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    Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)

    In memory of a man who loved his work: Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 There also was much joy in this man's heart.
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    Yes, there will be free content on the website, including "Gamer Lifestyle"

    They say "lifestyle" like its a choice. I am pretty sure its genetic! :)
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    Best Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk PnP?

    Battletech 3025 for the universe, but built around a real 3D starchart rather than the old piechart inner sphere model. The houses are there, but in an odd way. CP2020 as the RP system. Its gritty and its dark. And it still uses lead. Transhuman Space for the Lost Technology and achievment...
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    Is EN World really DM World?

    D comes before E in the alphabet, and M before N. EN World is named for Eric Noah, but strangely enough it could be named for someone who is so into DMing that they are ENing (i.e. they are so into DMing that the abbreviation is iterated one character forward.) That in mind, the poll: Are...
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    What geometry do you prefer?

    I like it when my character can run in a spiral like that. Since it is early in the thread: The way I see the new diagonal = 1 square thing is the concept of the range band from Traveller. Since hits and misses, injury and death are all in the cloud of probability, I figure movement should...
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    New article Design and Development Article on Magic Item Slots

    This post really cleared up what I was missing in the article. I agree now the new system will rock, especially since you can house rule that the slot/silo is not connected to a body part.
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    WotC: Souldn't Magic Items Be Classified By Function?

    This totally clears it up for me and makes perfect sense. Thank you.
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    WotC: Souldn't Magic Items Be Classified By Function?

    So why the definition of magic items by form? This just seems too much of a limitation. So is a cloak of invisibility going to be cheaper and easier to get than a ring of invisibility when they both really have the same game effect? It seems that you would want to deliniate magic items...
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    Should rings be able to function for low level characters?

    House ruled: You get 5 magic items. House ruled: Magic items are classified by function. Function WotC. Function.
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    New article Design and Development Article on Magic Item Slots

    Magic items should be classified by function. No matter what form they come in. Its not about what a ring does. Its about how you can't have a gradient of rings. Why not a neaklace of 3 wishes? or elemental comand? Or a ring that operates like a potion? Or a potion that operates like a...
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    New article Design and Development Article on Magic Item Slots

    Yeah, but waiting until 11th level to use a ring? Thats just... so... UnFun.
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    New article Design and Development Article on Magic Item Slots

    This makes my Lame List. LAME. Magic items should be classed by function, not slot. If a necklace makes you climb better, so be it. I mean really, what does it take to get magic items by function? Whats up with the rings? Why cant you have a charged frikkin ring? A charged ring of...
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    POL Setting: Literacy automatic or no?

    I think you should have everyone speaking a common tounge, but have few be literate. "Wizard! What do these markings say?!"
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    Shadowfell, and reworking of undead and afterlife

    I have always played it that to make a skeleton or a zombie you couldn't just animate any old corpse. It needed to be fairly fresh. And to get a fresh corpse, you generally had to kill somthing. So what makes it evil is the situation. There is the evil necromancer that captures people...
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    WOTC! Give us an update!

    Some of the essential functions seem to fold on top of each other.
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    WOTC! Give us an update!

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    WOTC! Give us an update!

    This might shed some light as to why the content is slow in coming- So I guess if you feel that the info is coming too slow apply and DO SOMTHING ABOUT IT! Website Manager Full-time Requisition ID 2643 Location Renton WA Description Suits Optional... ...Brains Required!! Wizards...
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    Gold or Silver Standard?

    With about 90 chickens you can eat 1 a day and they will replace themselves. Don't ask me how I know.
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    WOTC! Give us an update!

    My theory is that the designers are dragging their feet on Dungeon and Dragon articles so that the upper brass will decide to egive the contract back to Paizo. "You want us to do development AND write for a magazine? Riiiiight." Brass Leaves, "Okay guys, we HAVE to get this back into Mona and...