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    Alien RPG - how are you all liking it?

    Thanks, sounds good.
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    Alien RPG - how are you all liking it?

    I'm assuming if you want to play a pure open sandbox this would be awesome, yes? How tactical can you "fly/steer" your spaceship? I was looking at the index and it looks good. Can you go into uncharted space, like Traveller and continue to plot stars/planets etc? Are there lots of random...
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    Space is Not the Only Thing Trying to Kill You in the Alien RPG

    Are there good rules/mechanics to allow the crew to pilot the ship in detail? What about shipbuilding?, etc.
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    who came first to make a village?

    Beginning with an empty piece of land, how would a small village form or come together? This is more of an exercise for me than to be used in-game but I thought it might be good because I'm hoping I'll have a rich little history about the place. So does a wondering family move in and set up...
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    WOIN can you design a space station?

    oh, yeah there ya go!
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    WOIN can you design a space station?

    I'm looking for building rules for building and designing a space station. How do I go about that in N.E.W.?
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    looking for detailed spaceship building rules/mechanics in a TTRPG

    GURPS vs Mongoose Traveller v2 or should I be looking elsewhere? even Marc Miller's massive T5?
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    Fantasy with no magic

    OK. I'm trying this as an experiment. I'm wanting to write a fantasy adventure without magic; not low magic, no magic . (period) I'm beginning to think this isn't possible. This is what I want to do. When you use magic - well anything can happen and you don't have to explain it because...