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  1. DM_Jeff

    5E Ship to Ship Crew Combat Options

    All good things to think about - lots of good advice going forward, thanks!
  2. DM_Jeff

    5E Ship to Ship Crew Combat Options

    The former, where the ships have connected and boarding actions are underway.
  3. DM_Jeff

    5E Ship to Ship Crew Combat Options

    Just asking for general inquiry, what DM's prefer regarding running combats between ship crews (not PC's) during play. * Ghosts of Saltmarsh offered "Typically the crew is too busy managing the ship to do anything else during combat." Yeah. * I used to describe it in the background, changing...
  4. DM_Jeff

    A Dozen Deranged Derro!

    http://www.dmsguild.com/product/213428/A-Dozen-Deranged-Derro Out of the Abyss gives you two derro stat blocks. That’s nice, but you know they can be deadly, unpredictably insane and follow different paths within their clan. What’s inside “A Dozen Deranged Derro”? • Twelve new derro stat...
  5. DM_Jeff

    UA Unearthed Arcana Explores Downtime Activities

    1. You wake up in jail, pending charges for a serious crime (Treason, sedition, grand larceny, etc.). You actually did it. 2. You wake up in jail, pending charges for a serious crime (Treason, sedition, grand larceny, etc.). You didn’t do it. 3. You wake up in jail on minor charges. Pay 10gp for...
  6. DM_Jeff

    5E Githyanki Allies

    Damn if my players aren't scouring like ants on a picnic on the 5e Facebook pages! I'm prepping the "Incursion Githyanki Campaign" from Dungeon & Dragon magazines 2003+ on the 5e Forgotten Realms and darned if I can't find out what, if anything, besides red dragons, their kin, constructs...
  7. DM_Jeff

    Tome of Encounters 5E

    Re-Introducing the Tome of Encounters at the DM's Guild, a source book of 25 awesome lairs/encounters designed to challenge characters from 1st to 10th level while showcasing the versatility of 5E D&D! Back in the era of Second Edition, TSR, Inc. released two products called the “Deck of...
  8. DM_Jeff

    5E Bright Lights Big City

    “You go to spend a few days in the city…what do you want to do?” The DM utters those words and you get two kinds of responses. Either role players with invested characters jump right in and get busy, while new players or those playing barbarians or those just intimidated with the options sit...
  9. DM_Jeff

    Ravenloft Creature Feature

    Ravenloft Creature Feature! Here are 10 plot-heavy monsters awaiting a chance to inject some terror to your campaign! Eight of the monsters are REIMAGINED from earlier editions, not just straight-up conversions. Two are brand new creations! Stat blocks checked by three experienced DM’s! Text...
  10. DM_Jeff

    Kickstarter The Carcass: Exodus Post Apoc RPG KICKSTARTER!

    The Carcass is a post-apoc roleplaying game about community. Characters must deal with the ravages of the world… and each other. The Carcass is a roleplaying story game where players take on the roles of the last members of a dying post-apocalyptic tribe. The tribal leader is dead, the...
  11. DM_Jeff

    5E Athanae's Divinations

    Hi all! My wife and I have entered into the foray of DM’s Guild. Some may remember us as the ENnie-award winning authors for AEG’s Toolbox, and were active in writing, editing, and project management for a great number of other d20 era projects. This is Athanae’s Divinations, a sourcebook of...
  12. DM_Jeff

    DMs Guild How Many DMs Guild Products Have You Bought?

    It’s interesting you cap it at 16, I think that’s exactly how many I got. Mostly $0 for PWYW, but a few were presented well enough to warrant a purchase. More than anything it’s curiosity. I’m going to be submitting some material there and I wanted to see what the market was like. Overall I can...
  13. DM_Jeff

    5E Tyranny of Dragons Player's Intro or Guide?

    I thought back last year I saw a thread where someone posted a link to a little "Player's Guide" or Intro to the Campaign that they handed their players but can't find the thread. I'm not referring to the Adventurer's League Guide, but a homemade thing. This jar any memories? Thanks!
  14. DM_Jeff

    Star Wars Saga Character Sheet 1

  15. DM_Jeff

    Tomb: Cryptmasters

    This is my play-tested experience of AEG’s TOMB CRYPTMASTERS board game. The game was provided to my group by AEG for a review. Cryptmasters is an expansion in many ways to the original Tomb board game. Here are the basics in a nutshell: the game comes in the same sized box, with the same...
  16. DM_Jeff

    Elusive 3.5 Norker

    I am currently flogging myself with my dice bag over a miserable decision to sell off my handful of rag-tag Living Greyhawk Journals a few years back. Since then I have, more than once, sought out replacement stats for the 3.0 version of the Norker that appeared within those pages. Or even a 3.5...
  17. DM_Jeff

    3E/3.5 3.5 Conversion in Actual Play

    Let me give you the fast and dirty version. The version that doesn't involve the players looking over the DM's screen and mathematically dissecting the work: Every once in a while I use a 3.X creature or NPC in the Pathfinder RPG without the benefit of 5 minutes worth of work. Within seconds...
  18. DM_Jeff

    Local Game Store Tour

    I needed an excuse to get out of the house so as not to be in the way this weekend citing home repairs. I mapped out the three ‘Friendly Local Game Stores’ an hour from my front steps in southern New Jersey USA and went on tour. The first was about 5 minutes away, a little thing called Ron’s...
  19. DM_Jeff

    4E 4e vs. Paizo: Mommy, Daddy, please stop fighting!

    The real karma here, going full-circle if you will, is that with all the entertainment Paizo and Wizards of the Coast provides their customers, it's good to imagine Bulmahn and Mearls sitting back with their arms around each other drinking a beer and laughing their heads off reading this thread...
  20. DM_Jeff

    SWSE Saved My Marriage

    Well, no, it didn’t, but it helped. :p You see, we’ve known each other for 18 years, been together for 13 of those, and finally, after all this time, I have convinced her to try some Star Wars roleplaying. It’s been a long road. Back in 1998 I played the WEG version with friends, and it felt...