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  1. Rabulias

    EN World Two potential site upgrades

    I vote no on threading. I have no opinion on the blocking.
  2. Rabulias

    I welcome our new robot overlords

    Be sure to check out the Black Mirror episode "Metalhead."
  3. Rabulias

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    That's a tough question, but IMO TNG has more great individual episodes than DS9, but DS9 had such a great "big story" backdrop that I loved.
  4. Rabulias

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    Yeah, TNG season 1 is awful, season 2 gets a little better, but by season 3 they have found their footing and it is pretty solid on through season 7, IMO. If you can grit your teeth and get through them, seasons 1 and 2 do introduce some characters and history that play in to later (better) stories.
  5. Rabulias

    OotS 1194

    Yes I believe Belkar is on a redemptive path before his demise, which will be a heroic one, I think. And snark =/= evil. :)
  6. Rabulias

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    Heh. Chekhov's Borg Cube.
  7. Rabulias

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    I like the twins aspect to all this, and it has stirred a lot of thoughts on parallels and contrasts. Assuming the Romulan prophecy of the "one who dies" and the "destroyer" is true, like most cryptic prophecies, it might be being misinterpreted. Data was the twin who died, and B4 (or Lore?)...
  8. Rabulias

    I just got back from Sherwood Forest!

    I was a bit worried where this was going with the first few pictures cutting back and forth between archer and goose/geese... :p
  9. Rabulias

    Doctor Who news (possible spoilers)

    I know, bad form replying to myself, but I just thought I would point out that Graham has been mistaken for The Doctor twice (so far!) this season. Clearly the producers agree with me that it has humor potential! :)
  10. Rabulias

    Star Trek Picard SPOILERS thread

    I am wondering if "Mom" was just a construct in Dahj's head. It would explain how she knew about Picard. Even so, a better issue to raise about Soji is why did Dahj not try to warn her sister? Or mention Soji when Picard is telling her she's a synthetic? Either "I can't be a synthetic - I have...
  11. Rabulias

    EN Weekly Newsletter?

    I think those are the Alt-key commands for those menu items in MS Office. If you hold down the Alt key for a couple seconds they pop up. I guess Random Axe was using the Alt-Print Screen combination to grab the screenshot and inadvertently held down Alt a second before the Print Screen key.
  12. Rabulias


    Concept artist Syd Mead passed away December 30. https://www.animationmagazine.net/people/passings/visionary-sci-fi-concept-artist-syd-mead-dies-age-86/
  13. Rabulias

    Star Wars Quiz (Canon)

    Sateen was the Mandalorian regent (? not sure of her title).
  14. Rabulias

    Doctor Who news (possible spoilers)

    Great idea! Along with that, it could be amusing to see any of the current companions (but especially Graham) have to pretend to be The Doctor to pull off some misdirection/distraction.
  15. Rabulias

    3E/3.5 3E and the Feel of D&D

    I will note that much of the best 2E art (much of it posted above), were recycled from calendars and product/Dragon Magazine cover artwork, so there was a bit higher caliber to those pieces than standard interior color art. As for me, Todd Lockwood's work really speaks to me. Here are a couple...
  16. Rabulias

    5E New Eberron Minis: Skycoach, Lord of Blades, Dinos

    I think the proper name for the crystal disc is a soarsled (from Sharn: City of Towers).
  17. Rabulias

    OoTS 1179: Indefinite Accommodations

    That figure in the last panel is Hel's high priestess, due to the "frontarchy" rules of their church (see Giant In the Playground Games)
  18. Rabulias

    Is there a way to go back to the Black Background?

    Yes, dark theme, please! It just doesn't look like EN World without it.
  19. Rabulias

    20 posts per page?

    Another vote for customizing posts per page. I prefer more per page, myself, but I don't want to force my choice on everyone else. The old, old software used to allow a choice of 10, 20, or 30 posts per page, so I expect this feature is in Xenforo somewhere. We just need to wait for Morrus and...