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    5E How do I run a zombie horde?

    My players will be facing a horde of 50 zombies. I don't want to slow down combat by rolling each individual attack, tracking hit points, and so forth for each zombie. What's the best way to handle a situation like this? I have five 7th level players: vengeance paladin, lore bard, four elements...
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    5E What are good magic items for a monk?

    I'm starting a campaign and one player has a wood elf monk, likely going Way of Four Elements. We're going to flavor the elemental abilities as derived from dragons, so he's channeling raw draconic power. In any case, it feels like there are very few magic items suitable for monks. Does anyone...
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    5E Anyone have practical experience with the latest UA Ranger?

    I'm starting up a campaign in the next couple weeks and one of my players wants to play a Beast Master Ranger. Obviously, that's one of the most problematic subclasses in 5E, at least according to the internet. So I've been thinking about the revised UA Beast Master as an alternative. Does...
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    5E Young dragons are appropriate for what PC level?

    I'm working on a campaign about a dungeon that is contested by five dragons--young dragons. They are striving against each other--and the PCs--for control of the dungeon. As stated in the Monster Manual, these are the challenging ratings of each chromatic dragon: CR 6 - Young White Dragon CR 7...
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    13th Age Warlord + Escalation Die from 13th Age

    First post! Count me among those who would like to see a 5E version of the warlord. So here goes. This warlord has a limited number of features, but those features create a large number of choices each round. I think it’s ideal for the player with an interest in tactical combat while remaining...