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  1. Captain Tagon

    Star Wars Galaxy Tiles: Anyone Have?

    I saw this at a book store yesterday. Almost picked them up but hadn't heard anything yet? Anyone have these and have a positive or negative review of them?
  2. Captain Tagon

    Prelude to Red Hand of Doom

    It looks like I'm going to be running Red Hand of Doom for some friends of mine in the near future. However, it being an adventure for 6th level characters, I was wondering if there were any published adventures out there you guys would suggest to get the characters to a high enough level for...
  3. Captain Tagon

    Looking to Buy a Laptop

    Since I'm going to be a commuter to school next year, I'm looking to get a laptop for portability (and several other reasons). I want something that runs well and has a good bit of memory on it for music and videos and the like. Playing cutting edge computer games isn't required, but it would be...
  4. Captain Tagon

    GI Joe/Ninja Turtles Trade Paperbacks

    So I'm looking for two things here. I need suggestions for good GI Joe trade paperbacks, and suggestions for Ninja Turtles ones. Any classic stories for either would be great.
  5. Captain Tagon

    System for GI Joe

    Some friends and I are thinking of doing a GI Joe-esque game. However, I can't decide if I'd rather do it using Mutants and Masterminds Second Edition or Spycraft 2.0. Anyone out there have any ideas which would fit the genre better?
  6. Captain Tagon

    Unique Ranged Weapons

    I'm trying to come up with some unique ranged weapon ideas, beyond the normal bow and such, and was wondering if any of you had any that you'd used in games before.
  7. Captain Tagon

    Ultimates 2 Comic **SPOILERS**

    Just finished the newest issue of the Ultimates 2 comic. Brutally intense ending, any ideas on what is coming next or who the "wolf" actually is?
  8. Captain Tagon

    Ultimate Nightmare

    Just got done reading the Ultimate Nightmare TPB. All I can say is wow. I knew what was coming and it still gave me chills. Is Ultimate Secret actually running now?
  9. Captain Tagon

    Looking for a Graphics Card

    What is a good place to realibly get a relatviely inexpensive but fairly high end video card?
  10. Captain Tagon

    To All of Captain's Tagon Games

    I'm not sure how much I'll be around for the next few weeks, or if I am around how into any games I will be. Some major stuff is going down in the family life and now we're in the process of moving and a bunch of other stuff so my mind is kind of elsewhere. I'll post when I can, but if need be...
  11. Captain Tagon

    House of M #1

    For those of you that have read Marvel's new House of M #1, any thoughts?
  12. Captain Tagon

    Dragonshard Beta

    For any of you out there with FilePlanet accounts the multiplayer demo of the DnD based RTS Dragonshard has been released.
  13. Captain Tagon

    Rate: Hostage

    I was thinking about seeing this but was wondering what other who had seen it thought. One friend of mine said it was the best movie he'd seen in a long time, but he and I tend to not have very similar tastes so I thought I'd try to pick up a wider base.
  14. Captain Tagon

    Selling Pre-Order Copy of Matrix Online

    So, I preordered Matrix Online off of ebgames.com Due to a couple of factors including loss of high speed internet and extreme lack of funding, I won't be able to play the game at all but also can't cancel the preorder. So what I'm trying to do is find someone who'd like a copy. If anyone out...
  15. Captain Tagon

    Forgotten Realms Novels

    Hey, I was just wondering if there were any FR novels anyone would recommend. The only ones I've really read have been a few of the Drizzt ones and the Cleric Quintet but I've recently become more interested in the setting and I'm curious as to what out there is considered quality, or at least...
  16. Captain Tagon

    Myspace and/or Xanga

    Hey, I was just wondering how many people here on ENWorld had a Myspace or Xanga account. You can find both of mine at: http://profiles.myspace.com/users/177481 http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=swordsworn
  17. Captain Tagon

    Espionage Stories

    Hey guys, thanks to everyone for the science-fiction reading suggestions, I've got a nice long reading list now to keep me busy for a while. However, I just found out from a friend of mine that he's going to be starting up a Spycraft game in a couple of weeks after we all get settled back in at...
  18. Captain Tagon

    Science Fiction Reading Suggestions

    Hey everyone. I get tired of reading fantasy sometimes and always try to branch out into good sci-fi, but it seems the only ones I can find that seem interesting at the military sci-fi books. So I'm looking for any non-military suggestions of books or series that you found entertaining.
  19. Captain Tagon

    Steamtech Reading Suggestions

    As far as games go, I see a lot of RPGs coming out lately that claim to be Steamtech or Steampunk or what have you. Now, my question is what would be some fiction available in a steamtech/steampunk setting that I could read?
  20. Captain Tagon

    iPod or Dell DJ?

    I'm looking to get an mp3 player for Christmas. Which would you guys recommend, an iPod or Dell DJ?