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    Bards and redundant "morale" bonuses

    Heaven forbid that the class whose closest thing to a specialty is buffing be even close to as good at buffing as a cleric.
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    Frukathka's Racial Substitution Levels

    I can't imagine why anyone making an orc barbarian or an avariel cleric wouldn't take these substitution levels. They seem to be a naked powerup.
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    Drow Poison, Silver swords, and Pixie arrows

    Drow poison is in the DMG. Just handle that like any poison. I'd personally let pixies craft sleep arrows (per the DMG) normally and maybe let them bypass the prereqs. I dunno...I'd have to fiddle. As I recall, the Silver Sword is a +3 or +4 mod for the cutting the silver cord part...
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    Warforged Creation Forges

    It's not an unreasonable goal for a character, but bear in mind that it's a massive goal, one that will likely be a campaign-ender if he accomplishes it. An alternative course of action... The character has to search Xen'drik for the plans that Merrix d'Cannith based his original creation...
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    Spell Balance Question for Sublime Revelry

    With or without that spell, that party should be able to all but ignore the efforts of CR8-10 encounters, no matter how many of them there are, for the same reason that a level 10 party (especially one with eight members) should be able to mow down any number of goblins. These are foes that...
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    Barbarians VS Fighters

    Wow, someone actually used 'irony' correctly!
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    Weapons as special effects

    Well, the entire point of the rules, as I understand them, was to get rid of the distinctions between weapons, to generate a sort of cinematic/anime feel. That said, if you want to adapt the rules that way, modify them and post them! I'd like to see how you treat weapon categories in a system...
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    How to get Use Magic Device as a class skill

    Have him take a level of rogue, and then just levels in whatever else you want. It's not like the players are going to see his character sheet. Alternately, you could make him a Warlock, from Complete Arcane. They get UMD.
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    For Nail - The Psion

    Care to explain it for the rest of us?
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    Diplomacy, the replacement for roleplaying.

    Besides breaking the Epic Spell casting rules in basically the same way?
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    Death Urge + Deja Vu' (is this right?)

    Why is it unbalanced? The save DC on Deja Vu is going to suck, unless the manifester augments it, in which case the manifester's probably just better off using Death Urge again. The only times this combo would be superior would be against things with really low Will saves or things that get...
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    For Nail - The Psion

    For what it's worth, non-druid summoners are going to have access to Planar Binding, Planar Ally, and/or Gate in addition to SNA/SM, whereas a psion has only AC to work with. Something related to the validity-of-core-comparisons argument, is the greater tendency of...