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    My Favorite Picks From Unnatural Selection For Shadowdark

    I don't know/own Shadowdark, but I like the downtime generator idea... though I might keep it optional... and I'd like it if it had a 'push your luck' aspect, sort of like Classic Traveller's character generation, including the possibility to get diseases/curses/death if you push it to far...
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    Parsely Turns Classic Adventure Games Into Fun For Everyone

    Our GM ran this for us a while back and it was a lot of fun. Not something we'd wanna do every session, but it was great as a 'filler' for when people didn't show up. I think though, that it might require the Players all have experienced the text-based games to 'get it'.
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    Running adventures in systems that they were not designed for.

    Not an adventure, but a setting. I've no interest in Blades In The Dark's rules... but I have adopted its setting (what there is of it) to use in Mythras.