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    3E/3.5 A 3E/4E powergamer DMs Storm King's Thunder

    A while back I commented on joining an Adventurer's League Curse of Strahd campaign. For the new season, I decided I wanted to run a table this time. With one exception, it's gone very well so far. I managed to get a good table of players, and we've been pretty stable attendence wise. In fact...
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    Multiclass Vengence Paladin for Curse of Strahd or no?

    Just joined a table starting out Curse of Strahd, which goes over levels 1-10. I built a Vengence Paladin at level 1, and am kind of torn whether to multiclass into Bard/Warlock/Sorcerer and go for more smites, or to stay in Paladin for Misty Step and Haste. I'm torn.
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    5E Random, balanced, fail proof 5E stat generation system

    After reading the comments in the rolling stats thread, I was inspired to make a system for generating random but fair stats for 5E. I put a first draft of the system into that thread, but have since revised/simplified it. These were my goals: 1. Make it impossible to generate a "bad character"...
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    3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    This isn't my preferred edition by a long shot. I'd much rather play 4E, 1E/2E, or 3.5E(more or less in that order) than 5E, but due to life circumstances that have nothing to do with D&D, I find myself now starting Curse of Strahd. I played a few sessions of 5E about a year ago, and I've been...
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    5E You can't necessarily go back

    Earlier editions of D&D were to a large degree vague, shapeless and formless masses open to interpretation. This came about by happenstance, and it seems like WotC is trying to deliberately recreate that happenstance. I don't think they can, pandora's box has been opened and I don't think it can...
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    Non Advantage/Disadvantage bonus and penalties

    Reading through the playtest documents, I'm finding little +/- 1s and 2s tucked here and there, like mob rule for Kobolds and Rats in the Bestiary, or -1 to attack when prone. It kind of defeats the purpose of advantage/disadvantage simplifying everything to mix the static modifiers back in, and...
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    Not happy with playtest goes through it piece by piece

    Backgrounds 1. I'm ok with the listed Backgrounds. More would be nice, but no objections. 2. Noticable lack of physical skills combined with too many lores. Bestiary 1. Boring sacks of HP 2. Encounter Building/XP: more on this later4 Character Creation 1. "Normally, you generate those...
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    4 groups of D&D fans, not 3

    Its my opinion that there are 4 main groups of D&D fans for 5E to appeal to, not just 4E, 3E/PF, and OSR. There is a 4th group, an important one, that tends to get lumped in within the 3E/PF and OSR crowds yet distinct from both. I call that group "2E", in quotation marks as I would expect few...
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    A difficult question

    In regards to what a given person wants out of 5E, is it more important that 5E delivers the D&D you want or that it delivers everyone else playing the D&D you want? **EDIT** To go further, if 5E appeals to you, is it ok if it doesn't appeal to others and a(not necessarily the current) schism...
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    Fireball still sucks, here's my fix

    Upping damage to 4d6+Int doesn't really fix Fireball. Fireball is a D&D Icon, and deserves to be a strong Wizard choice. Looking back on the history of Fireball, it was solely a damage dealer, so adding a bit of control like Fountain of Flame(new level 1 Wizard Daily, and far superior to...
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    Essentials Observations

    1. Between having Con as a secondary ability and the use of Heavy Shields, Essentials Clerics are tanks. Their powers are even geared towards an aggressive in your face style of of play. 2. The Knight's Defender punishment mechanic is an opportunity action, so unlike PHB Fighters the Knight can...
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    4E Odd emergent quality in Epic Level 4E

    A lot of Epic Destinies in 4E have an ability that brings you back when you die, often stronger than before. I always wondered about the use and utilities of these, since in 4E it takes a lot of work to die. These certainly aren't as usable and reliable as powers that let you recover when...
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    AD&D level limits question

    I'm curious how many people respected the level limits set out in the AD&D 1E Players Handbook during its lifetime 1977-1989.
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    Creature Competition: Encounters--Everybody loves a bracket tournament

    Check this out: Think this is the link, if this doesn't work its easy to find on main D&D site(Look up Creature Competition: Encounters) D&D Creature Competition It includes need references to enemies from the entirety of D&D's history, including good old Bargle.
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    Can somebody explain the bias against game balance?

    Can somebody explain the bias against game balance? What really is the big issue here? On its most basic level, people who are ill served by a balanced game are people who want to be more powerful than the other players, and those who want to be free to make a weaker character that is a burden...
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    Design and Development: Battlemind---going... going... gone

    Looking at the content calendar for Dragon magazine earlier this month, I saw an article named Design and Development: Battlemind or something close to it. By the time PHB 3 was fully launched, this article was pushed back until thursday 3/25. At this point in time, the article isn't on the...
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    Striker Fighter

    I've kind of missed the concept of a Fighter built as a damage dealer. While I embrace the end result of what the Fighter has become in 4E, I think the concept of a heavily armored melee weapon Striker is something missing from 4E. I think the Fighter class can manage this with only a few...
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    Giving a choice of stats to older races

    In PHB 3, all races have one fixed +2 to stats, and a choice of two others for the second. This is similar to the Changeling race from Eberron Players Guide. Thinking that this is a nifty new idea, here's my take on applying it to older races: Dragonborn +2Str, +2 to Con or Cha--many Dragonborn...
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    WotC and the OGL

    I still hear a lot of people claiming that the dumping of the OGL had to do with money, or the corporate suits at Hasbro. From everything I've read, the OGL seems to have had little impact on the bottom line of D&D, positively or negatively. It was a big PR boost at the launch of 3E, and it...
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    PF1E Pathfinder: Which books do you use?

    A question going out to Pathfinder players: Which books do you use while playing Pathfinder from a player's standpoint in terms of character creation? Do you stick to the Pathfinder core rules, use WotC supplements, 3rd party supplements, or houserule heavliy?