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    Incorporeal Creatures Carrying Objects

    So, I had long assumed that incorporeal creatures couldn't move physical objects unless they had a special ability to let them do so. However, I was just looking over some of the undead in the Monster Manual and realized there does not seem to be any such rule. Ethereal creatures can't interact...
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    Party in the darkness

    I was toying with the idea of a party that specialized in blinding their enemies with the spell darkness, and looking for ways to allow the party to see in such darkness. I know it could be done with the true seeing spell, but that's not available till level 11 and even then it only works for...
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    How often does your party take a short rest?

    Title sums it up. How many short rests does your party typically take per "day" (i.e., between long rests)? And are you using the standard rules where a short rest is 1 hour and a long rest is 8, or some variant system (either the DMG optional rules, or a house rule of your own devising)? Edit...
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    Life Transference for wizards: What's your experience?

    Please note that I am looking for people who have actually used this spell or seen it used in play. I don't need help theorycrafting, I can do that just fine on my own. So, I'm in a group which is... ah... short on healers. And by "short," I mean, "we don't have any." I'm thinking about...
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    Dual Wielder vs. Polearm Master

    So, I was thinking: AC bonus aside, is there any mechanical reason to take the Dual Wielder feat instead of Polearm Master? (If your response to this is "Because you want to play a dual wielder and you should only care about concept and not mechanics"... well, post that if you must, but don't...
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    5E Damage types: How much is a point of [x] damage worth?

    Something I've wondered about for a while: We all know that some damage types are more-resisted than others, but how big are the differences? And what is the exact order of least-resisted to most-resisted? So, over the weekend, I decided to find out. I took advantage of D&D Beyond's filtering...
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    Homebrewing a Starting Magic Item

    I'm playing in a campaign where PCs start with one uncommon magic item. I'm playing a fire sorcerer, and am contemplating a homebrew item to submit to the DM for approval. Here's what I've got so far; curious to hear feedback. Spell Serpents (requires attunement by a spellcaster): This bracelet...
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    5E Counterspell: Non-blind version

    Xanathar's Guide to Everything introduced new rules for identifying spells. To identify a spell, you have to use a reaction as it's being cast, or take an action on the following turn, and make an Arcana check. Obviously, this implies that counterspell (which is cast as a reaction) must be used...
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    5E Stealth Revamp

    The last flare-up of the long-running debate over Stealth got me to thinking about what it would take to rework the Stealth rules in 5E. I spent a while noodling over it and came up with what follows. Rather to my surprise, I ended up with something that slots quite neatly into the existing 5E...
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    5E Beast Lord

    I have just uploaded Beast Lord to the downloads area. A solution to the question: "How can I have a griffon mount, always available, without wrecking game balance?" You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.
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    5E SURVIVOR - D&D Tie-Ins - Single-Player Computer Games Win!

    Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money from D&D is made! Going in a different direction from the last few Survivors, this one is between the many, many tie-in products that have been produced for D&D over the years. Only officially licensed tie-ins count; Xykon may have muscled his...
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    5E SURVIVOR RETURNS: Lich Wars - Vecna Wins!

    Undead won the Monster Types thread. Vecna’s Hand and Eye were in the top two on Artifacts and Relics before the forum crash. And the Survivor threads are returning from the grave after they were all seemingly destroyed. Clearly, the new Survivor thread needs to be about liches. :) In this...
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    5E Seeking Zombie Ideas!

    I am gearing up for a 5E campaign set in a world with an ongoing zombie apocalypse. A thousand years ago, somebody slammed the door to the afterlife*; ever since then, when people die, their mad, broken souls come back to reanimate their corpses as zombies. (If the corpse has been destroyed, the...
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    5E Do You Want Another Warlord Poll?

    There are only two warlord polls on the first page right now. Do you think this is enough? Should there be more?
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    5E Warlord Healing

    I hate adding to the number of 5E warlord threads, but I wanted to see what the community felt about the hot-button issue with warlords, which is in-combat healing. For a 5E warlord class to be acceptable, does it need to have "true" in-combat healing (restoring hit points, capable of reviving...
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    5E Necromancers in 5E

    So, for the past several months I have been playing a 13th-level necromancer in 5E. I've always been a necromancer fan, and was happy to find so much support in the core rules; I also wanted to see if a horde of skeleton archers was as powerful in play as it looks on paper (because on paper it...
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    5E 5E: Whips?

    I've been looking at the whip and considering whether/how it can be effective as a weapon. What are your thoughts? Offhand, I have trouble seeing a good use for the whip. Its 1d4 damage makes it sub-optimal for any class that relies heavily on weapon damage dice. Because it's not light, you...
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    5E CR and Encounter Difficulty: Is It Consistently Wrong?

    Lots of people lately have been complaining about the CR/XP budget system. The general sentiment seems to be that PCs are walking all over encounters that are supposed to be Hard or Deadly. Personally, I am not fussed about this. CR can't account for player skill; a group of tactical...
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    5E Drawmij's Instant Summons: Am I Missing Something?

    So, was looking at Drawmij's instant summons yesterday, and I found myself wondering the same thing I've wondered in every edition where this spell showed up: Why on earth would you cast this spell? I mean, I can see a number of uses for being able to prepare and summon an item to hand, and...
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    5E BBEGs and Counterspells

    (Man, I seem to be starting a lot of threads lately...) So, after heinously abusing a hapless NPC spellcaster last week with counterspell, I'm putting on my DM hat and trying to figure out how a spellcasting villain should deal with it. Given the relatively low DC (10 + spell level) to counter...