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  1. Chimera

    Pathfinder 2E The playtest is here!!

    Been looking over the Playtest Rulebook today. I'm sorry, I'm just not impressed so far. It's too different a game. I'll likely try a playtest session to see how it goes, but so far my impression is that it is not the game for me. I've been developing a homebrew world for a while and I can't...
  2. Chimera

    Annual Chessex Battlemat Clean Up Reminder

    Bump for a new solution. I had left a very large and complex map done in Dry Erase on mine for 2.5 months and was just spending a lot of time getting it off, since I didn't have any special cleaning products. I desperation, I tried the Shout Advanced Stain Remover (spray) that I had. Took the...
  3. Chimera

    Would you quit a game if....

    Without Malice, Irritation or Apology, my answer would be 'no'. Do you still want to play? Yes? Ok, let's rock. (Just remember this conversation ends here) No? Oh well, good luck with your next group. Hope you find something that works for you.
  4. Chimera

    21st Century EN World

    Because like all the cool companies, EN World is going full Evil. Very 21st Century. If everyone else can track your phone and make calls with it, then why not Morrus?
  5. Chimera

    Bargaining and debate

    DC 27. My Bard; Bluff +29 Diplomacy +32 Intimidate +24 Arcana, History, Religion (if needed) +23 each Streetwise +27 Yup, needs some mods or I just roll six times and end up with the meeting, the pass phrase to the Princesses chambers and an invite for a weekend at their summer palace.
  6. Chimera

    Bargaining and debate

    Sounds reasonable. Going to have to think about it a bit.
  7. Chimera

    DM Intervention

    I think the single worst thing any GM can do is plan for the conclusion. If you expect and demand the players do X (and don't tell them this), then you are planning for failure. Players will come up with options and ideas that have never crossed your mind, and sometimes never in a million...
  8. Chimera

    Too many TPKs?

    Yeah, a DM Save is pretty much an admission of failure on the part of the GM. But then, sometimes the die rolls just go the wrong way. We faced 24 Dread Wraith minions plus some Sand Golems in our last session, with five 24th level characters. If the rolls had gone the wrong way and if...
  9. Chimera

    Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e in Cottage Grove, MN

    Responded to your email. The one character I want to play in 3.5 that I have not had a chance to is a Druid. Sunday once or possibly twice a month would work for me.
  10. Chimera

    Annoying Player HORROR STORIES!!!!

    Ah yes, that reminded me of a first-and-last session of a new group of total strangers. I'd pretty much erased it from my mind, it's so vile. One of the players apparently used one of the host's bath towels as toilet paper. Session ended, game over, group disbanded at the first meeting...
  11. Chimera

    Annoying Player HORROR STORIES!!!!

    I had one guy who would do crap like that but try to make it more "realistic". Unfortunately, he was an idiot and his idea of being reasonable was that every single die roll was a 16. I have a really easy answer for that kind of cheating. It doesn't count. You pretend to roll a number and...
  12. Chimera

    Multiple Ipads at the game table

    Say, since you have so many of them, can I borrow one for....well, ever?
  13. Chimera

    Have you ever been "That Guy"?

    Twice; I answered a Gamers Wanted from this board. A guy was running a game just a couple of miles from my apartment. The first warning sign was that I actually showed up and he says, very curtly "Oh, I didn't think you were coming" What? Odd that, given that we had not interacted at all...
  14. Chimera

    Annoying Player HORROR STORIES!!!!

    Many over the years, but the worst; A 17 year old obnoxious kid. Came into my house with muddy shoes despite being told to take them off at the door and proceeded to sit cross legged on my futon (which fortunately had an old blanket over it), muddying it up. He ate sunflower seeds the whole...
  15. Chimera

    Lethal Obsideon

    "Thumbs up, would do again."
  16. Chimera

    Considering Banning 20s

    A 20 in your primary stat to start only means the rest of your stats suck. Which means two of your defenses are lower, and many of your skills are lower. It also means that any abilities relying on secondary stats are unavailable, including feats that require those higher stats. There's a big...
  17. Chimera

    Lethal Obsideon

    I thought it went extremely well. Of course, being the pessimist I am, I initially stated that I thought that we would be out of healing surges before we completed the challenge. Obviously way overblown, as five players combined = 40-50 surges. But of course, when the first player two players...
  18. Chimera

    OMG Nightmare player Help advice pls

    heh. Never works. I gamed with a couple where the wife deliberately sabotaged everything we did, then would giggle and smile at us about it. When I complained to the GM, he became very angry, defensive and personally offensive toward me about it, stating that the only reason he was running...
  19. Chimera

    OMG Nightmare player Help advice pls

    There is NO worse player than the DM's girlfriend or wife. I've been burned enough that I think I'd have a hard time playing in ANY group where the DM's SO also played. There is quite literally nothing that you can do to change things. That's their dynamic, and you're trapped in it - well...
  20. Chimera

    Harry Potter d20

    Um....Standy by and wait for the Cease And Desist order?