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    Avengers sequel announced + Marvel-based TV series coming

    Excellent news. I'm hoping the Guillermo del Toro "Hulk" TV Show is still being developed. My Google-fu is showing that they are still looking for a writer.
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    Dark Knight Rises (review and discussion) [major spoilers from second post onwards]

    I thought that, too. It all depends on who writes/directs the next Batman. It should be interesting if Warner Brothers does make the rumored Justice League movie.
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    Graphics card recommendations

    Any power supply issues the OP should worry about? My last upgrade I purposely chose a cheaper card because my 350 watt power supply was not going to cut it. I bought a Radeon 5670 and I'm pretty happy about it. I'm sure for the same money you could buy something much better.
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    [June] What Are You Reading?

    I hope comic books and graphic novels count This month I have been reading a lot of comic books and graphic novels. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet and I bought a few new digital comics, including the first few issues of Batman: Hush. I also started reading the Ultimates, the ultimate...
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    Laptop Talk

    Since you want good service and are willing to pay for it, how about a local custom PC store? I don't any know specific companies near you. Here's a couple of national boutique brands: Puget Custom Laptops/Notebooks: Custom Built to Order PC Laptop Falcon Laptops | Falcon Northwest
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    Seeking advice: I think my PS3 just died

    Sorry to hear about your PS3. Unfortunately this is a common problem. I had this happen on two of my PS3 machines. If you are comfortable, you can potentially fix it yourself. I'd find another PS3 to practice on. There are plenty of YouTube videos. Another thing is that Sony of America offers...
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    John Carter

    I saw the movie in 3D. I didn't think the 3D added anything to it. I thought the white gorillas would appear huge; they were merely big. I also don't remember any of the other gimmicks like things flying at the screen. Otherwise I enjoyed it. It's a fast and fun mostly. I thought the romance...
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    [January] What are you reading?

    RPG "City of Secrets", Paizo "Godsmouth Heresy" adventure, Paizo Novels "Space Wolf: The Second Omnibus (Warhammer 40k, Omnibus)", King & Lightner About half-way through the A Difference Engine by Gibson and Sterling I grew bored with it. I may finish it, but it's slowing going. Finally, I...
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    How Girls and Boys Play

    As a Sociology Major my classes had many discussions regarding gender, sex, and gender roles into society. If I can sum up some of my four years of education into a few words, "It depends." I am not a big fan of determinism, whether in biology (nature) or socialization (nurture). What if a...
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    George Lucas Blames 'Star Wars' Critics for Killing Series

    I just calculated that the three prequel films that "no body liked" made a collective profit of more than $2 billion dollars*. This does not account for all the merchandising or licensing, etc. George Lucas has no reason to complain. He just needs to retire and let a dedicated group of...
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    Tacos: Satan's Snack Food!

    You know since moving to Arizona, I have really missed Taco Time. Granted there's some really good Tex-Mex places around here and some local favorites, like the Sonoran Hot Dog. But nothing seems the same as the good ole' Taco from Taco Time. It's the same price, roughly, as Taco Bell, but...
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    I know it's not for Tebow

    This is called a neuralizer. It's a gift from some friends from outta town. Two unassuming men will be with you shortly. Ignore the flash, it's just a "camera".
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    A mini-rant re: Pathfinder and D&D

    Say I work for a large paper company. I work for the company that makes Kleenex brand tissues. For whatever reason I don't work there any more. I decide to start fresh and start a competing paper company. I start making facial tissues again. I use the same equipment and knowledge from my...
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    Off to see the Wizards: The day that WotC showed me D&D 5th Edition

    Well, we kinda expected this. I expect them to wait until GenCon '12 for the announcement though. This announcement has me interested and little excited. I normally am nervous for new edition. I was in the 3.0 era and 4.0 era. I was just a wee lad in the 2.0 era ;) I think some flaws of 4e can...
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    Sony Bravia + PS3 + WDTV = MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Congratulations. Such a nice setup. I have a smaller setup that needs some more upgrades. I have a 32" LG LCD, PS3, upconverting DVD, and Vizio sound bar. I have a Netgear NAS for streaming purchased TV shows and movies. The sound bar is awesome; it changes my audio for the better. Some day I...
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    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    I really enjoyed the movie. I actually liked it a bit better than the first one. Watson and Holmes were great was usual. Stephen Fry was great. Although I really, really did not need to see him in that state of affairs. I saw the ending coming (at least most of it), but it was still awesome how...
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    Whacky films you've not seen?

    My movie viewing can be quite selective so I would have to say I haven't seen most of them. The last good bad film I saw was probably Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I saw Lake Placid and I thought it was horrible; didn't see any of the sequels.
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    "Game of Thrones is 'fantasy gateway drug'"

    LOL hillarious - “But dear god, the shame was so intense. I fear I am entering a dark and unfashionable place from which there is no return.” In a more somber note, I always thought that ASoIaF is more akin to morphine. Fantastic in small doses, but any more and you'd become hopeless addicted...