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  1. Neuroglyph

    The Last Parsec: Scientorium

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  2. Neuroglyph

    PF1E Demon Cults: The Emerald Order

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  3. Neuroglyph

    4 out of 5 rating for Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    This week marked the “official” release of the new 5th Edition D&D Player’s Handbook in all retail venues. And if last weekend’s GENCON was any indication, the fan interest in “D&D Next” is exuberant to say the least! The Wizards of the Coast gaming area in Hall D seemed packed almost...
  4. Neuroglyph

    Free Kobold Press Runs Amok in Green Ronin’s PFRPG Cityscape with "Dark Deeds in Freeport"!

    About this time last year, Green Ronin Publishing completed a successful Kickstarter Campaign to bring forth a city-setting for Pathfinder RPG. Freeport: City of Adventure is the newest Pathfinder-reincarnation of Chris Pramas’ earlier urban fantasy setting designed for d20/OGL from back in...
  5. Neuroglyph

    Release Goodman Games Kickstarts More Tentacled Horrors in Age of Cthulhu #8 (A Pre-Release Review)

    The Cthulhu Mythos has become a staple source of inspiration and adventure for role-playing games for years now, probably due in part to its successful adaptation into so many forms of mass media. Untold numbers of novels, a plethora of movies, several TV series, and even the MMO World of...
  6. Neuroglyph

    Release Goblin Press presents the long-awaited 3rd Cthulhu Companion with the release of ISLAND OF IGNORANCE

    Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG has long been a perennial favorite in the Role-playing Game Community, offering fans of Lovecraft’s unique horror stories a playground amidst the terrible dread of the Cthulhu Mythos. The CoC RPG has seen seven editions of the game system and setting – thirteen if...
  7. Neuroglyph

    4E DEM’s Apex Brings Comic Book Superpowers to D&D 4E! (A Review)

    There are some gamers who might argue that D&D d20 was one the most flexible RPG systems ever created. In its wake, dozens of different games and game settings, from nearly every genre imaginable, have been translated into d20 under its OGL. But could the same be said about D&D 4E...
  8. Neuroglyph

    Kickstarter Chaos & Alchemy: Transmuting Games with the Magick of Kickstarter!

    This review has been a long time coming: I’ve had Chaos & Alchemy for over six months now, and that’s more than enough time for a playtest! Back in January, the head designer at Clay Crucible Games sent me a box containing Chaos & Alchemy – a card game inspired by the history and writings of...
  9. Neuroglyph

    Free Neverwinter Online: A Jewel of the North or Free-to-Play Drek?

    The new and highly anticipated MMORPG, Neverwinter Online, has been in available in open beta for over a month now! A host of the Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts, Forgotten Realms loremeisters, R.A. Salvatore fans, and MMO aficionados have been able to jump right in and experience Cryptic...
  10. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review of Amethyst: Renaissance by Dias Ex Machina

    There seems to be more and more SciFa settings coming out these days. And no, SciFa is not a typo, because I am referring to those games and settings which blend elements of Science-Fiction and High Fantasy into one really mind-blowing package –Science-Fantasy seems the only way to describe the...
  11. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review of Wandering Monsters High School by Bold Pueblo Games

    Swashbuckling Heroic Fantasy, gritty Science-Fiction, and creepy Horror genres tend to dominate a great swath of the role-playing game market, and regardless of which genre is favored, offer gamers a chance to save the world (or the galaxy, or multiverse) from certain doom time and time again...
  12. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review of Snakeriders of the Aradondo by Tim Kask

    Fantasy role-playing games have seen many changes over the years, but none so profound as what is now occurring within the past several years. There has been a real revolution of new FRPGs breaking into the market, many of them using indie design parameters, as well as a number that have...
  13. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review of The Dark Totem Part 1: The Missing Child by Rocks Fall Games

    There are so many hooks that are used to convince a band of heroes into taking part in an adventure. Sometimes it is the lure of a powerful artifact, sometimes the lure of a dragon’s hoard, and sometimes it is out of a sense of fealty and honor to one’s king or queen or land. But possibly the...
  14. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review of Mistborn Adventure Game (Part 2) by Crafty Games

    Last week, I posted the Part 1 of a review of the Mistborn Adventure Game, a role-playing game based on Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy of fantasy novels. Crafty Games has used an indie style game system to translate the novels into a fantasy role-playing game with a unique character...
  15. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review of Mistborn Adventure Game (Part 1) by Crafty Games

    There has always been a strong link between storytelling and role-playing games, and it is that link that differentiates RPG’s from board games and war games. Sure, board games and war games often have interesting stories or plots to set up the premise of the game, it is the shared experience...
  16. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review of Rusty Axe Dungeon Tiles (Core Set)

    Of all the accessories that can enhance the role-playing game experience, dungeon tiles seem to have come the farthest from their early offerings. While many gamers were content to use the ubiquitous and erasable “battle mat” for dungeon delves, others wanted something a bit more fun and...
  17. Neuroglyph

    5E A Modest Proposal to Unify the Fanbase without D&D Next

    Last night, I posted a blog with a proposal to WotC to consider an alternative course than to publish yet another edition of D&D. I've even linked in a petition on Change.org, and I’m hoping to get some grassroots support from those in the D&D community who are not favoring D&D Next to sign on...
  18. Neuroglyph

    Article: Review: The Book of Vile Darkness by Wizards of the Coast

    Pre-Release Review: The Book of Vile Darkness by Wizards of the Coast In what must be one of the oddest choices for a Holiday Season release, the 4E version of The Book of Vile Darkness is hitting the shelves just in time for Christmas. While certainly more fitting as a Halloween release...
  19. Neuroglyph

    Highlights from my Interview with R.A. Salvatore!

    http://www.neuroglyphgames.com/rpgblogs/home/neurogly/public_html/rpgblogs/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/R.A.-Salvatore-Headshot.jpgLast Wednesday, I was offered an amazing opportunity, which any D&D blogger and reviewer would find impossible to pass up: the chance to have an interview with the...
  20. Neuroglyph

    Review of Heroes of Neverwinter (Facebook App) by Atari

    http://www.neuroglyphgames.com/rpgblogs/home/neurogly/public_html/rpgblogs/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/hos-cover.jpgWhenever an intellectual property is interpreted into a new media format, it can generate both hopeful anticipation and nervous dread from its fan-base. Movies become video games...