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    5E Tenser's transformation and armor.

    When I read tenser's transformation, I noticed that you gain proficiency in heavy armor... it takes ten minutes to don heavy armor... just as long as the spell's duration. Doffing is easily with the new cast-off armor... but how are you supposed to use it. You also can't pre-don armor because if...
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    5E 40k at extra life raised

    And suddenly 3 tresholds broken at once... Now things get interesting: A subclass preview and the table of contents will hopefully be up before the weekend.
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    UA WotC's Mearls Presents A New XP System For 5E In August's Unearthed Arcana

    I think my thread should be closed. So I repeat myself here: Streamlined and probably very useful. I think level 1 and 2 should get an accelerator. Should be considered tier 0 probably.
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    UA Unearthed arcana "pillar experience" is up

    That is streamlined and probably very useful.
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    5E More granular skills and proficiencies

    The racial and skill feats made me thinking once again about more granular feats and proficiencies. Idea: double proficiency If you are chosing a background that gives you proficiency in a skill you already chose from your class or race, once you can forfeit chosing a different skill and...
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    5E Cave fisher. VgtM

    I have a question about the filament. Maybe someone can help me. Is the attachment automatic? Or how exactly does the attachment work. I can't really make sense of it. I miss a dexterity safe for the filament extension and a perception DC to stumble upon it in the dark...
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    5E Healer's kit and medicine

    When I read the equipment section I was irritade, because mess kit and healer's kit was not in the tools section like other kits. And when I looked at skills, not a lot of uses for medicine. So I thought: Why isn't medicine replaced by healer's kit proficiency. seems a lot more useful than a...
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    5E Saving throw bonus that is based on CURRENT HP

    Some people believe, that high level characters have too low saving throws. And with a bonus of +5 to Spell DC from Wizard level, I tend to agree. So taking HP treshold further I came to following solution: Everyone gets a bonus to all saving throws, based on CURRENT HP. It could be a +1 bonus...
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    5E Remove stat bonus from damage

    Right now i see folowing problem in D&D next (and 4e before that) Stat bonus adding to damage rolls usually means, that every attack that hits deals at least 4 damage (minimum roll 1 + main stat 3+). This static damage is the reason, why it does not matter, if a monster has 1 or 4 hp. This is...
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    Boring Skill Mastery

    In its curent form Skill mastery is boring, as every skill is eqully good for a rogue if he is trained in it, no matter what his stats are. So nearly every stat is a dump stat... boring...
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    The fighter still looks a little boring. I will see soon if it is so in play, but I have the feeling, fighter´s surges should not have been taken away. Also I think the Idea of giving a second theme to the fighter was not that bad. Why not make themes with the same name as the fighting...
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    Flanking should give a bonus

    Last session my PCs were killed. But if the Cleric, who was surrounded by zombies had chosen to take the total defense actiopn, maybe he had survived, due to an AC of 22. The zombies would have only hit him with a natural 20. So, to avoid such situations, a small bonus of +2 (which does not...
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    Cantrips as encounter powers?

    When you read about magic beeing too abundantly availabe, I believe, cantrips could be reduced from at-will spells to encounter powers. This allows you to use them a lot, but at the same time can´t be spammed like crazy. Just say, every minor spell can be cast a number of times equal to your...
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    Level 0 rules

    Seems like it is very easy to have level zero characters: Chose Race and Background HP = Con Value done.
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    Variable HP for monsters

    IMHO, if PCs roll their hp, monsters should also do so. Not that they shhould have wildly different statistics, but imagine the kobolds in the adventure have 1d4 hp instead of 2. This way: - MM is not always an autokill - Slayer benefit is not always an autokill Higher level monsters: Orcs...
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    The travel to the caves of chaos

    As I don´t like an adventure starting right in the action, I used the 4e keep on the chaos scar a first goal. The quest began with the elven wizard meeting the dwarven knightly cleric at his camp, devoted to read a book about healing and herbs. Because everything he heard about dwarves was very...
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    throwing weapons...

    When I look at the kobolds in adventure and in the bestiary, i notice, that one lists daggers as d4+2 and the other as d4-2 and I really wonder, if thrown weapons should do d4 + strength or d4 + dex modifier damage. In the adventure, kobolds have no reason to use thir spears. Even in melee, as...
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    What effect has shadows or beeing lightly obscured? It looks to me, that in most cases (other than roleplaying etc.) shadows has no negative impact on the character´s performance. The only thing I notice is a rogue beeing able to hide in shadows not needing cover or darkness. And I can´t...
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    I can´t stress how much I like the command spell allowing ceativity again. Although some typical commands are given, the spell is not restricted to those. Back to pre 3.5 spells. :) And burning hands inflames nonattended objects. Only thing I missed: How can the mage leanr new spells?
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    5E Pros and Cons of Kits, Prestige classes and Paragon paths. How 5e should handle it?

    So discuss: here is my opinion first. Feel free to disagree: AdnD had kits. The bard´s handbook was full of differently flavoured bard kits, which allowed even different races to become bards of quite high levels. I really liked them a lot. When Prestige classes were introduced in 3.0 I also...