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  1. J

    WOIN Alternatives for advancing Career physical Attribute bonuses when old?

    When a character is old and they advance a Career in a class that grants a bonus to a physical Attribute, is that advancement point lost or can they give it to something else that makes sense? For example, say a starship captain returns to service after retirement when the Neutral Zone becomes...
  2. J

    WOIN Telepathy skill for Mental DEFENSE?

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. J

    WOIN Telepathy skill for Mental DEFENSE?

    Since combat skills like Swords are used for MELEE DEFENSE, could the Telepathy skill be used for MENTAL DEFENSE? Or is this something that might need an Exploit like the Return Trajectories Exploit for Gun Kata martial artists?
  4. J

    WOIN WOIN How does the Push weapon special quality work?

    One of our players has a Bell Cybernetics RVM58Stingbolt Repulsor Crossbow (Exotic Ranged Weapon from NEW pg. 106) with the Push special quality. I can't seem to find how to resolve the Push ability. Is the distance based on the attack roll or the damage roll or a flat distance? Is it an attack...
  5. J

    WOIN Roll20 for WOIN

    I'd agree and say I've been very happy with the Roll20 sheet. My group has been using the WOIN page on Roll20 for a little over a year, first with conversions of old Game Mechanics d20 Modern adventures and currently with a Star Wars campaign. Most of us use a Google Sheets page to plan our...
  6. J

    WOIN WOIN OLD Can the Smith upgrade single item through Forge exploit tree?

    Can the Smith from OLD use the Quality Forge exploit to improve an ordinary item made earlier with the Forge exploit, or is each item a discrete object with quality set when first crafted? ' For example, our WOIN Star Wars game has a Mandalorian who wants to take Forge to make Sollustran Battle...
  7. J

    PF1E Fighter Weapon Training Advice: Is there a Heavy Blade with Reach?

    Is there a Heavy Blade with reach? The campaign is starting at 4th level. Any Paizo book is available for use. My concept for the character is a Wheel of Time blade master, using the form names and all. I'm thinking of building a fighter to try the Advanced Armor Training and Advanced Weapon...
  8. J

    WOIN WOIN: Is derived SPEED limited by MDP?

    When determining your SPEED, are the total of the dice pools limited by the Maximum Dice Pool? For example, with the stats below would the character have a SPEED 6 from the 6d MDP limit or SPEED 8 for the sum of all dice pools. Grade 7 MDP 6d STR 3d6 AGI 4d6 Running 1d6
  9. J

    WOIN WOIN Action Careers: Are CHI Points equal to the Attribute or the Dice Pool?

    Are CHI Points equal to the Attribute or the Dice Pool? Action Careers says the Attribute but the Ref Doc says Dice Pool. We aren't sure which is closer to the 1.2 rules used in NEW.
  10. J

    WOIN WOIN: Do Conditions ignore SOAK?

    Thanks. I haven't been responding to posts to lower forum "noise" but your rules clarifications are always quick and useful. Also, I'm doing questions as different posts to make it easier for rules searches later.
  11. J

    WOIN WOIN: If below 0 HP, does healing stabilize and stop the dying Countown?

    When a character is below 0 and dying, does any healing end the slow countdown or does it need to be done as Emergency First Aid? Is there a way for a character to stabilize on their own? It seems like the slow countdown by itself means the character will likely eventually die if not attended...
  12. J

    WOIN WOIN: Do Conditions ignore SOAK?

    Do conditions (NEW p. 173) like Bleeding or Burning ignore SOAK? We're trying to determine if Armor would protect against Burning damage caused by a critical hit from a Phaser. The character would gain Burning but could basically ignore it if Armor SOAK is high enough.
  13. J

    WOIN WOIN Ways to get more than one Reaction?

    Are there ways to get more than one Reaction or Free Action in a round? We have a Star Knight with Redirect and a Gun Kata Martial Artist with Closedown, both are reactions that can be used once per round. It seems like there are some conversions of d20 Feats in the docs for converting monsters...
  14. J

    WOIN WOIN NEW Choose the same skill twice at a Career grade?

    Can characters select the same skill twice during one Career grade? For example, when a young Diplomat is advancing a grade as a Guerrilla Fighter she might want to "catch up on" Pistols since it hadn't been selectable for previous careers. It was my thought that one could not do so from NOW...
  15. J

    WOIN WOIN Star Knight Questions: Advanced Deflection, Psionic Attributes, and Psychic Choke/ Psychic Push

    In EONS 84 p. 1, Advanced Deflection allows the Star Knight to use Redirect without a Laser Sword. Does this mean they can also use Missile Deflection without a Laser Sword or was there an Exploit omitted that allowed for Deflection without the LS? Comparing the NEW Core book p. 48/Rules...
  16. J

    WOIN Deadly Strike Exploit questions

    Does Deadly Strike cost a -1d6 attack die to use? The comparison to the standard -2D6 to hit for +1d6 damage is our confusion. Does the restriction to using Exploits once per turn apply or could be Exploit be used twice in a round (once for each of two attack actions)?
  17. J

    WOIN WOIN Laser Sword quality increase with grade?

    Hah, I told our group you would reply before the character generation session was over. Thanks!
  18. J

    WOIN WOIN Laser Sword quality increase with grade?

    The Laser Sword exploit says "Laser sword. You build your own standard quality laser sword. Every time the Star Knight gains a grade, roll 1d6. On a 6, the laser sword increases quality by one category." Is that each time any Career grade is earned or only when the character advances in the...