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  1. Graywolf-ELM

    PF1E Privateers in Minrothad... Ok Pirates Pathfinder rules/OD&D Mystara Setting

    Sailors on the open seas. travel through the Minrothad guilds as sailors on a ship. defend it, honor it, command it someday. build a trade business across the open seas, or turn pirate? Here are the class restrictions and character creation Guidelines. If you can make it work, and the odd...
  2. Graywolf-ELM

    Looking for the CGW life

    Is the Clockwork Golem still out there? I picked up 3 of your PDF's today to read and hopefully include in my game. I've been out of touch for a while, and some of my favorite resources have been your .pdf's. The last notice on your website was the 19th June 2006. I hope everything is going...
  3. Graywolf-ELM

    None So Vile: Disciples of Darkness II - Soul Harvester

    Title: None So Vile: Disciples of Darkness II - Soul Harvester Author(s): Aeryn Rudel aka Blackdirge ISBN: .pdf, no ISBN Publishers: SkeletonKey games / Blackdirge Publishing Genre: D&D Fantasy, (Dark Material) Class: 3rd Edition and Revised, OGL Orientation: DM vs Player 65%/35% This product...
  4. Graywolf-ELM

    The Slayer's Guide to Trolls

    Title: The Slayer's Guide to Trolls MGP 0008 Author(s): Johnathan Richards ISBN: 1-903980-24-0 Publishers: Mongoose Publishing Genre: D&D Fantasy Class: 3rd Edition D&D, OGL, d20 Orientation: DM vs Player 93%/7% This product is weighed heavily toward DM use Length: 30 pages of content, out of...
  5. Graywolf-ELM

    Broken Lands Act II, Orcs on a Mission - Updated 12-Sep-06

    This is a continuation of The Broken Lands - Orcs on a Rampage Found here The Orcs in the Wyvern Warband are: Gorga, a young Orc who has been training with the scouts and hunters of the tribe. His wilderness knowledge and skills mark him well as a future leader within the tribe, if he can...
  6. Graywolf-ELM

    My Review is not being posted

    It was suggested to me that I should start writing reviews by a couple of my friends, then I had a request I couldn't pass up. When I posted my review, it seemed to succeed, but the review is not showing up on the board. If I go back to attempt to re-post it, I get an error message...
  7. Graywolf-ELM

    Broken Lands NPC's and Prc's and such updated 06/05/06

    This thread is for the posting of NPC's, PC's, Monsters, Prc's, and encounters from the Broken Lands game that I am running for our gaming group. I've messed around up and down CR, ECL for encounters, and am trying to clue in on a sweet spot for this Orc warband. Occasionally I end up with a...
  8. Graywolf-ELM

    Can we playtest your Prc? Humanoid-based Prc's needed

    I'm running a game with a group of Humaniods as the party. I'm looking for some prestige classes that are more geared towards this kind of semi-dark campaign. I've looked through the overall listing, and there are a few biased towards humanoids, and I've suggested some of them to the group on...
  9. Graywolf-ELM

    Mage Armor: What do you get besides armor boost?

    What does the Force effect of mage armor work against? The write up is pretty plain, and does not mention the force itself doing much beyond being an AC booster. Does it block magic missle? Does it have any other "force" benefits? I feel kind of gyped with it. GW
  10. Graywolf-ELM

    Bard Prestige classes? Do you have one you like?

    I've got a player looking for a good prestige class for his Bard character. He's an Orc BattleDrum player, Drigka by name. Have any of you seen, or know of a good prestige classe for Bards? So far nothing has jumped out at me. Thanks, GW
  11. Graywolf-ELM

    Strike unarmed - for larger than medium

    I'm looking for a ruling on unarmed strike for larger than medium creatures. Looking at an Ogre, I see his grapple bonus, but know unarmed strike attack or damage. Looking in the DMG, PHB, MM, I can't find anything that pertains to Large creature unarmed strike damage. The MM has tentacles...
  12. Graywolf-ELM

    Older Threads - Location Resource, and Organization Resource

    I used to have the threads saved in my favorites, but now they are off of the 31 pages of back threads that we can see. Does anyone have them marked? I'd like to archive off the thread contents, if they are fading away. They were based upon input here in the forums. A resource was added...
  13. Graywolf-ELM

    Dragon Bolt? Magic Missle Alternative

    Has anyone seen the writeup for Dragon Bolt. It is like magic missle, only the caster can make the energy bolts appear like little flying Dragons. I found it once, and can no longer remember where. Can someone point me to it? I wanted to use it for a Kobold Sorcerer NPC. GW
  14. Graywolf-ELM

    Troll Template - Looking for

    I'm looking for a troll template to modify some Kobolds with. Can someone point me to one I can use, or material to purchase if I have to. Also looking for a mutant kind of template, I suppose I could use something with an extraplanar, or Demonic type, without the special abilities. Thanks...
  15. Graywolf-ELM

    Bracers of Armor, and Armor Question

    Can someone direct me to a thread discussing this? I looked for several pages back, and was unable to find one. If not, a player has called into question the lack of wording saying that Bracers of Armor do not work with Armor, and that the aura of armor should work with armor being worn. My...
  16. Graywolf-ELM

    Looking for yet another 3.5 Game

    I've been gaming ~1983 but I haven't tried a play by post game. I would like to play in one before I try my hand at DMing one. I am online daily, sometimes not on the weekends due to spending time with my children, but possibly late in the evenings then as well, if I meet up with a group that...
  17. Graywolf-ELM

    Chronicles of Brevard Cosonio

    As a young man on the streets of Daerlun, I was able to survive by quickness, both of intellect, and of foot. I had the benefit of two tutors; Blackie, an old rogue who showed me how to survive on the streets, and Loremaster Martinson a Cleric of Oghma the Binder who taught me how to order my...
  18. Graywolf-ELM

    Orcs on the Rampage - Tales from the Broken Lands(Updated 25-May-06)

    Orcs on the Rampage - Tales from the Broken Lands(Updated 5-Sep-17) The Vile Runes, is a tribe started by Garnash One-Tusk an up and coming member of the Drippin' Blades tribe. Hoolg Redmane, the Blood Orc Horde leader saw his ambition, and gave him a dangerous area of the Broken Lands to...
  19. Graywolf-ELM

    Traveling in Cormyr

    The party joins up with a caravan and bands together to resolve the mystery of the Bogged Down adventure. Bogged Down, In the town of Bearden’s Hollow, bodies have washed up from a recent rain storm. They need to be identified so that they can be properly put back to rest, but an ancient...