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  1. bargle0

    Living Forgotten Realms Game Day in Rockville, MD

    Come play D&D 4e with us. There are plenty of spots open at low-level tables this weekend. Warhorn registration: June Gamedays - Game Parlor & Dream Wizards : Gaming Schedule : Saturday, Jun 23 2012
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    D&D 4E Good, shortish 4e adventures for the high Heroic Tier?

    CORE1-12 Songs of the Heart is set in Evereska, which isn't too far from Loudwater and the Gray Vale. It's in the LFR Adventure Archive. There are also other adventures set in the surrounding regions, in Luruar, Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate, and Elturgard. EDIT: I should also mention PREQ3-1, which...
  3. bargle0

    Quick Beholder Question

    Yes. It also means the beholder can use Random Eye while stunned, dazed, and dominated. Killing the beholder is always priority #1 at my table, since it's hard to incapacitate them and focus on sweeping up any helpers.
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    Immediate Reaction Clarification

    The key is that the entire action resolves, not just the triggering part of the action. Reactions can't cancel anything. Where are you running in to these problems with LFR? Locally, I find that experienced LFR judges are often well versed sticklers for the rules. In particular, LFR rules give...
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    Immediate Reaction Clarification

    The entire action is resolved before the reaction. So, the monster would have died before being able to make its reaction. Among other things, this also means that daze attacks prevent immediate reactions from triggering.
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    Need a short adventure for new players

    LFR modules are free. In particular, I like WATE2-4 Stage Misdirection and CALI3-1 Malice of Mintar for low level play. CORE3-1 is good, too, although it has a little more appeal for those who have played through MINI2-1, MINI2-2, and MINI2-3.
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    One-handed Invokers ?

    At the very least, it's a free hand for a sunrod.
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    Looking for Upper Paragon Adventures

    From Living Forgotten Realms, CORE2-3 and CORE2-10. Airships, planar travel, and death. Together they're about twelve hours of play. They're both in the LFR Adventure Archive.
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    D&D 5E To Anyone Writing 5E Material

    For that to be useful, they'd have to pay attention to feedback from CharOp. WotC has a terrible track record on that point.
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    ADCP4-1 City of Destinies [LFR], in Columbia, MD

    Gamers, prepare for glory!!! You asked for it and we are delivering! Another Battle Interactive is happening in Columbia, MD. Last year the run of ADCP3-2 From Dawn Till Dusk was so widely successful that this year we are going even bigger with the run of ADCP4-1 City of Destinies. This is...
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    D&D 4E Whose staying with 4e?

    D&DBest will have to be a completely different game than the one I played at DDXP in order for me to switch.
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    Reign of Steel - 1(W) Damage ????

    If it encourages the DM to focus fire on you instead of one of your allies, then it did it's job. Rain of Steel ensures that the Fighter is a credible threat, thus giving the DM cause to attack him.
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    More snippets of 5E information

    Let the speculation about grab mechanics begin.
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    Paragon Path: Zealous Demagogue

    For that PP alone? No. In general? Hell yes.
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    Paragons of Fey Valor

    Of course 55% for every attack would be boring. But 55% should be the baseline under normal conditions. Incompetence is not the same thing as flavor. Incompetence imparts no value to the game except to masochists. I'm all for reducing the amount of crunch in DDI articles. However, the crunch...
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    Paragons of Fey Valor

    Missing is boring. The math has long been fixed with Expertise feats, and this is only reinforced by the appearance of so many accuracy boosting features in Essentials. History and precedence are on my side on this issue. I'm not suggesting extraordinary measures, here. There are a whole lot...
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    Paragons of Fey Valor

    In part, yes. However, I'd just stick with the existing attribute+9 precedent for level 20 PP dailies.
  18. bargle0

    Paragons of Fey Valor

    I appreciate that you've made yourself available to fans. I hope that also means that you can accept legitimate constructive criticism and consider it when you are designing things going forward. For example, a simple fix for BoU and RtFM would be to have them attack at Attribute+9...
  19. bargle0

    Paragons of Fey Valor

    Don't get me wrong: I like that particular PP. The destrier is strong, but not broken-strong (at least not yet). However, "You'll probably miss a lot with the daily power, and it's not as good as a daily fifteen levels lower from another class" is not a good way to sell the PP. At that point I'm...
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    Paragons of Fey Valor

    I have problems with the daily attack powers written as "ability + constant vs. NAD", without any weapon or implement keyword. At level 20, the minimally competent character is going to have a +4 enhancement bonus to attack along with a +2 feat bonus from expertise. So now we're at ability + 6...