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  1. Jan van Leyden

    No Winter Yet

    Hard to believe, but according to his blog George R.R. Martin didn't finish Winds of Winter on schedule.
  2. Jan van Leyden

    2E What would you want in a 2e AD&D inspired RPG?

    Now that NotZenon has pulled this thread from oblivion, care to give us a status update? So, for under the christmas tree and all that. :angel:
  3. Jan van Leyden

    4E 4E WotC Tools dead?

    Seems to be browser-dependent, too. It didn't work on a private Computer running SRWare Iron (un-Googled Chrome), but did so with IE on the same machine, at the same time. Curious error message, which refers to DNS Errors. Hmmh.
  4. Jan van Leyden

    4E 4E WotC Tools dead?

    Nagol: Common sense isn't applicable to Wizard's course in the digital world.
  5. Jan van Leyden

    4E 4E WotC Tools dead?

    So the tools have moved again. I use www.dndinsider.com, by the way, which correctly refers to the current address. The note on the login page is interesting, though: "The D&D Insider digital tools are now located here for current subscribers. The tools are not available to new subscribers at...
  6. Jan van Leyden

    [The Strain, The 100] Worth Seeing?

    After drifting over more and more to comedy for a few years a large German network starts these two shows this summer. The trailers don't tell me whether one or both are worth my time recording and watching them. What's your assessment of these shows?
  7. Jan van Leyden

    Best simple purchase you've made

    Our first "Grillkamin". Sorry, I don't know the English noun for it, so a description has to suffice: You put it on your grill, fill it with coals, place some sheets of newspaper in the bottom part and light it. Half an hour later the coals are in perfect condition. Before we acquired this...
  8. Jan van Leyden

    2E Are all my 2E books worthless now?

    The other ENWorlders already told you about converting 2e stuff to 5e standards, but one thing is still missing from the discussion: 2e was the era of worlds and backgrounds! So if your slightly dusted library contains background stuff, e.g. for Dragonlance, you're golden. WotC has not published...
  9. Jan van Leyden

    5E Fifth Age: A hard science fiction 5e conversion

    Just looking at the title of the thread the old game Dragonlance: The Fith Age came to my mind. Maybe you want to change the title of your work, just to avoid more confusion? :)
  10. Jan van Leyden

    Random Treasure Table(s)

    Are there any (official) random treasure tables for 4e? I know of two online generators, but can't find any comprehensive tables. I would suspect something like this to be part of Mordenkainens Emporium (which I don't own).
  11. Jan van Leyden

    AGE: What's the Draw?

    Morrus asks whether Green Ronin's AGE could be *the* release of 2015, a lot of people are speculating about which world might be used for it, and here I am, thumbing through my set 1 of Dragon Age and wondering. I've bought the game shortly after its release on the off chance that I might use...
  12. Jan van Leyden

    WotC Job Offers

    I noted a rather extensive listing of job offers by WotC: WotC job offers. Most of them are either M:tG sopecific or general in nature. Only one job seems to mention D&D specifically: http://jobs.hasbro.com/job/Manager Communications Dungeons & Dragons. Perhaps we will see some of this...
  13. Jan van Leyden

    3E/3.5 Issue with "Core" 3.5?

    Which was its biggest draw for me back in 2008. Having run a 3.5 camapign in the double digit levels before, the distribution of rules to the power cards and of bookkeeping to the players was so refreshing! :cool: That's what MBAs are for! Today I sort of understand your frustration. The 4e...
  14. Jan van Leyden

    Money - Huh! What is it good for?

    Forming an old school campaign in my head brought me to the topic of handing out XP for gold. It never really did appeal to me as I never was in a "win the adventure" mode, where it is a premium for successfull play. If I will hand out XP for gold, it should be in a way which somehow support...
  15. Jan van Leyden

    Seeking Ideas for a Skill Challenge

    So my tabletop group is in dire need of an extended rest. The problem is: they're currently in the dungeon beneath Ptolus without being able to secure a good resting place. I'm looking for a way to give them at least a chance for a successfull rest and on the other hand make it more fun than...
  16. Jan van Leyden

    Spiel '14 - Any ENWorlder going there?

    On Thrusday the biggest (board-) gaming event in the world starts: Spiel '14. I know that many European and Amercian gamers are coming to Germany for the occasion, but which ENWorlder will be in Essen?
  17. Jan van Leyden

    Boardgame Weekend - Summer Edition 2014

    I just returned from our boargaming weekend we held for the sixth time in the Sauerland. Two days of gaming with 30 grown-ups and 15 children make for lots of dice rolling, card drawing, and scheming fun! This year I came to play: La Granja, Wikinger, Splendor (many, many times), Bang, Abyss...
  18. Jan van Leyden

    OD&D The Beauty of OD&D

    "No, no, give it to me! I throw in two cans of soda and a bag of M&Ms!" :D
  19. Jan van Leyden

    OD&D The Beauty of OD&D

    Not quite; I was going by the Sword & Wizardry version, the closes approximation of the ancient stuff I have. Thanks, I've learned something new!
  20. Jan van Leyden

    OD&D The Beauty of OD&D

    If you embrace the low to mid levels as cool playground for your characters, at least. Your INT 9 magic-user would be limited to which spell level? Wasn't it 5? And don't forget the chance of learning new spells. 45% I believe? So there are stat-introduced differences, which are too much for...