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    Hyperborea — Thoughts?

    I picked up the 3rd Edition after reading about it during Thanksgiving. Been playing in a game in it for a few months now. It reminds me a lot of my early D&D game play. The rules themselves are like a house ruled version somewhere between Basic D&D and AD&D 1st imo. Overall I enjoy it a lot...
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    Running adventures in systems that they were not designed for.

    Ran War of the Burning Sky in Accursed (Savage Worlds). That was a lot of fun and not as big of a change as I expected. The oddest mix I did is nearly 2/3 of the way through the Age of Worms campaign in 3.5 I had to bring it to an early end due to some real life demands that needed...
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    Good Modern Systems

    Give EABA v2 a look. Forum has some example of how others have used it for T2000 and other modern settings. Drivethru has a 6 minute video with a quick overview on EABA. Likely enough to give you a gut feel for the system and if it is worth your time...
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    I need a good non-D&D fantasy campaign

    DCC Castle Whiterock is a megadungeon option. I suspect it could work well with the Hackmaster 5e system w/o too much fuss. My own preferences tend to shy away from running megadungeons like that, though I do enjoy reading them for ideas. For my own table I am preparing to try out some of...
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    Campaigns that don't get the love they deserve

    I rarely play campaigns as is. Tend to setup sandboxes and see where the players go. That said, I read several and borrow from them quite a bit. Typically use a rule system other than what they were written in due to personal preferences. Here are ones I've used a bunch of content from...
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    Sketch of Generic Power Rules for Blades in the Dark

    You might find some inspiration in the Tales From Mauxferry Season 1 Session 0. They use the BitD system, but base it in a D&D campaign world they have played for a long while.
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    It's 2023. Smartphones Exist. Horror Gaming Still Does, Too.

    I have run into this since the internet and cell phones changed communication and found it both surprising and odd. If first came up for me in the 90's in a CoC game. When I think of Lovecraft's writing he generally had characters with newer technology from their day in the stories. My take...
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    I'm ready for a new Star Wars RPG

    Honor + Intrigue would be another good game for Star Wars. They even have an rules book for scifi with laser swords.... (H+I grew out of BoL as I recall).
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    OSR Old school wizards, how do you play level 1?

    I am in an OSE game playing a single class human magic user. For this thread let's call him Gamble. Limited to dagger and staff for proficient weapons. Gamble also has a CON penalty so he is a wet tissue paper in a blender if he gets into combat. For Gamble goal number one is be no where...
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    Good games specifically to showcase non-D&D TTRPGs

    Godbound - Players are demigods. Think more like D&D level 15+ as the starting point power level wise w/ streamlined rules to make that power level easier to deal with. Due to the power level it's a game more about consequences of your overwhelming power than a conventional D&D "try to...
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    Good games specifically to showcase non-D&D TTRPGs

    I saw FATE suggested. I think it might work well for the gaps you mentioned upthread. That said, I would not go with basic FATE core. While there can be complexity in the system it takes players who know the system to understand how. Coming to it new I'd suggest going with an established...
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    Single-nation Fantasy settings?

    Accursed had a "not Europe" where a cabal of evil witches had defeated the armies of light. The game is set in a time where each witch owns their own domain. The witches now give lip service to the cabal as they scheme against each other. There is no dark overlord as the senior witch that...
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    Swords of the Serpentine - what are people doing with it?

    Likely to be a year out at least before I get a chance to bring this to my gaming table. Oh, the problems of having lots of DMs at our table.... For the moment my plans are a bit on the broad strokes side of things. The group has a strong preference for fantasy though so when pitching new...
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    Is there a system with a realistic cargo-hauling/speculation system?

    SWN has the "Suns of Gold" book that is about merchant campaigns. My own experience with the system, and others like it, says I don't think it's going to be a match. Running a ship is expensive, which means the party will have funds. Funds they can use to do other stuff with by just cutting...
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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    OSE MU does nothing. Again.
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    Recommended a hard-science space RPG

    Seven Worlds is a Savage Worlds hard scifi game. I drop the psi stuff as i don't care for it. Nice hard science in the world building. Burning Sands is Dune set in the Burning Wheel rule set. Lots of rules so not for every table. Shadows Over Sol might be worth looking at. Great hard sci...
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    My latest game is FINALLY out, and I'm so stupidly pleased

    Congratulations. I am very excited that my own copy showed up on Thursday night. I've been reading through this weighty tome over the weekend. Really enjoy the side bars where Emily and You step out and talk a bit about the rules playtest history, alternatives takes and comments of how the...
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    Shadow of the Demon Lord - your analysis?

    While there is not a social attribute I will share a bit more on how SotDL addresses this within the rules for others who may be interested. For the skills SotDL has Profession. At the start of the game each player has two professions. These are basically what they did before they were an...
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    Shadow of the Demon Lord - your analysis?

    It is also listed as Adamantine best seller on drivethrurpg. That puts it in the top 0.12% of products they have sold. I'd call that pretty successful.
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    Shadow of the Demon Lord - your analysis?

    Last year I wrapped up a SotDL campaign. The group i play with rotates DMs with at least 3 different campaigns going on. Generally ever 4-5 weeks we swap campaigns. The other two GMs are generally running 5e games during this time. I have no desire to run a 5e game so I am always pulling...