 Ohio Gameday - May 16, 2009

    Crothian's Changeling and Dshai's 4e for me.
  13. shaylon

    2009 Ohio Gameday - May 16, 2009

    Lies, all lies. Keeper is running in the afternoon. Are there any other afternoon games that are going to happen?
  14. shaylon

    2009 Ohio Gameday - May 16, 2009

    I'll be there all day. So Crothian's game in the morning and Scholars in the afternoon for me. All we have are three games, one which is full?
  15. shaylon

    The idea of naming and shaming

    Don't forget negrep if you say you are sorry! -Shay
  16. shaylon

    Ohio Gameday - Sat. July 12, 2008

    Have a great time guys. I wish I was able to make it.
  17. shaylon

    Three more days

    Hmmm. Why is this important?
  18. shaylon

    EN World RPG Book Club for June

    Man I wish I would have known that. Paid about that much after shipping from with no pdf. Looking forward to reading this when it arrives.
  19. shaylon

    What SHOULD FLGS do?

    I would like to see the following... Store -Clean store. Most of the ones in the area are dirty or dirtier than they need be. -Updates every 10-15 years. Most stores in my area have old game posters on the walls, disgusting old furniture, and dirty walls that need to be painted. Staff...
  20. shaylon

    RPG Book Club (Now with contest!!)

    It was worth a shot. -Shay