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  1. Zardnaar

    5E Nights Dark Terror (B10) 5E

    I have had this PDF for a while now and am thinking of running it in 5E. Modern players are not familiar with Mystara and I might adapt it by running it as is and replacing the immortals with the Faerunian pantheon. Has anyone tried this in 5E?
  2. Zardnaar

    Labyrinth (movie) In 2020

    Once upon a time in the 1980s there was a young Zard who had access to free VHS tapes. Between taping movies off the TVs and being able to watch bags of free movies I had copies of a handful of movies. From memory. Wizards Labyrinth Star Wars Flash Gordon And others. So yeah they were...
  3. Zardnaar

    Unsolicited Duck Pic

    If you clicked on this you have a dirty mind. Sorry day 20 lockdown. Found these last year, momma duck let me get fairly close she just kept an eye on me.
  4. Zardnaar

    General Solo Rogue Urban Game?

    Haven't played for over a month in my South Pacific Police State. Going to run a solo game for my wife as she is on reduced hours and is getting most of this week off. She's a level 8 Rogue/Illusionist using C&C rules. The rules don't matter to much after some ideas. The basic idea is something...
  5. Zardnaar

    General Method V Abilities UA

    Well day 17 if lockdown, day 23 self isolation. My wife is creating an illusionist/thief for Castles and Crusades and I'm allowing her to use it. In our isolation bubble it's just the two of us. For those of you who don't know it's jeep best 3 scores. Str 3d6 Int 8d6 Wisdom 7d6 Dex 9d6...
  6. Zardnaar

    The Logic of Panic Buying

    As the title says. Put simply I'm a cynic. While some people believe in ideals I lean more towards humanity being highly evolved monkeys with nukes and cell phones. Monkeys seem to be less self destructive however so they might be smarter than us. Panic buying IMHO is due to 2 things. 1...
  7. Zardnaar

    General How I Avoided the Problem Players.

    Over the years I have read stories online about those special players who are disruptive, annoying or are socially maladjusted with members of the opposite gender. I avoided all of that due to two things. 1. Insular group for the most part. 2. Physical violence (we were young see below). When...
  8. Zardnaar

    5E Magic Items Found vs Wants

    How do people deal with magic items? I lean a bit more towards old school. You use what you find. Others lean more towards custom items towards what the players want. The second approach leans heavily towards 3E and 4E. I also tend to avoid putting in things like magical hand crossbows...
  9. Zardnaar

    5E Ruthless.org

    In the last few sessions I have cranked up the difficulty. The players seem to complain a bit but are still standing. They seem to like it afterwards and come back for more, 1 session missed in 8 months on my end. Here's the two encounters I got through tonight. I vary the amount if...
  10. Zardnaar

    5E Void Wraith Idea?

    This is my idea. I need a spirit of an ancient mage for a level 9 party. It needs to be CR 12-14 or so and cast spells. An archmage is CR 12. My idea is that it's spells will be tweaked to use void spells from the Midgard Worldbook. Also needs to have some wraith traits, and maybe some...
  11. Zardnaar

    Palpatine Was A Clone in RoS

    The visual guide hinted at this, now it's confirmed apparently. https://screenrant.com/star-wars-palpatine-clone-rise-skywalker-confirm-novel/amp/ Continues a trend of putting stuff in the novels that should really be in the movies (see Rey's force powers explaination). His body was...
  12. Zardnaar

    Thoughts In Anything Goes?

    Now some people think I'm a hard ass who hates anything goes. That's not strictly true I don't mind it as long as the world is built from the ground up. So Eberron is fine while adding lots of stuff to say Darksun is not. If you're running a themed game whatever that them is it should take...
  13. Zardnaar

    5E Would You Allow These Feats?

    Divine soul needs a new feat. Feat two the PCs are becoming traders as a "domain". They were rewarded with an estate and have bought a sandship. 1. +1 charisma You know one extra spell (warlock, sorcerer, bard) 2. +1 charisma Opposed persuade vs wisdom (insight). Buy or sell one item +/- 10%
  14. Zardnaar

    5E 6-8 Encounters?

    Do they have to be combat encounters? I decided to design a dungeon where I would grind the PCs down. This is because if party composition and they gave a tendency to nova. They were warned via an NPC that this dungeon the resident Dragon is known for her hit and run tactics. So they had six...
  15. Zardnaar

    General Justify A Level 1 Drow On the Surface?

    In 25 years of D&D I have made one Drow PC and never played it back in the late 90s. I normally don't allow them but recently noticed that people don't chose them anyway. Now assuming I did play one I think I would play a Rogue either CN or N. More Han Solo in the cantina than Drizzt. If the...
  16. Zardnaar

    5E Divine Soul is Kinda Nasty

    Giving Sorcerers acres to cleric spells and metamagic. Extend us also cheap to use in terms of metamagic points. My wife mixed it with a cleric let El dip (death domain) and she picked up some extra cleric spells such as aid. At the end if the day she can extend an aid spell for 16 hours. 20...
  17. Zardnaar

    5E Blue Dragon Lair Concept

    Tonight my players are facing an adult blue dragon in her lair. Her main cave will be big enough to fly and she has allied Gnolls. My plan is though to have "sand pits". through the lair. She has carved out the rock and filled it with sand. Blue Dragons have a burrowing speed. Her main lair...
  18. Zardnaar

    5E Would You Allow this Feat?

    Abbreviated Version. +1 intelligence +1 language or artisan tools Downtime to learn new language/tool is halved Looks fine my current campaign the PCs get downtown equal to twice the amount of time passed IRL. For example if it takes them 3 sessions over 4 weeks to do something they can have...
  19. Zardnaar

    General Busted

    Last night I got caught out. I had a hulking bronze sentinel in the desert missing a power source. Think huge sized iron golem. The PCs had found an almost depleted power source and got it. I let them get in it kinda like fallout 4 power armor or Ironman. Of course the power runs out in a day...
  20. Zardnaar

    5E Zards Ban List?

    I'm thinking ahead to the next campaign and are looking at removing some things. The short list of broken stuff. Sharpshooter Great Weapon Master These two feats obsolete the other fighting styles IMHO. I have an additional 40 or 50 feats to replace them with so more options. Healing...