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    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    you simply draw a line from your shooter to the target - if it passes through any friend or foe, the target gets +2 to AC... so yes, B2 gets +2 to AC bc of cover
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    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    they already have access to fireball!!! :ROFLMAO:💥 and yes, well, in principle they have had the same situation as the monsters, when it's the monsters' turn, they all act one after another, therefore when it's the players turn, they just act according to their Initiative, but equally, one...
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    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    yeah, my understanding is that RAW in 5e there is no penalty just for shooting into melee (that's probably 3.5 muscle memory), but there is a penalty if there is no clear line of sight. ie, if there is a melee happening in front of your target, the target gets partial cover (normally +2 to AC)
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    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    thank you for the many thoughtful replies :-)
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    5E Conundrum: Ranged attack sequence/cover bonus for players

    Interesting how even after 20 years of playing RPGs, new basic rule questions crop up...: So the PC group gets into a fight with a bunch of bugbears and goblins in a long 10 foot wide tunnel with corners etc, where it's more advantageous for the goblins to shoot their short bows than go melee...
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    Duration/Existence of Spell-like/Supernatural Abilities in 5e?

    So last session this happened: A stone statue in dungeon, which looked like a petrified person, was converted back via major restoration. Unfortunately, said person immediately transformed into a major demon, which let go a roar and started attacking the group. We ageed on normal initiative, as...
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    Use True Polymorph to re-shape stats of PC?

    Hi - lots of threads on True Polymorph, but none dealing with this specific question: The role and abilities of my PC (Moon Druid) have changed at higher levels, and it's not something I anticipated when creating the Character on level 7. Essentially, at higher levels, I find CON has become...
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    3E/3.5 Earth Glide - 5E vs 3.5 - How does your table play it? Esp Moon Druids?

    Thanks, yeah, it is a hold over from 3.5, that said, all the elementals have their "thing" (in terms of capabilities in addition to pure direct damage output) in the right setting, the water elemental is pretty powerful in water with whelm and grapple etc, the fire elemental deals damage to...
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    3E/3.5 Earth Glide - 5E vs 3.5 - How does your table play it? Esp Moon Druids?

    According to RAW, Earth Glide, especially for Moon Druids with ability to Wild Shape into Elementals, has been significantly nerfed due to the following limitation in 5E (which previously did not exist): "The elemental can burrow through non magical, unworked earth and stone." While the non...
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    DMs - How do you treat Healing Word?

    I have observed much discussion about the supposedly overpowered nature of Healing Word, because of its range and bonus action deployment. What I don't understand: in a melee fight with multiple foes, it's super likely that, in the order of play, a foe comes between the healer and the healed...
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    A Question for Resurrection Connoisseurs

    So here is a peculiar situation: our Barbarian has died by charging ahead into a fight where the group was hopelessly outgunned. He basically was down after 1 round. (The mage decided to teleport the rest of us out.) As the Barbarian was in the grip of a Salamander, he automatically failed his...
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    5E MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

    Great, it worked! Thank you very much! a couple of things did not come through, but I can adjust those manually, no problem. Thanks you again for your help, V
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    5E MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

    hi morepurplemorebetter, thank you for the very quick reaction and attempts to fix the issues! I'm impressed! I will give it a try today or tomorrow and report back... all the best, V
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    5E MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

    Hi morepurplemorebetter, Thank you for the quick reply. Re 1: Exporting the old data from the old sheet does not work for me and probably a lot of others either, as it required Adobe Pro, which not many people have... Second, thank you for the detailed clarifications. Taking a step back, i...
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    5E MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

    hi there, i just downloaded (and paid! ;-) the most recent pfd fillable character sheet. I have a character sheet in a previous version from about a year ago. How can i import all the data form the old into the new character sheet, without having to retype everything? I don't understand the...
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    5E Fog Cloud: Time To Dispersion?

    Hi, I would like to understand how you guys are playing the dispersion of a fog cloud once the caster drops concentration. So as a druid, I cast fog cloud, eg in a room. Room becomes heavily obscured, noone sees anything. Now i'm dropping concentration for the fog cloud as I want to cast...
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    5E Conjure Animals NERFED

    thank you for the previous blazing quick answers...here is therefore another question: my DM has nerfed the conjure animals spell for my druid significantly by wanting to determine each time what animals appear and also position them on the battlefield... given that's one of the goto signature...
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    5E Number of Goodberries - 10 or 1D10??

    Just starting with a 5e druid on lvl8. quick question please: PHB RAW states in the Goodberry spell description that "UP TO 10 BERRIES APPEAR"... looking through all the forums, noone seems to question the fact that this automatically means 10 berries, or at least it's in the hand of the caster...
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    5E Polymorph at higher levels - no beasts left?

    Hi, i have seen all kinds of discussions around polymorph, but not about his question:How do you work with it at higher levels? The spell allows you to change member of your group into a beast (as in the monster group "Beast") with the same challenge rating as the group member has levels (or...
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    5E Running away...

    How do you escape/run away in practice in 5e, if surrounded by hostile creatures, or opponents blocking an exit route? Painful situation we just encountered: enemy guards (same medium size as us), were blocking exit corridor as we were trying to flee, and it all ended in tears... ;) RAW...