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  1. Zhaleskra

    Character Idea: Necromancer who wants to convince slaving cultures undead are more effecient

    I just had this idea of creating a necromancer character skilled in diplomacy who hates slavery (yeah, raising armies of the undead is just slavery with more steps), and wants to convince slaving cultures the benefits of using undead instead of slaves. Of course, one of this character's obvious...
  2. Zhaleskra

    Challenging assumptions/tactics while giving hints

    I realize that it is often difficult to pretend your character doesn't know what you as a player know. Even the D&D beat-em up video games lampshade this. OK, let's assume that everyone in the game world does know that you have to use fire to prevent trolls from regenerating. Fine, but what if...
  3. Zhaleskra

    Meaning of Vikings Campaign Sourcebook name?

    There is a female name in the Viking Campaign Sourcebook that would sound cool with Norwegian pronunciation, but I have no idea what the name means. Fjotra is the name, which in Norwegian pronunciation would be "Fyotrah". I've used name meaning searches to find what this name means to no result...
  4. Zhaleskra

    Ever been tempted to forbid something for a silly reason?

    As a Game Master, have you ever been tempted to forbid something from the game for a reason you realized was silly? I know I have. HARP SF has a species called "Krakur" (plural "Krakuren"), and I was tempted to forbid that species because of all the jokes about "crackers" we all know we'd make...
  5. Zhaleskra

    Gaming Style Assumptions That Don't Make Sense

    From either the GM or player side, there are an awful lot of assumptions about style that don't make sense to me. The most jarring for me is "let the dice fall where they may" = "PCs dying frequently". What are some of yours?
  6. Zhaleskra

    Problem with Astral Plane = Backstage

    Probably earlier than 2nd edition too. Anyway, as a Planescape fan, I have no problem with the idea of the Astral being the Multiverse's backstage. What I object to, as an on/off theater person, is the idea that "no one's supposed to go there". Yes, people are supposed to be backstage, that's...
  7. Zhaleskra

    Planescape: Simplified Magic Attrition by Plane

    A friend mentioned being interested in playing 2nd Edition AD&D. While I did ponder the idea, I am not going to switch gears while I'm actively recruiting for another system all together. That thinking did lead me to think about all the bookkeeping of magic items losing their abilities based on...
  8. Zhaleskra

    Rules Lite Yet Restrictive System for Tabletop Grotesque Tactics?

    I'd like to run a game set in the world of Grotesque as a tabletop game. The computer games use a highly restrictive setup: one kind of weapon and armor per "class", two accessory slots, skill trees where skills require mana to use, skills cost one point to raise, one skill point earned per...
  9. Zhaleskra

    System (that I own already) for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters game?

    I recently saw Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and think it would be cool to run a game in this setting. The question is which system in my collection do I use? * Alternity 1998 sci-fi focused but flexible system * Forbidden Kingdoms - D&D 3(.5)E pulp novel emulation metasetting * HARP Fantasy...
  10. Zhaleskra

    Milan, MI (or nearby) looking to run/play

    When the GM of the GURPS group I'm in hands over the GMing reigns, I plan on politely bowing out. I'm sure the reason he wants to stick to GURPS is that he knows that everyone in the group knows it, and unfortunately I'm both a little bored with the system and disappointed that he didn't ask if...
  11. Zhaleskra

    Running Fighting from the Inside

    At one point in an adventure I hope to run soon, a villain is an undead sorceress who another villain is planning to have possess someone through a ritual that summons the first's spirit into a host body. I have a contingency in place in case this does not happen to a PC. Anyway, even if the...
  12. Zhaleskra

    Mashup: Tri-Stat dX (where X = 8) ReBoot x Wreck It Ralph

    A lot of the animated movies this year have given me ideas of mashups to eventually turn into games to run at conventions. Because I am a fan of ReBoot and have an idea that can connect it to the video game world of Wreck It Ralph, that's the mashup I'm currently working on. Sometimes it stinks...
  13. Zhaleskra

    Why Can't We Report XP Comments?

    This has only recently started to annoy me. I have seen at least one case of an XP comment getting mod edited for personal attacks. What annoys me is that it seems we have to wait for a mod to see it while people get away with embedding group and personal attacks into XP comments. Giving XP...
  14. Zhaleskra

    Kickstarter: New Fire the Aztec inspired RPG

    On my Facebook page, I got a note about this new game from a gaming convention group. According to my web research, it's already been mentioned, and perhaps talked about at Paizo's boards. New Fire, the Aztec-inspired RPG by Jason Caminsky — Kickstarter I think this an interesting...
  15. Zhaleskra

    Help Me Steampunk a Missile Launcher

    I'm working on steampunking/retroteching an anime series. With my cousin's help, I figured out that one character uses a M202 Flash in one of the sequels. Now I just need ideas on steampunking that weapon: M202A1_FLASH Thank you.
  16. Zhaleskra

    3E/3.5 Skill to use for Poison in 3.5 (Unnumbered PHB only please)

    I'm working on 3.5 game with a dash of BESM d20: the character points, the attributes (ignoring some), and the defects. Using the Forbidden Kingdom's "setting", I'm setting an anime series in the 1930s, giving it a steampu(lp/nk)/retrotech feel. Anyway, one of the characters is a terrible cook...
  17. Zhaleskra

    Theory: the Lady of Pain is being punished by the Dark Powers

    First, I'm absolutely certain this has been discussed before, because I found a reference to "why I Dislike Sigil and the Lady of Pain" by Googling something about either Sigil or the Lady. Ravenloft's Dark Powers are into Ironic Hells, right? What's more ironic than being the...
  18. Zhaleskra

    Now, when you say "casual" . . .

    The GURPS group I have been part of used "casual gaming" in its advertisement. I have also seen the idea of "beer & pretzels" gaming presented when it's more about the socializing than the game. The beer & pretzels analogy doesn't work for the group I'm in. While we meet in bars/breweries to...
  19. Zhaleskra

    "Organic" Adventure Design

    Organic may not be the best word, but flexible sounded too casual. Because 1. I have games that base XP on goals, and 2. because people can and do plan things linear adventures aren't designed to react to, I was thinking about using goals to make an adventure that has natural reactions to what...
  20. Zhaleskra

    Acceptable Breaks from/Fiddling with Mechanics

    Role playing games already cater to many acceptable breaks from our reality. What situations would you find it appropriate to either just say "for this I'm going by what would really happen" or "yeah, you've got a shot to do it, but you better do it fast because you only get one shot at this"?