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    WotBS War of the burning sky andventure path down?

    Down for me. Also.
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    ZEITGEIST Is there any more information on the RHC's "magical inquisition" for new recruits?

    I believe the specifics of the magical screening is kept vague, to be system-agnostic. Have a think about what mid-level mind-reading might be available in your system. I'd say he'd probably pass the test. The RHC might perceive his rich person-distrust as an asset, since it means he will be...
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    ZEITGEIST 5e Adventures in single PDF format?

    Adobe will also let you, in Advanced Search, search through all PDFs in a given folder.
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    ZEITGEIST NPC Rings (Spoilers)

    Mmm, you could be right. Perhaps the intention is that higher ring-levels personally organise everything, and using the inscription is just the PCs improvising with what they have available. I would say that with the Ob's usual success rate, there'd definitely be officers improvising with their...
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    ZEITGEIST NPC Rings (Spoilers)

    Right, but let's say your Caius and you get arrested and you know there's someone in the RHC who can help you (Saxby), what do you do? Or in Book 4 when Bree in Beaumont is looking for Caius/ringbearers.
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    ZEITGEIST Danor lore in Zeitgeist

    Danor lore is kind of spread throughout various points in the AP rather than being in one big gazetteer. Some left to implication. What you'll want to do is read the parts of the AP where the party visits Danor; Book 4 on the train, Book 9 in Methia (including the Ob meeting flashbacks...
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    ZEITGEIST BoFF end - A request for possible Clergy influences

    If I'm reading this correctly, King Boyle handed over rulership to Tomas Masaryk? Interesting. That's the King naming a Godhand, a holy warrior of Crisillyir as ruler of Risur. Immediately, each nation is going to want to know where his true loyalty lies, with many in the nobility/among the...
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    ZEITGEIST [Big Spoilers] Visions of a Dying Skyseer

    I'd say the man who tore himself in two is Nic, torn between Nicodemus the ghost, and William Miller the soul who the party speak to on Ascetia in Book 12. Mice skittering around a trainyard is Leone Quital and the Mirsk trainyard fight. I'd say the map Ashima whispers about is the Sacrament of...
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    ZEITGEIST Obscurati in the NEWS!

    Mmm, my party did this from quite early on. Straight-up made and published a matching game of shuffling planes in and out, to try and get some popular support for certain configurations, and pre-emptively deny the Ob any popularity. Firstly, try and find out from your players what results they...
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitvice: one GM's guide to the best AP

    Reviewing my logs, the party IC-discovered that Miller was Nicodemus upon viewing the Alais Primos gates memory, with Richelmont. I'm not sure what about that vision sparked the connection, or if the players were jumping the gun based on OOC deductions. Either way, that and Triage are a pretty...
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    The Gyre.jpg

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    ZEITGEIST Age of Enlightenment: a Zeitgeist Encyclopaedia

    Basically, the planes and their traits as stated in the Player's Guide ('Jiese influences war') do not map at all with their planar traits in Act 2 and 3 ('Jiese enables precision technologies.') Ryan says that both are correct, that Jiese influences war and precision tech. I prefer to have it...
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist and Divination Magic (potential spoilers)

    Well, on the extreme end, one of my players took advantage of the downtime between books to spam divination. Noting that this was 4e, divinations in different editions have very different powers and limitations. As a GM, it was a neat way for me to flesh out the world/mystery, and to encourage...
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    ZEITGEIST Newbie Problems and Questions

    Heyo. A) Toteth, the Ancient orc druid who led the Axis Seal, is a decent enough choice for a patron. in book 10 the party briefly meet his ghost, where he gives them the recipe for a margarita. If he's been haunting axis island for long enough to realise the Ob are preparing to do the ritual...
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    ZEITGEIST Fleshing out Flint

    Adventures in Zeitgeist has a few pages dedicated to Flint. Some of the material could be back-dated to the AP.
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    ZEITGEIST Few questions after running a few sessions

    Fog of war! Mistakes in the heart of battle! In terms of explaining the event in-universe, it might be easiest to chalk it down to 'the PCs were in a hurry to open the gates and couldn't take prisoners', whether or not that's strictly true. I'm sure every GM has a story of the time a PC...
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    ZEITGEIST Few questions after running a few sessions

    Not sure about vetoing items. Risur does not have many clear laws. I believe the book specifically says that the RHC do not use a warrant system; rather, the PCs are free to demand entry anywhere they wish (barring diplomatic problems), so long as they can justify themselves to their superiors...