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  1. KnowTheToe

    4E WotC better fix Wildshape in 4E...

    I love druids, and IMO it is simple to do. You will usually turn into the same animals over and over. Just stat these out ahead of time. With the SRD it is easy as pie. Again, IMO, it is no different than spellcasters knowing how their spells work. Nothing frustrates me more than someone...
  2. KnowTheToe

    WLD as a city

    I have a secret hope that with the apparent success of Worlds Largest Dungeon that someone will put the same effort into creating a grand city. If people are willing to buy a $100 product for a dungeon, I think they would be willing to do the same thing for a completely fleshed out city. I...
  3. KnowTheToe

    Homebrew- what do players need?

    My question comes down to, what backgroud info do you provide players to give them a better feel of your homebrew? OK, I am in the early stages of putting together a "homebrew" D20 game together that will be set in Roma. I am currently researching what specific area I want to start in. I am...
  4. KnowTheToe

    Are knowledge skills worth it?

    IMO, the current Knowledge skills are way too specific. On average you have to spend too many points to be even consistantly hitting DC 15 knowledge checks. With the skills covering such narrow facets, you could spend 20 skill points across 5 knowledge skills and still have low knowledge...
  5. KnowTheToe

    Romanesque world setting?

    I am wondering if there is a campaign setting established that sets up a romanesque world? By this I mean advanced architecture, literature, philosophy, a strong ruling empire. Rome is one of the staple foundations used for D&D and I can't think of a setting focusing on it. Please, tell me I...
  6. KnowTheToe

    Improved Natural Attack & Rapidstrike

    I have read about these two feats online, but do not know what books they are from or how what they are. If someone could let me know the sources and a brief explanation I would be grateful. Thanks
  7. KnowTheToe

    Lonesome October By Zelazney as a side trek

    OK, I have been putting together a city campaign for my players and have thought about having them stumble across the great game from Lonesome October. I thought it would be a fun way to integrate some pieces from Book of Vile Darkness and muttle up some basic allignment principles...
  8. KnowTheToe

    Lonesome October By Zelazney as a side trek

    delete this duplicate thread. Clunky server speed combined with user impatience created a double post. Thank You
  9. KnowTheToe

    Finally saw THe Last Samurai

    Well I finally rented the Last Samurai and was pleasantly surprised. Despite its slugish pace I loved the movie. There was a wonderful developement of culture and characters, unmatched cinamatography, and exciting battles. What esl could someone ask for? If you have not seen the movie, I...
  10. KnowTheToe

    Help, my wife screwed up my puter

    I need your help. My wife used my labtop to show her mom some "funny" picture and the freaking site she visited must have downloaded some crap on my computer. Now I get pop ups all the time on every site I visit. Is there a log somewhere that tracks what was installed and when? I went to...
  11. KnowTheToe


    I don't think this is political but if so just lock it down I just finished reading a book that tells the stories of bombing of Hiroshima from the perspective of those that survived. The book is Hiroshima by John Hersey and is a pretty darned good read. My question is for any japanese...
  12. KnowTheToe

    DMG Bonus Goodness

    I got a new dog several months ago and over those months he has eaten many of my RPG books. Some books, I have replaced, some thrown away, and even kept a few. Last week he ate the binding off of my DMG. I have ordered a new one, but I want to take a few of the goodies inside and put those...
  13. KnowTheToe

    Help w/ the world of MIDNIGHT

    OK, I am going to be running a campaign in the setting of Midnight and I need help. I am looking for links to sights, bulletin boards, story hours and any insight you may offer. I own the setting and am going to start rereading it, but am looking for your help. I know this can be a difficult...
  14. KnowTheToe

    Mystery Adventures

    I am in the middle of creating a mid level mystery adventure based mostly with-in the city. I have to be very general in my description as I plan on play testing this at the next chicago game day. Anyway, there is a crime committed and many clues are left behind. The PCs will have 3-4 leads...
  15. KnowTheToe

    Creative Curse

    I have a player whose character became cursed. We only have 6-8 sessions left before summer break and I don't want to have a special quest for this low level character to remove the curse to dominate the rest of the game. I am looking for fun creative curse ideas that will add fun and flavor...
  16. KnowTheToe

    jgsugden Thank you for the Brine recipe

    jgsugden, thank you it was very yummy. I also gave it to my sister who lives in CA and she and her family loved it as well. Anybody else reading this, I suggest you copy it down. 1 Gallon Water 1 cup kosher salt 3/4 soy sauce 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup each of white sugar, brown...
  17. KnowTheToe

    How do I brag if you close th thread

    I had a theory that any thread with drunk in it would close, and it did ( http://www.enworld.org/forums/showthread.php?t=68807 ). Just wanted to brag about my superior intellect.
  18. KnowTheToe

    Harry Potter

    I just finished the HArry Potter books and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Rowling has a very readable writing style. Even though nothing major may happen for hundreds of pages, she can keep the reader interested with small bits and pieces. There was only three things that really...
  19. KnowTheToe

    [OT] Question of the week

    If you could travel back in time only once but you were not allowed to interact or change history (like a ghost, nobody would notice you) when and where would you go? You would only be able to observe.
  20. KnowTheToe

    Thanks everybody

    I put together my new system this weekend, I bought on google gear and it is working excellent. Thank you for your advice in both equipment and store recomendation. You guys are great.