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    D&D 5E Minor illusion for advantage to attack?

    He uses a bunch of made up spells. He passes himself off as a Necromancer (the PCs know he is an Illusionist) and will cast a minor illusion of a flying black skull or a blurry image of the PC right beside the PC. It may be too powerful, but I can't tell, as I am running 2 PCs through Lost...
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    D&D 5E Minor illusion for advantage to attack?

    I am running a small party ( 2 players, 1 PC eash). I threw in a Wizard NPC as they are a Paladin and Cleric. The NPC is an Illusionist and to balance the being helpful but not taking the spotlight, I have him use Minor Illusion as an at range "Aid" Action. It gives either advantage to one...
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    D&D 5E The Case for a Magic Item Shop?

    It absolutely depends on the campaign. Agreed 100%. Lets take Middle Earth as that is a great example of a world that doesnot have a "Magic Economy". But, Tolkien has to get magic items into the hands of the characaters. How does he do it: 1) Loot, Bilbo gets all of his items from Trolls...
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    D&D 5E The Case for a Magic Item Shop?

    After going back and forth on this issue, and playing through versions/settings that go from one extreme to another, I have come to the conclusion that logically speaking there must be ways to get magic items during downtime. My reasoning can be explained ironically enough with Magic the...
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    D&D 5E The Case for a Magic Item Shop?

    If you feel that the DM should have been more open about being the Underdark for extended period of time before the campaign started, then you should not feel bad at all about asking for something to be dropped to help you out. For my own opinion, that is no more fun-breaking than getting a...
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    D&D 5E Class and Background combos

    Bard As a DM this will have to be an NPC, but a Bard (College of Valor) with Acolyte Background. I envison a small organization of them with a strong Angelic theme. RK
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    Knightriders - Who's Seen It?

    80s/2000s I always enjoyed this movie. In the 80s (as a teen), it is jousting on motorbikes, what is not to like. In the 2000's after being in a Ren Faire for 5 years, and being around SCA'ers, I appreciate that (in my opinion) he nailed the personality types so well. A bit long, but it...
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    Really? Really?

    I agree I agree that the Airplane movies were a bit funnier. And stop calling me shirley.
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    AD&D needs a lil' love. Favorite PCs/concepts/race-class combo's...

    My Favorite Character in any RPG. 1st Edition Human Illusionist. Starting with 2nd edition the flavor died. But the 1st Edition, wow, Shadow Spells, Illusion, Fear spells. This guy was no charlatan with some magic, he was a force to be reckoned with. No other game or edition really comes...
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    Disney buying Lucasfilm for $4 billion! More Star Wars movies coming!

    I can't guess on the movies Hello, I will not hazard a guess on the movies. But I certainly see a Jedi Academy show on Disney XD ala the Tron cartoon they now have. RK
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    Arrow TV Show

    I can't disagree with that. I do tend to give TV writers a lot of wiggle room, and usually end up disappointed. But, as of what we know right now, he should not be in the shape he is in, with the skills he has. So, for now I guess it is tune in next week at the same Arrow Time on the same...
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    Arrow TV Show

    kind of with spoilers I really liked it. I have seen this in a couple of places, but really it points to something bigger. Not only can he do that, but on the island he: Learned Archery. You would not learn archery on a deserted island, at least not enough to be the class he is. Hand to...
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    Personality Type

    Intj How timely, My company (a financial services company is having a Myers-Brigg training class next month and I took a version just to confirm, I am INTJ, which I have consistently scored over the last 35 years (I was a Psych major in college so have taken it a lot). I was wondering how...
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    Antiques and Magical Enhancements

    destroyed Hello, I say the historical value is destroyed. I am assuming that any additional enchantment will some visible alteration on the spear, and that would be enough to change it and ruin the value. I know any analogy I use will not be perfect, but here is one anyway. It would be like...
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    Story-creation games (storygames) - are they RPGs?

    not RPG Hello, I don't thing Story Games are Role Playing Games. You can play a RPG without any story at all (it would not be a lot of fun, imho). You explore a dungeon, what role are you playing? Fighter...ok Storygames do not require you to play a specific role in side the story...
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    Never Made Sense

    Duel vs. multi classing Hello, It bugged me in earlier versions that the elves who were long lived and seemingly always were held up as wise and patient could follow two (or three paths) at once but could never focus on a single path and gain high levels. Humans on the other hand who were...
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    What setting would you like to see as RPG?

    Avatar The Last Airbender. Broad World, lots of Lore that can still be discovered (this is important to me). Just don't allow a character to be the Avatar and it would be a really cool in my opinion. RK
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    Do they stack???

    believe it or not, but it is Dragons Hello, In my experience, it is Dragons. They have to be under a Hold Person Spell, or dead, or stone, etc. Every other Dragon must flipped and laid the opposite direction (head toward the one below's tail). By experience, I mean of course stacking my...
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    When the dice are against you... your worst dice rolls ever

    Wacky trend Back in 1st edition days, I played with one other guy. He was the DM and I ran a whole Party. I still managed to role-play. Sometimes the dice even helped. One Character was a Paladin, that could not roll good damage against low level critters to save his life. At 7th level...
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    Nobody knows the classes like I do!

    I like the approach I like this approach and have used it myself to help explain. Some of my favorites are (sorry no picture links): Gil Grissom as a Paladin. He was the original lead in the first CSI. He was not a jerk about Law and Order (pun intended), he just didn't get grey areas. You...