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  1. Infiniti2000

    D&D 5E Game Design and Pizza Analogies

    Like pizza, New Yorkers will always say D&D Next is better there...even though it isn't.
  2. Infiniti2000

    Red Hot Chili Peppers perform non-performance

    Some of their fans care, but then the RHCP said they would do it all the same way again. As I understand it, they recorded it "live" but only earlier (meaning, one shot, not multiple takes and not playing from the original) and he sang fresh.
  3. Infiniti2000

    [Playtest 2] Playtest Report of a Necromancer

    Stalker0, I'll do just that. :)
  4. Infiniti2000

    [Playtest 2] Playtest Report of a Necromancer

    Thanks for the post, but my players had to point something about the OA out to me. Note that it only occurs when you move out of a creature's reach. Thus, you can move around an opponent all you want without provoking. And, when you need to get away, and you can disengage (though it's an...
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    D&D 5E Different approach to buying the core books in 5E

    Hurray. Another person trying to start an edition war. No thanks.
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    Hex or grid?

    Just like Strahd's castle in I6, the best map ever IMHO.
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    Open the binding!

    What happens when the updated page cannot fit on a page? If it's too small, I guess they can just leave a lot of white space. Ugly, but workable. When it's too big, then, what? You get page #76A? Or, you get what xigbar talks about. It's either as it is now or totally digital. Then, you...
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    DM Minion: Digital Encounter\Combat Managment Tool for the iPad and Android Tablets

    Great reviews! Awesome revision of the guide! I'll probably pick this up sometime today or tomorrow and maybe write a review myself. I have several features in mind that I hope are implemented (or in the works), but already it seems like my major requests are supported. (For example, can the...
  9. Infiniti2000

    DM Minion: Digital Encounter\Combat Managment Tool for the iPad and Android Tablets

    That's a good answer. I'm sure you spent a considerable amount of time on determining the prices of the products and sticking by your decision I hope has to be the right choice. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about marketing these types of apps so can't help you justify the purchase for...
  10. Infiniti2000

    DM Minion: Digital Encounter\Combat Managment Tool for the iPad and Android Tablets

    Fast response, thanks! MUCH better guide. I know you're starting out, so let me offer some really quick tips to make things look a little more professional: 1. Being professional is not about being colorful or trendish. (The blue is okay, I'm not complaining; this is just a general point.)...
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    DM Minion: Digital Encounter\Combat Managment Tool for the iPad and Android Tablets

    1. Those things aren't cheap. There's not a lot to go on prior to spending the money for (comparatively) expensive iPhone and iPad apps. On the other hand, there's not much competition out there, so maybe this is reasonable. 2. That quick guide is horrendously formatted. It has a horrendous...
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    Kill the skinny halfling!

    I'm not sure what option to pick. What does Hin mean? What are "both" when there are three other options?
  13. Infiniti2000

    Hex or grid?

    Non-encounter maps should never have any grids or hexes or any other artificial delineators. Encounter maps, however, should have demarcation lines. I prefer grids as it's much easier. I don't have to buy special paper or supplies to have gridded encounters. Also, I don't mind going...
  14. Infiniti2000

    Who else wants damage tracked separately per hit ?

    I don't think it would play all that well. At some point you'd be tempted to classify specific injuries as large or small, and then all "meaning" here would be lost.
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    Wooden Table vs Virtual Table

    Tabletop, for the exact same reason. I like to hang out with my friends, and D&D is just what we happen to do most of the time. However, I can understand how not everyone is lucky enough to have a good group of gaming friends that they like hanging out with. For those people, then certainly...
  16. Infiniti2000

    Ideas and musings on my ideal magic rules system

    Let me paraphrase you to make sure I understand: "I don't want classes to balanced with each other." If this is accurate, then, again, this is a deal-breaker. We would have nothing further to say on the subject and your system would therefore likely never see the light of day (because I'm...
  17. Infiniti2000

    Ideas and musings on my ideal magic rules system

    I really dislike the concept of the party mana pool. It is a deal-breaker for me. I can't even start to get past this point to even consider your other points. Sorry.
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    Alignment in D&DN...

    This is only true if you only play, or plan to play, at your home table. Maybe a majority of the fan base falls under those restrictions, but certainly not everyone. More importantly, at some point everyone is new and those new or potentially new players and DMs care about what's core and what...
  19. Infiniti2000

    Alignment in D&DN...

    I would never do it just to make the game stand different. If there weren't a good reason, then it would make no sense. My point is that I would not stand up a series of sacred cows for no reason other than just because. The obvious example is this thread and my first reply on alignment. Get...
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    D&D 5E What attitude should Next encourage DMs to have to TPKs?

    Shouldn't this poll be in the Humor forum? It's not serious, is it?