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    WotBS [WotBS] What is the name of the continent on which WotBS takes place?

    I decided that WOTBS happened in the same world, but the other side of the world. In my campaign I havemade it clear that technology back then was not very advanced, and that their writing were more like hieroglyphs than real text: Sure to those who lived at that time, it might seem very...
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    WotBS WotBS printable maps/resources

    I think Morrus said that they were on the old server and that he could get them. The problem with the battlemaps (as far as I recall) is that all secrets and hidden enemy placements etc. are marked on them, so you will have to do some editing to make use them as spoiler free battlemaps.
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    WotBS Adventure #6: Tears of the Burning Sky Question

    The moral dilemmas are one of the things that make the AP very good. If I where you, I would make them realize how deadly the lift is, how much they need the code, and then have them realize that they will have to deal with undead to get to their target. How far will you bend for the greater...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    Thanks for finding it 😊
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    ZEITGEIST Languages

    Interesting read, since for me it was obvious that common would not exist and racial language were converted to national languagrs. I based it on the language overview. I told them that they all got Risuri as the base language and as agents they would be encouraged to know Danoran. I also...
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    ZEITGEIST Crafting Magic Items count towards Requisition limit?

    I told them that their equipment would be evaluated by its actual worth, so crafted items had the same value as requisitioned - the only difference was that you can say that you made it. They ended up deciding just to requisition items and skipped the crafting feats.
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    ZEITGEIST Spoilers - Renaming a landmark

    I think I would name it after Aodhan (Aodhan Canal), Warhero and king. That way it would probably still just be "the canal" to the common people or if the new king/Queen is selfish enough, then name it after him/her.
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    ZEITGEIST Asrabey vs Ekossigan, advice please.

    In 3.5 (the one I have) it states that Asrabey asks for the King's help because he is bound by the law of the unseen court from taking on Ekossigan. So it might be Asrabey's problem, but he made it the King's problem by invoking the old rites. And I am pretty sure the King could make it the...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    A bit late, I know - have been vacationing :) I always thought of the first to points were refering to Chapter 3 (Lee - in the prison with the pyromancer tomb) and chapter 4 (Madness) thereby establishing his credibility by telling things that they have already faced. Until it became clear to...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    I am probably not really the right one to ask about that - I kept my players mostly in the dark until chapter 9 :devilish: You could drop some information about Trilla and how their mother sleeps while she creates her children. You could maybe even mention that she was saved and brought to her...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    I think, I would let the Ragesians attack the village and lay siege to the monestary. While Balance is away he/she/it will start to get better, but when they return to the shattered balance, I would let he/she/it die. I think I would make the Ragesian fight a bit easier, but without any help...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    Pilus's motivation is to bring down Ragesia - he hates them. I don't have the book right here, but I recall that the brothers were slighted by them and have hated them for years. As fas I recall he hates bullies. Later on he starts to perceive the alliance as being too strong, which is why he...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    I admit that I do have a tendency to being a real bastard in regards to storytelling, when I am DM - but this is what I would do. I would have Steppengard wake up, insisting that he was mad, but of course he isn't now (but roleplay him intensely enough so that they will be in doubt). He will...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    1) I would say that either they will find her room being untouched (because she is mostly incorporeal), which would be suspicious or a room that is a mess beyond comprehension (madness transferred into the room). Either way I would let the room be a hint to her being more/different than she...
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    ZEITGEIST Printing Error in PDF for Act II, Schism: Missing Player Handout Train Schedule for Pathfinder

    I only have the compiled versions (act 1 -3). Is there a way to get the handout, when you don't have the standalone adventures?
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    I did it the other way around. I sent mine out to handle the war machines, and those machines that survived blasted the field once in a while. Leaving the mage alive made it possible to add some randomness to the fight. Honestly though, the fight was mostly something unassuming. It wasn't really...
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    WotBS WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    Maybe let them decipher the name Koren from the journal; the name of both the Obelisk and Kreven's wife. Due to the bad rolls, they miss out the obelisk part initially. When they interrogate people about Koren, they will learn that it is Kreven's wife, a former wayfarer. It will give them some...
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    ZEITGEIST List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist

    In this thread there are more information about who the different characters are based on, if you want it: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?645264-X-Men-in-Zeitgeist Below are some of the pieces of information (probably not all): - Gale and Tinker Oddcog were both originally sample...
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist No Steampunk Conversion

    In the end it is all about having fun. So go with what your group as a total wants to play and have a good time with that :)