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  1. Plane Sailing

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    I couldn’t help remembering that when the Romulans were first introduced in TOS, they specifically had a weapon which annihilated planet side installations (and which the enterprise could only resist by running away from it as fast as possible). In any RPG scenario where the Romulans were...
  2. Plane Sailing

    Designing Space Battle in RPG

    FWIW I wanted to do something similar to make space combat interesting in my RPG (Starguild: Space Opera Noir) and I went for distinct bridge positions (pilot, navigator, engineer, gunner, captain) and each of those bridge positions had a number of things they could do each combat round. The...
  3. Plane Sailing

    1E Fireball throughout the ages

    Always felt weird to me in 4e that Stinking Cloud was guaranteed to kill mooks, but fireball wasn’t - every 1hp mook that saved survived. If I’d have been in charge I’d have reversed the intent there :)
  4. Plane Sailing

    1E Fireball throughout the ages

    I ran one dungeon with 5ft wide corridors and small rooms. One fireball affected every single monster in the dungeon and all the party. I loved cubic feet!
  5. Plane Sailing

    EN World It's April Fool's Day

    I have to say that was a whole load of fun. But how can it be so long ago?
  6. Plane Sailing

    General Question for astrophysicists! (Or those with astronomical--lunar--understanding)

    On the one hand, this sounds a little like trying to solve the N-Body problem! n-body problem - Wikipedia But for practical purposes for your game, this is a just a matter of plot, no? In the Dark Crystal, it was convenient to have the movie set at the point approaching the Great Conjunction...
  7. Plane Sailing

    We are back!

    Looks nice, works quickly! Good job!
  8. Plane Sailing

    Conventions in The UK

    Simon Burley is a convention-going-machine in the UK, and he writes things up here RPGs for All
  9. Plane Sailing

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian and Monk

    I’m sure that one of the 3E sourcebooks had a ‘rage mage’ in it...
  10. Plane Sailing

    Who in the World is James M. Ward?

    Metamorphosis Alpha was the first game I ever purchased (from a small game shop in a backstreet in London in December 1976!). I needed to learn how to draw ellipses for mapping, and my father showed me how to draw a perfect ellipse with just a ruler!
  11. Plane Sailing

    Starguild: Space Opera Noir - a sci-fi RPG by Plane Sailing

    I'm delighted to announce that I've pushed the button on my Kickstarter campaign for my game rules, Starguild:Space Opera Noir! Starguild is the Space Opera Noir tabletop role-playing game, where futuristic weapons and faster than light travel meet heartbreak, decadence and betrayal. Be brave...
  12. Plane Sailing

    3E/3.5 5E's Initial Raw Sales Numbers Stronger Than 3E's!

    It seems that the initial sales of D&D 5th Edition are very strong. Asked about how they compare to 3E and 4E, WotC's Mike Mearls says that "Raw numbers are stronger, but that's not the complete picture. end of year 1 is the key." The Player's Handbook has now topped the hardcover nonfiction...
  13. Plane Sailing

    Artists! What graphic tablet do you use?

    My old graphics tablet is no longer supported apparently, so I'm looking for some information from anyone who is successfully using a graphics tablet with macos Yosemite - can you recommend something which you are currently using? I'm re-establishing my interest in creating digital art. My...
  14. Plane Sailing

    5E Halflings Of The Corn

    Here is a link to that concept art discussion which was mentioned http://archive.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4dreye/2013end2
  15. Plane Sailing

    5E Should Power Word spells be a bonus action?

    Traditionally power word spells were very quick to cast (the clue being in the name - a single word to cast the spell). In 5e they are whole actions to cast though. Presumably they would be presented by many people as just "very long words!" But I'm rather interested in the possibility of...
  16. Plane Sailing

    Dragonmeet - who is going?

    So, anyone in the UK going to Dragonmeet this Saturday? This might be the first time that I've been able to get along, and it would be nice to meet anyone from ENWorld who is going along! Cheers
  17. Plane Sailing

    5E So how does 5e treat Staffs and Wands?

    I'm very curious to hear how Staffs and Wands are treated in 5e. I'm not likely to see a DMG for several weeks yet, so I'd love to hear from people who have it, how they are handling these classic items this time round. Thanks!
  18. Plane Sailing

    5E The Ranger

    It wasn't explicit in the original Strategic Review article, and I imagine that they wouldn't have been specific after they got hauled over the coals for the Ent and Balrog (hence the renaming to treant and balor) The original ranger was clearly based on Aragorn though. Level names included...
  19. Plane Sailing

    5E Where is Trap the Soul???

    If this has been discussed earlier, please post a link to that discussion! If it hasn't - what has happened to Trap the Soul? I can see it listed as an 8th level wizard spell, but can't find it in the spell descriptions which run from Transport Via Plants to Tree Stride. Surely I can't be the...
  20. Plane Sailing

    5E Sorcerer spell list - why so short?

    I've been looking to see whether my 3.5e sorcerer characters could be moved across to 5e, and it turns out to be quite difficult because a number of spells which were important to them are no longer on the sorcerer spell list! I can see that they have given the sorcerer some of the damaging...