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    D&D (2024) New DM Screen Revealed By NZ Retailer

    If I get this DM screen, I'm going to have to hide it behind another (player-facing) screen, as I really don't like the new art style.
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    D&D (2024) Greyhawk- New Map, Discussion of Changes

    The history of Arn in D&D...
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    Which Greyhawk in D&D 2024

    In my mind, it fits best with one of the two 576 CY options, but truth is, it could be shoehorned into any of the poll options.
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    Which Greyhawk in D&D 2024

    I would be happy with any of the first four options listed. I suspect they are going to go with Gary's 576 CY, if only because of the 50th anniversary. That would also provide the most bare bones setting version they could use to illustrate the relevant sections of the revised DMG.
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    What is/are your most recent TTRPG purchase(s)?

    Newest acquisition... a second hand copy in very good condition of Gaz 13 The Shadow Elves, which I scored at one of my FLGS today. Didn't expect to find that when I was going in to pick up some X-Wing 2.0 ships in a clearance sale!
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    What is/are your most recent TTRPG purchase(s)?

    Thanks... and dang you. I'm trying to cut down on spending, but that is sooooo up my alley. <Sigh>
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    What is/are your most recent TTRPG purchase(s)?

    Now you've piqued my curiosity...
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    What is/are your most recent TTRPG purchase(s)?

    Haven't actually played it yet, but as a corvid enthusiast, I'm really looking forward to giving it a shot. I snapped up the expansions as soon as I saw they were available in retail, since the price was right, content seemed amusing, and I was concerned that stock available to Canadian...
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    What is/are your most recent TTRPG purchase(s)?

    Couple of weeks ago, I purchased: . Goodman Games OAR Into the Borderlands . Goodman Games OAR Castle Amber . Be Like a Crow RPG: Crowthulhu . Be Like a Crow RPG: Fistful of Feathers . Blade Runner RPG GM screen
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    Dungeons and Lasers VI: Caverns

    If only I had money to burn... :cry:
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    D&D 5E Where Does The Multiversal Vecna: Eve of Ruin Visit?

    Sure hope the visit to Acererak's tomb isn't just another rehash of the classic Tomb of Horrors with minor alterations... Greyhawk fans deserve better than this. But I'm guessing that something fresh - which isn't another generic dungeon crawl - is beyond the capacity and/or inclinations of the...
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    D&D General 50th Anniversary- Are You Not Entertained?

    Thanks for the correction. It's still one fewer revised/updated scenario than @SnarfZagyg was originally expecting in his OP (or three, since Snarf thought there were going to be eight adventures in Infinite Staircase). Admittedly, I haven't read all of the previous 16 pages worth of posts, so...
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    D&D General 50th Anniversary- Are You Not Entertained?

    This post on ICV2 indicates that the Descent Into the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth OP tournament module will be an adaptation of the version of Lost Caverns that will be updated/reprinted in Quests for the Infinite Staircase. So discounting the Tsojcanth "tournament module," we're currently getting...
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    Board Game Arkham Horror Getting an RPG from Edge Studio

    The LCG is my all-time favourite game (I also own and enjoy everything for Mansions 2E as well as many CoC RPG products), but Edge's poor record when it comes to supporting the existing RPGs in their portfolio and communicating with fans has left a very sour taste in my mouth.
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    Board Game Arkham Horror Getting an RPG from Edge Studio

    I would like to be excited about this, but Edge have a difficult time as it is getting the games they presently have in their portfolio to market (much less successfully marketing them) -- see, most egregiously, Midnight 5E, Genesys and Star Wars -- and their level of communication with fans has...
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    Looking For A DnD Group In Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

    Wishing you the best of luck in your search... from Calgary, alas. Edit: Had to look up EL on a map, as I'd never heard of it before!
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    D&D 5E When did you last buy a WotC D&D5e product? (not a third party or DM Guild)

    Last one I bought was Tales From the Yawning Portal in January 2022. Received Shadow of the Dragon Queen w/Alt Cover for Xmas in 2022. Might get Bigby's and/or Planescape this Xmas, we'll find out soon enough. These days, I tend to buy more Free League and Chaosium than WotC books with my own...
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    An Epic Journey Through the Multiverse: Legacy of Worlds and DDAL00-14 Proxy Hunt

    Oh yay, another "vital mission to save the multiverse"... How original.
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    Free Free Fanzine for the World of Greyhawk: The Grey Grimoire

    Fantastic stuff, @Norker! And great timing with the coastal/marine-themed articles, as I'm currently prepping my Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign in Greyhawk. While I've only skimmed the zine so far, I am really impressed with the artwork and layout. I'll hopefully be able to contribute something...