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    Allen Palmer Art

    Hehe....thanks! He's always kinda angry....but gobbos tend to send him over the edge.
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    Allen Palmer Art

    Hello All :) Completed a new picture:
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    Wanted: Your Unpublished Work For Dog Soul Forums

    Done :) Thanks to you and Cathix. I will submit some pieces for display sometime this evening probably.
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    Wanted: Your Unpublished Work For Dog Soul Forums

    Seems very intersting. Heres a link to one of my galleries: I assume when everythings up and running you will post here. Will we be putting our info into the site or will you?
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    Wanted: High Quality Character portrait...will pay with real money!
  6. Orcs 9 clr 400a.jpg

    Orcs 9 clr 400a.jpg

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    Allen Palmer Art

    and voila (I might dink with it a little later...but not much :P) these things are more like paintings I think...they take quite a bit of time.
  8. Orcs 6 clr 400.jpg

    Orcs 6 clr 400.jpg

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    Allen Palmer Art

    an updated work in progress....I will replace the original picture up top with the newest :)
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    art prices

    Have you found the answer to your artist problem?
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    [Closed] Portrait Artist With A Twist...

    Perhaps I may be able to help?
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    New Random Cave Map Generator

    Very cool :) I imagine this could be very useful.
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    Acquana's Art Thread -- Closed, New Thread Started

    see.....not I....inks are evil and cold to me :)....not to look at but to use. Comic art, though I love it and I find it inspiring, is just to cold for my fingers to produce....need to be able to shade to make things a bit warmer. but thats just seem to have an excellent grasp of it...
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    Acquana's Art Thread -- Closed, New Thread Started

    I really like your inking skills....clean and smooth. Very impressive work. :)
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    Helspar's pencil and inks

    Yep...most definitly a good piece. Did you post this in another thread...I went looking for it to comment after I first saw it and couldnt find it. Glad you put it here. Good work....I am ink deficient so I can really appreciate the work here. I like the bold reall makes the pic jump...
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    Allen Palmer Art

    I pencil everything in standard graphite and then scan and convert to sepia tones on the computer. Thanks again for the compliment :)
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    Bastion's first attempt at sculpting

    Pretty friggin cool man....great job. Like how the muscle tone is developing :)
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    Allen Palmer Art

    Thank you :) of my better pieces.
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    Allen Palmer Art a matter of fact thanks bud
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    Allen Palmer Art

    Hello all. Here are some similarly themed pics for you to take a look at.