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  1. Helldritch

    5E The alignments defined

    In an other thread: "Worlds of design: Is fighting evil passé?" a lot of talk turned around alignments and their interpretation. For about 35 years, I have used a variant of the Palladium Alignment system in the D&D game. It is the do(s) and don't(s) of the different alignments. It is heavily...
  2. Helldritch

    5E Concentration mechanic can ruin plots in adventures

    Last night I took one of my old adventure that I wanted to adapt to 5ed and I got a slap in my face. This adventure was no longer possible with the concentration mechanic! The adventure was called The Dungeon of Excapode the Mad. Here is the back story. A mad enchantor decides to frame the...
  3. Helldritch

    5E CoS removed bonus action to two weapon fighting on attack my thoughts.

    I have been a bit absent from the forum but I am back. I started CoS about two months ago now with 6 players. Right off the bat, I said that now, two weapon fighting (if you have the fighting style) won't use up your bonus action. Here is the cast. Mei Wan a Ranger 4 / rogue 2 (the dual...
  4. Helldritch

    5E Ten little things my players hate the most. But I use as much as possible in 5ed.

    In many games I have the chance to come across; I see many young masters taking monsters out of the MM and play without sense of tactics. Most monsters in adventures feels like statues waiting to activate as in a videogame where they jump to life only as the players are coming in. Here are the...
  5. Helldritch

    5E Concentration spells over 10 minutes can be a pain in the a**

    Titles says it all, almost... At first, I was thrilled with the concentration mechanic. Now, I find that concentration for spell lasting more than 10 minutes is really constraining on the players and DMs alike! The logic behind concentration is to avoid having players and monsters stacking...