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    General Artifact hunt campaign help

    I have an idea for a campaign. It revolves around the party hunting for the pieces of an artifact capable of weakening a super powerful lich bbeg enough that he could be destroyed, and the lich's phylactery in order to make said destruction permanent. The only problem is, I have no idea how to...
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    5E Is my party balanced

    So I have a party consisting of the following characters Half Elf Swashbuckler Rogue (Urban bounty hunter background) Half Orc Oath of the Ancients Paladin (Defense fighting style, Soldier Background) Hill Dwarf Life Cleric (Acolyte Background) Variant Human Abjuration Wizard (Cloistered...
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    5E Ranger reaching tier 4

    Has anyone heard of a ranger reaching tier 4 (level 17-20) after starting out from level 1? I'm just curious if its possible, as I have heard that the class is somewhat underpowered.
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    General Campaign Idea, Weakening an elder evil

    I have an idea for a campaign, but I need some help with it The basic premise is that a long time ago, a Lich used some magic from the far realm to make himself into an elder evil and nearly conquered the world with his undead army. He was foiled when a group of heroes managed to seal him away...
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    5E Valithia the Fallen Avenger

    I have an idea for a demon lord and I would like to know what you guys think of it Her name is Valithia, she was once a Solar, but she was banished from Mount Celestia after killing a mortal hero who became nearly as powerful as her. She wandered the Abyss for a time, eventually conquering a...
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    5E Vengeance Paladin alignment

    Can a vengeance paladin be of a Good alignment instead of Lawful Neutral?
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    5E Devotion Paladin Optimized

    Is it possible for a devotion paladin to be considered "optimized" as a tank?
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    5E Defeat Orcus

    Has anyone been able to kill Orcus at full power. I'm just wondering if its even possible to do so.
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    5E Yeenoghu Campaign ideas

    I like the idea of a campaign centered around gnolls and their master Yeenoghu. Can anyone give me some ideas for a campaign centered around Yeenoghu and his gnolls, preferably one that ends with the players squaring off against the demon lord himself?
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    General Savage Tide Experience

    Has anyone here completed the Savage Tide adventure path (in either 3.5e or 5e)? If so, how many characters died permanently throughout the adventure path?
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    5E Demons using slaves

    I have an idea for a campaign where the party starts out as slaves in a nation that was taken over by a demon lord after a portal to the abyss was opened in the capital city of the nation. What demon lord would be best suited to keeping slaves instead of outright killing the people he conquered?
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    General Demonic Rift Campaign

    I like the idea of a demon lord opening a portal to the material plane and trying to overrun the world with demons. How could I center a campaign around that concept, preferably with the final showdown being against the demon lord himself?
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    5E Ideas for demon lord campaign

    I love the demon lords, and I would love to end a campaign by fighting one of them. The only problem is, I'm having trouble coming up with a plot a demon lord could have I would like suggestions for a plot for a demon lord and his cult to pursue. Ideally something that would be apocalyptic...
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    General Megadungeons

    Has anyone ever created a megadungeon before, like a place where the characters enter the dungeon at level 10 and come out level 13?
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    General Campaign Idea Heart of the Obyrith

    I have an interesting idea for a campaign and I would like to see what you guys think of it A powerful wizard created a powerful artifact known as the Heart of the Obyrith. It was sought out by the cult of a demon lord to be used in a ritual to make said demon lord incredibly powerful. An...
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    General Demon Lord Plot

    I have heard references to demon lords drawing a world into their layer of the abyss and I think this would make for an good scheme for a demon lord BBEG. Tell me how you think a demon lord could go about this (preferably in a way that a dnd campaign can be centered around). One idea I had was...
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    5E Party Balanced

    So let's say I have a party consisting of the following characters Half Elf Devotion paladin (Defense fighting style) Half Orc Battlemaster fighter (GWF fighting style) Hill Dwarf Life Cleric Either a Feral Tiefling Arcane Trickster Rogue or a Lightfoot Halfling Lore Bard Human Abjuration...
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    Magic item idea

    I have an interesting idea for a magic item. It is basically a crystal that when used as a spell casting focus, allows spells of a certain energy type to ignore resistances to that energy type and deal more damage. Does that sound like a balanced idea for a magic item, and if so, what rarity...
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    Casters vs Magic Resistance

    What can a full caster like a wizard do against a foe that has magic resistance such as a lich or a demon lord? It seems like their options would be limited against such a foe.
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    Obox Ob's plot to claim a world

    I have read in the Fiendish Codex and other sources that the Demon Lord Obox Ob apparently, and I quote "almost managed to draw an entire world into the Abyss to fuel his ascension, but failed at his task when heroes of that realm opposed him by engineering a devastating disruption of the flow...