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  1. BMaC

    WotC Ray Winninger Is Head of D&D RPG Team; Mike Mearls No Longer Works on RPG

    Ravnica, Eberron, Wildemount and only the smallest nod to Greyhawk. Everyone has their breaking point. Mearls reached his.
  2. BMaC

    5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    In addition to the poor UI experience, OP must also understand that using ANY virtual tabletop software will greatly increase DM prep time: it requires you to only to prep the adventure as normal but also all the electronic side of the VTT; depending on the features used this is a serious...
  3. BMaC

    5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    Seriously, I would urge OP to buy a month of the lowest level Zoom subscription and use that.
  4. BMaC

    5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    As others have said, it's fine for just showing maps. However, once you go to the GM side and try to do anything advanced Roll20 descends into a counter-intuitive UI that would make Kafka proud.
  5. BMaC

    General How do you explain PC absences when a player has to miss a session?

    "They went to forage for supplies"
  6. BMaC

    5E Goodman Games is Reincarnating Castle Amber

    To add to what others have said, Goodman Games adds substantial 5e content to their conversion. Their Isle of Dread release has a significant number of new 5e monsters, for example. Also to note is that the production quality of Barrier Peaks is extraordinary: 100% heavy gloss pages. I hope...
  7. BMaC

    5E Where is the content?

    It's dubious for people who admit to not owning or playing the official releases like Descent into Avernus to accuse the OP of 'buzzsawing' or rushing through content. I've read Descent and it is 100% milestone leveling. The milestone from level 10 to 11 consists of a single encounter by the...
  8. BMaC

    5E Where is the content?

    Sort of like milestone leveling without the milestones?
  9. BMaC

    5E Where is the content?

    Out of curiosity, do you milestone level or XP level?
  10. BMaC

    5E Where is the content?

    This also raises the stakes for the next adventure release if there is only one in 2020. Maybe the Woll anthology is still coming this year (when??) And then the Perkins book in late 2020.
  11. BMaC

    5E Where is the content?

    There was an Enworld poll a while back (on phone or I would dig up link); I think playing once every other week was fairly typical for a group. 5E - How often have you played D&D 5e over the past year? edit. Found it.
  12. BMaC

    5E To MC or not MC? That is the question!

    No multiclassing for our groups. Use the immersive backgrounds, feats, and subclasses.
  13. BMaC

    UA WotC Removes Latest Unearthed Arcana

    Since literature and art was invented humans have struggled to understand where the line is drawn between infatuation and love. The most enduring pieces of art, philosophy, and literature from Aeschylus' "love unlovely" to Rimbaud to Boy George quoted above explore the thermocline where love...
  14. BMaC

    UA WotC Removes Latest Unearthed Arcana

    Plato, over two centuries ago, looked at the dark, obsessive yearning side of love in his famous dialogue The Symposium. It's worth a read (link to different versions in the Wikipedia article).
  15. BMaC

    5E Recommendations for a 5e 3rd party adventure path?

    My group will be finishing Descent in Avernus and we're trying to decide what to play next. We've played all the official 5e books. The group members are big fans of Kobold Press's Tome of Beasts. Are there any good 3rd party full-blown adventure paths? I have the Quests of Doom series and...
  16. BMaC

    5E Am I no longer WoTC's target audience?

    Yep. Goodman Games has done great work with Original Adventures Reincarnated. They or Kobold Press would be a safe pair of hands to hold a license for Greyhawk.
  17. BMaC

    5E More Details About Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit

    Is the ”&” the ‘1’ or the ‘20’? If the ‘1’ then I will spend my money on pints and crisps.
  18. BMaC

    5E More Details About Laeral Silverhand’s Explorer’s Kit

    I sympathize with anyone disappointed that this is not Greyhawk.
  19. BMaC

    General Can we take a moment to appreciate Joe Manganiello's DM chair?

    Notwithstanding the excellent content in these recent videos, I am also impressed with the completely badass chair he possesses. Imposing but not in an iron throne way, no doubt practical in offering comfort during long sessions, and provides advantage on contemplative thought checks.