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  1. Lwaxy

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Yes they have,down to less than 30'% in my area and less than 10% where I used to live. The virus has also saved about 10k people in China alone who would usually die during the season due to air pollution, mostly people with asthma and obstructive pulmonary diseases. I can't find the source...
  2. Lwaxy

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    The virus has killed less people than the flu so far and has, at least in Europe, prevented many flu deaths due to the isolation rules. Maybe we should distance more every flu season. If not for the lockdowns,we would have a lot more deaths and dying though. I'm classified as high risk due to...
  3. Lwaxy

    General What Compels YOU to a new RPG?

    I do not need any more new rule systems. I am tired of spending time to learn yet more rules. Iike new settings though, so I am more likely to buy something not meshed with a rule system.
  4. Lwaxy

    On Behavioral Realism

    Hehe in my world, there is a lot less good vs evil,most people are neutral and this group has a very good reason to be together, that is, preventing an ancient undead evil no one else believes in to return.
  5. Lwaxy

    On Behavioral Realism

    Luckily,most of my players behave like normal people (of their race) would do. So you may find the goblin and the kobold,and maybe the wood elf, camping outside the city, but the rest would happilypay for an inn.
  6. Lwaxy

    TSR TSR’s Brian Blume Has Passed

    Good gaming wherever you are now.
  7. Lwaxy

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    I won't have time this year either. Still renovating house, and I'm running games almost daily so all my creativity gets good use already.
  8. Lwaxy

    Worlds of Design: The Tyranny and Freedom of Player Agency

    Either you have a premade adventure which absolutely needs to add some limitations or you sandbox. In the first case, agency will be limited. Itis just like that. Otherwise none of those adventures would be playable as written and maybe not at all. My players move off the rails all the time...
  9. Lwaxy

    PF2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    I've never even moved to 5e, no reason to. I'll stick with the PF/3.5mix.
  10. Lwaxy

    Is there a way to go back to the Black Background?

    Yeah black on white is painful to readfor me,too.
  11. Lwaxy

    General Has online play changed your DM style?

    My style hasn't changed at all, I just GM more.
  12. Lwaxy

    PF2E Pathfinder 2E or Pathfinder 1E?

    Me and my groups will not switch. As I can easily import the new adventures and for the fluff books it doesn't matter I am not overly bothered.
  13. Lwaxy

    SF Starfinder: First Impressions

    Uh, it does work, it just takes time. Which I don't have over Xmas. And in case you haven't noticed, they exist in the same setting, even if they did away with Golarion (which will not likely happen in our version). So yeah, we need to combine. The Starfarer's Companion is helpful of course...
  14. Lwaxy

    SF Starfinder: First Impressions

    I'm not yet done adapting Starfinder and Pathfinder into one, as 2 of my groups are going to play crossovers in any case and most of the others might. So we end up with Starpathfinder eventually. for my taste, rules could have been closer to PF to make it easier to combine:hmm:
  15. Lwaxy

    Kickstarter "And so it begins": The Seven Worlds Science-Fiction Kickstarter is now live!

    I posted the link around on some German forums. I still have some hopes of managing $50.
  16. Lwaxy

    Kickstarter "And so it begins": The Seven Worlds Science-Fiction Kickstarter is now live!

    This sounds so amazing, too bad I'm all out of funds for this year.
  17. Lwaxy

    To Slay a Dragon/To stake a Vampire - will there be a 3rd part?

    There was talk on R20 that those adventures would get a third part, something to do with devils. As we've finally finished (with several added stories which just happened) TSaD and will probably be through TSaV much quicker, I'd like to be able to make plans for the group.
  18. Lwaxy

    General DMs Guild Classics Wishlist

    Oh boy, I need to start downloading.
  19. Lwaxy

    Can you find a GM when you need one?

    After reading the "professional GM"thread I was wondering.
  20. Lwaxy

    SF What STARFINDER Material Do You Want To See from JBE?

    Locations, mostly, both planets and planetary sites.