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    WOIN Called shot questions

    So i assumed the called shot rules in N.E.W. worked one way but then I found a different interpretation and wanted to get some clarification. So the box on page 166 says you can spend attack dice on damage and on effects. (First saying exploits will allow you to spend on effects. Then next...
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    I spy what can only be described as an INDEX!

    Woot! Can't wait.
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    EONS #42: Variant Humans

    Fantastic stuff Morrus, this is awesome.
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    Homebrew Werewolf -- Wanted input

    I also agree that the conditions are a bit much. I like the idea though. The combat stat bonuses, would make it very power for a PC. What is the setting or concept that you are putting this in? Alex
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    EONS #40: Reputation, Contacts, & Credit.

    This looks great. The link is not a direct link though, but goes through a facebook link. It confused my browser. just FYI. alex
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    two and a half questions on careers

    I have 2 and a half questions on careers 1. when a skill is selected from a career, can the be the same skill or a skill from the same category? 2. It is made a point multiple times that you can only have an origin career once. I was wondering if you could share your thoughts or concerns on...
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    WOIN Official Errata Thread

    Old Fantasy Careers, Mage page 30 lists the academic skill group, but skills on page 7 does not list the academic skill group.