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  1. BMaC

    5E Recommendations for a 5e 3rd party adventure path?

    My group will be finishing Descent in Avernus and we're trying to decide what to play next. We've played all the official 5e books. The group members are big fans of Kobold Press's Tome of Beasts. Are there any good 3rd party full-blown adventure paths? I have the Quests of Doom series and...
  2. BMaC

    General Can we take a moment to appreciate Joe Manganiello's DM chair?

    Notwithstanding the excellent content in these recent videos, I am also impressed with the completely badass chair he possesses. Imposing but not in an iron throne way, no doubt practical in offering comfort during long sessions, and provides advantage on contemplative thought checks.
  3. BMaC

    5E "Unstoppable" new reaction introduced in Descent?

    The Death's Head of Bhaal has the following reaction: Unstoppable (3/Day): the death's head reduces the damage it takes from an attack to 0. Has this ever been in a stat block before? It is nasty--almost resulted in TPK last night. Depending on the circumstance, more powerful than legendary...
  4. BMaC

    5E amazon.co.uk Descent in Avernus order "Estimated arrival date: October 12 2019 - October 14 2019"

    I per-ordered Descent from Avernus and just received notice about this significant delay. I guess I should have supported my LGS. Cancelled the order and will be getting the book from local shop instead. Anyone know if there is a more significant issue with the print run or something?
  5. BMaC

    PSA: you can now use your google account with DnDBeyond

    I noticed this last night. Preferable option than Twitch accounts for some.
  6. BMaC

    I need a water kobold!

    Wanted: small and evil humanoid type aquatic/coastal creature that is CR 1/4 or 1/8 to provide much needed XP to a party of level 1 adventurers. I have MM, ToF, Volo's, as well as Kobold Press's Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex but I can't seem to find something that fits the bill (Sahuagin...
  7. BMaC

    Our group just hit 18th level. Here's what you are missing if you never player this high

    Our group has been playing 5th since early 2015. We decided that our latest campaign would have a goal of reaching level 20 through XP leveling. We wanted to see for ourselves what the experience of high level play is for both DMs and players. Let me say this: high level play is hard for the...
  8. BMaC

    Odyssey of the Dragonlords from Arcanum Worlds

    I haven't seen a post about this yet--the Player's Guide went up (for free) on Drivethru RPG yesterday. I had a quick read of it this morning over coffee and give it two thumbs up.
  9. BMaC

    $800 on Ebay?! What in the hell is going on with the limited edition Volo's Guide to Monsters?

    listed for $800. Was there only a couple hundred of these printed or something? I guess I should stop reading mine on the bus while drinking coffee...
  10. BMaC

    tail wags dog: streamers want to say 'aaargh' so we are getting a pirate adventure

    A friend of mine has an interesting theory. Streamers such as Critical Role and the like are a tax that grognards like me pay. The play style of streamers is unrepresentative but for whatever inscrutable reason they attract younger players to the game. The grognard gets the benefits a large...
  11. BMaC

    Who are the leaders of the main factions in 5th edition?

    Several of the hardback adventures identify important agents of the main factions. A quick google, however, has failed to turn up the identity of any outright heads/leaders of the factions. Is my google-fu weak or do we just lack details about this?
  12. BMaC

    Anyone in Europe have the limited edition boxed set yet?

    Here in Ireland my FLGS doesn't expect to have the limited edition boxed set until the first week of December. Just wondering if anyone else has it yet.
  13. BMaC

    Detect scrying?

    A target of a scrying spell gets a save to resist. Does the target know there was an attempt at scrying, or just that they resisted something? DM discretion?
  14. BMaC

    Goodman Games announcement of remastered volume 2??

    Goodman Games previously said that they would announce the sequel to Into the Borderlands at Gen Con. However, I heard nothing about it this weekend. Anyone know what gives?
  15. BMaC

    Waterdeep books: high level and no meta plot. Thanks Mike Mearls et. al.

    Finally we have it: an official adventure that does not (based on what I've seen) rope players into a meta-plot ('omg death curse, quick teleport level 1 scrubs to Chult because obviously all the level 20 Paladins who would have responded failed') and supports play to level 20. I'm not sure if...
  16. BMaC

    Into the Borderlands campaign log, Episode 1

    Last night our D&D group began a new campaign using Goodman Games’s Into the Borderlands, their excellent reprint of the classic module. One of the players will be contributing posts after each session in the form of missives to the leadership of his faction. The 2nd day of Summertide...
  17. BMaC

    DM's Guild down?

    Has anyone noticed that the DM's Guild website is down?
  18. BMaC

    [SPOILERS] Help with map question Tomb of Annhilation--session tomorrow!

    Quick question regarding level 5, Gears of Hate. What is the story with the walkways/passages that connect rooms 58, 59, and 60 to the rooms in the cavern? Can the players jump off these into the lake, see the boats at 66, etc? Or are these enclosed passages? The description for area 65...
  19. BMaC

    5E Anyone use the new Dungeon Tiles with Tomb of Annihiliation?

    I'm currently DMing Tomb of Annihilation. I don't need 100% square-for-square verisimilitude with the book maps, but I'm wondering how the new Dungeon Tiles would work for: The Fane of the Night Serpent and the Tomb of the Nine Gods
  20. BMaC

    5E End-game gimmicks: the problem with 5e meta-plots

    I'm currently DMing Tomb of Annihilation and before this I played through all previous 5e releases. They all have something in common: the players encounter a big boss at the end and due to their relatively low-level either the boss is nerfed or the players are significantly buffed. This is...