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    Ideas for things happening during a fight

    Horse thieves, or thieves/opportunists stealing other equipment combatants might have put down in preparation for the fight (e.g. backpacks).
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    Inspirational Fantasy setting Movies

    Hawk the Slayer, Circle of Iron, Fire and Ice (animated), Wizards (also animated, Ralph Bakshi IIRC) Unrelated Genre but story ideas to salvage from Westerns: Death Rides a Horse, Support your Local Gunfighter, Support your Local Sheriff, and Magnificent Seven. Also any Clint Eastwood Westerns...
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    Inspirational Fantasy setting Movies

    Sorry, I'm not clear. Are only movies set in Asia, or made in Asia, eligible? Please define "never heard of", I have seen a lot of American-made Fantasy and SF movies and TV that may be unheard of by those even 10 years younger.
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    Help with Random Events in City

    @Hand of Evil: I think I read about that headline inspiration trick back in a '90s issue of Dragon. It inspired at least one story arc based on a stolen prototype for a new mundane military weapon, and may have inspired the creation of my News & Events Table that I've been using since about...
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    Night Below

    Zardnaar, thanks for your reply. Broken Spire Keep is good real estate, for Haranshire. Anyone currently playing Night Below, Spoiler Alert, please read no further! DMStrikes, I rewrote a lot of Book 1, adding a back-door (via the underground tunnels) to Broken Spire Keep. I moved the...
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    Night Below

    Thanks for your reply! I am actually running this campaign in its native 2nd Edition environment, because I already have all the core books and a lot of the optional stuff. My players have become a quite complimentary and cooperative group since we started this campaign last September, and we...
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    Little Extra Rewards

    Howdy, all. I thought I'd share a few things I use in my campaign to reward a player for roleplaying above and beyond the call of duty besides flat XP rewards, treasure, or magic. Maybe some other GMs are looking for ideas, or maybe others have some of their own they can share here as well...
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    Session Zero Questionnaire

    Multiple GMs with an Alpha, traditional single GM, or full-on Troupe style play? Maybe more pertinent in an Ars Magica group than with other games but I have at times past allowed a player to run a one-shot in my world. I enjoy my role as DM (or I wouldn't have started back up after 15 year...
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    Diseases and Illnesses

    I feel like they're overall burdensome unless they are a plot point (which they may be soon in my game; the god of evil lycanthropes and the god of undeath and disease are in a little war right now...). Most of the time all I have is "minor illness" as one of the Terrain Hazard options on my...
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    Help with Random Events in City

    Here are a few I've used recently, or will use before my PCs leave a city to continue their travels: There's a new drug on the streets and it has some frightening effects, especially on those who die of an overdose. Gang members accost PCs on entry into a rougher area of town, and tell them...
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    Night Below

    Someone mentioned Night Below in the thread about optional rules use in second edition. I'm currently running this campaign for my group (three players, six PCs currently ranging from 6th to 9th level). I have a couple of questions for others who have played/DMed this campaign module. Note...
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    D&D 2E [2e AD&D] what optional stuff did/do you use?

    I used all the optional rules for Weapon Proficiencies from the CFHB, not mentioned on the poll.
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    What's the best and worst D&D book you own from any edition?

    Well, since it came back from the dead, I may as well contribute:) Best: BECMI: I started with the pink (mauve? salmon?) edition of the Basic Set, contents 1 red rule book, 1 grease pencil, 1 set of dice, and a copy of The Keep on the Borderlands, so that one will always have a special place...
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    A Potential Campaign Setting That Should Work for Almost Any Era/Genre

    Howdy, all. I'm a bit of a fan of some of the work of the metal band Iced Earth. Any of you who are familiar with the band probably are aware of the "Something Wicked" story line. For those who are not familiar with the band, a brief synopsis with minimum spoilers is that songwriter Jon...
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    Super compact way of presenting Module information

    Brilliant, absolutely expletive-deleted-tasticly brilliant!! Probably not useful for me, because I use paper and pen the old-school way when running a game, but if WotC could be persuaded to replace the PDFs of AD&D 2e titles with Excel formats based on this, I could be persuaded to change my...
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    Ever use Sleestaks in your campaign?

    I went even further back in B/X box set days and made up stats for the "snake that speaks" from Howard's King Kull stories that took place in Valusia. None of my players had read the material, though, sadly:( I think I also may have portrayed troglodytes as somewhat sleestak-like around the...
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    What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Some random thoughts from me: In this setting (however it ends up evolving as you write it up), the Moon is a potential threat to any life/business interests on Earth. Whatever mining consortia, political/geographical groups of people, or tech/data interests there are dirt-side, the people in...
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    What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    One question that jumps out to my mind: where are the prisons in this future solar system? Is Earth now an industrial prison complex, mining done by prisoners while they serve their time? Or are there penal colonies in the Belt? Is the manufacturing on the Moon done by prison labor...
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    Whatever Happened to Acererak?

    Then that would be the "canon" fate of Acererak, for those who bought later editions would it not? For someone who stuck with Gygax-compatible materials like me, I suppose if there is a canon printed answer it's in Return to the Tomb of Horrors. I have that boxed set but, if I ever read...
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    Email notifications?

    If I've done it right, on your Control Panel at the top of the sidebar to the left is a folder labeled "Subscriptions". I clicked in there, checkmarked all of my subscribed threads, then chose the option "through my Control Panel only" and clicked "Go". We'll see if it worked, or if a Mod...