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  1. atanakar

    How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last?

    How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last? This includes VTT games. You can make multiple votes. My sessions usually last 4 hours. But lately they have gone down to 2.5 hours due to a complicated schedule.
  2. atanakar

    General DM Pause?

    How any times in a year do you take as step back from the DM chair to recharge your batteries and play instead? I'm taking the month of June off. My campaign is starting to get on my nerves. Best to take a step back and return to it later.
  3. atanakar

    General Non-European Campaigns?

    Looking at the Deities & Demi-Gods and I'm wondering if any of you have ever made a campaign based around other regions of the globe? I always wanted to do a sword & sandals* campaign but never got around to do it. I'm a big fan if the old Sinbad, Clash of Titans and Greek mythology movies...
  4. atanakar

    [GMT Games] Space Empires 4X

    When I feel the urge to play an old school counter and hexes games I take out my Space Empire 4x box by Jim Krohn. You get to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. What I like about this game is that you can play it solo. The Doomsday Machine and the Alien Empire scenarios are designed to...
  5. atanakar

    [Ares Games] Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles

    I bought this game in 2019 and played several games. The starter set is loaded with stuff and offers a lot of replayability thanks to the pilot cards, talents and flaw cards and tech cards. A much better starter experience than X-Wing. I called it starter but this is a full game by itself...
  6. atanakar

    Annual RPG and Games Budget?

    A few years ago I looked around my gaming room and it was filled with board games, miniature games and roleplaying books that I had bought but never used or read other than a quick look to check if everything was in good condition. I decided to do a big clean up. Anything that wasn't a...
  7. atanakar

    [ Romance of the Perilous Land - Campaign ] The Quest for the Lance of Archangel Michael

    Article #1 : The initial set up https://marccsolottrp.blogspot.com/2020/05/solo-hex-crawl-quest-perilous-lands.html
  8. atanakar

    General To Domain or not to Domain?

    For some players and DMs a big part of reaching level 10 (name level in old school jargon) is to start to carve out a domain, attract followers, build castles, churches and towers. Some call it the Domain Game. It's like a mini game of civilization inside the campaign. The Master book of BECMI...
  9. atanakar

    [Osprey Games] Romance of the Perilous Land

    This is the streamlined version of D&D 5e I was looking for. Everything is resolved using Roll Under against your Ability. Love the setting too. Just finished my first quick read of the rules section. It's almost as if the rules were written for me. Love how the Advantage / Disadvantage was...
  10. atanakar

    [The Expanse AGE] Abzu's Bounty Adventure

    Ordered my copy today. Glad to learn the adventure is flexible and more like a sandbox. Quote «Abzu’s Bounty, a campaign for Green Ronin’s superlative The Expanse RPG, soars over the high bar already set by past releases to deliver a thrilling series of adventures that plunge players into the...
  11. atanakar

    Atanakar's Miniature Gallery

    I've mentioned a few times that I am also a war-gamer. Here are a pictures of the projects I painted in the last few years. BATTLETECH Hex terrain made with layers of cork board bought at the dollar store. Buildings made with bamboo boxes and mirror sheets, also found at the dollar store.
  12. atanakar

    General To Quest or not the Quest?

    Thinking doing a quest for my next campaign. It is the only type of campaign I have never done. Have you ever DMed or participated in a quest campaign in which the characters receive a long term and world saving mission from level 1. An old school example would be to find the seven parts of a...
  13. atanakar

    PF1E Freeport. What kind of city is it?

    I would like more info on Freeport. What kind of city is it? Is it high fantasy, med or low fantasy? Can I plug it easily into my campaign?
  14. atanakar

    General Nostalgia : Thief Percentages

    Sometimes I miss the thieves percentages for the various skills (pick pocket, etc). In 2e the player received points and decided which skills he wanted to raise. It gave the thieves a unique flavour. But the chance of success were incredibly low at level 1. If I was a master thief and my...
  15. atanakar

    The Dark Eye ?

    Have you played The Dark Eye RPG? It is very popular in Europe (Germany). First edition in 1984. The 5e English translation was released in November 2016. Fourth edition English version in 2006. I recall seeing a French translation in the 80s-90s but never played. What were you impressions of...
  16. atanakar

    General A campaign without classes that use magic?

    Lately, I've become tired of classes that use magic - arcane and divine. I find they are «high management» for the DM and give the players several scenario breaking spells. For my next campaign I'm considering to simply ban magic using classes for PCs and keep them only for foes. Sword &...
  17. atanakar

    3E/3.5 D20 Modern: Edition Experience - Did/Do You Play d20 Modern? How Was/Is it?

    Between D&D 3.0 (2000) and 3.5 (2003) WotC published a game called d20 Modern (2002) wanting to capitalize on the design of the d20 (OGL) system and also offer a system that supported other genres and tropes than D&D. You could characterize it as pulp action hero role-playing. It had quite an...
  18. atanakar

    [Free League] Coriolis : Smugglers of the Horizon Campaign

    -------- April 15, 2018-------- Session #1 / 4 hours Our test game was a success. The players understood the system very quickly. I found a one page cheat sheet online which helped a lot during play. The Dark Flower mission was perfect for a trial run of the system. (we didn't use models or...
  19. atanakar

    Communication as an Attribute

    So in a RPG I own, doesn't matter which one, Communication is an Attribute. All fine and good. Now, it's easy to understand how to use it. On the other hand I'm trying to come up with hazards and effects that could force a Communication Save (penalty) against that attribute. Any ideas? (edit)...
  20. atanakar

    PunkApocalyptic The RPG

    Currenlty at a discount on DriveThru. Based on the same system as Shadow of the Demon Lord. This could be the post-apoc game I was looking for. Currently reading it. Have you played it yet? https://schwalbentertainment.com/2020/02/24/3296/