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  1. Cristian Andreu

    6E Toward a Theory of 6th Edition

    It's rather evident to me that 6e will be about the true core of D&D: the Warlord. We'll see Warlords, Warladies, Warlads, Warlandlord, Warlalalas (for the Bard stand-in), Warlollypops, Other Warlord, Warlordier, and Warlordiest. It's the only reasonable course of action.
  2. Cristian Andreu

    5E Map of the Great Wheel Cosmology

    Greetings! Even though in our group we have long since moved on from AD&D 2e, we still use that edition's cosmology as our default, as I understand several other groups do as well. I made this thing (which is an update of a previous one I did a couple of years ago, posted around here somewhere)...
  3. Cristian Andreu

    DMs Guild 5e OGL/DMs Guild FAQ from DriveThrough's Scott Holden

    Scott Holden, from DriveThroughRPG (who are also partners with Wizards in the DMs Guild), sent the following email yesterday to all publishers, clearing some doubts regarding what you can publish under each licence and how exactly they are different. I thought it was a pretty good summary of...
  4. Cristian Andreu

    Petition to Name Element 117 "Octarine", in honour of Sir Terry Pratchett

    Link to the Petition A petition has been set up in Change.org to request the International Union for Applied Chemistry that the recently confirmed Element 117 be named "Octarine", in homage of the late Sir Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series. I have no idea if these things actually work...
  5. Cristian Andreu

    What do you put on a hot-dog?

    A most crucial discussion is what should we put or avoid from putting on a hot-dog. Yogurt seems an impopular choice, for example, but I could be wrong. I mean, once I was offered juice made from clams and apple, so anything could happen. What do you usually put on them? For me, as a proper...
  6. Cristian Andreu

    David Chart Steps Down as Ars Magica 5e Line Editor

    David Chart has now stepped down as line editor for the game, to whom I have nothing but respect and gratitude for his amazing -and truly monumental- work. Here's his parting message sent to the BerkList this morning, which I take the liberty of replicating here: My very best of wishes to...
  7. Cristian Andreu

    5E Mapping Software Input [What's in your wallet?]

    I use Photoshop for mapping, along with a digital tablet (nothing too fancy, as mapping is essentially the only thing I know how to kinda use it for!). Though not the best mapper, I admit I love drawing these damned things; it's sort of zen, I suppose. Very relaxing. The map that's currently...
  8. Cristian Andreu

    Contingency Measures Against Star Wars Spoilers

    Have any of you been in the need of engaging contingency measures to avoid getting spoiled before watching Star Wars? In this day and age, not watching something the very next day it's released and then logging into any social network feels like a game of Minesweeper in which all boxes are 8s...
  9. Cristian Andreu

    5E How many fans want a 5e Wardrobe?

    I've been reading through the equipment and items chapters of 5e, and I still can't find ruling on wardrobes. I feel like the devs have really dropped the ball as far as furniture goes in the current edition. Would you like the wardrobe being added to 5e in future supplements? Even a UE...
  10. Cristian Andreu

    UA Unearthed Arcana Cut and Paste

    Hey guys. I figured someone else might encounter the same issue, so I took the liberty of converting all the UA pdfs into Word files, so they can be easily copy-pasted for personal purposes (I think this shouldn't involve any licence issues. If it does, please give me a heads-up and I'll remove...
  11. Cristian Andreu

    UA Unearthed Arcana Cut and Paste

    That's a relatively common problem with pdfs, particularly those created with Mac OS X 10.10.4 Quartz (you can check which version was used to create the pdf by going into the Properties menu. Quick check shows that the UA pdfswere indeed created with that version). From what I understand, this...
  12. Cristian Andreu

    Edition Aroma: Which one smells the best?

    We all know smell is a critical part of nerdom; MTG boosters have some kind of addictive gas that hooks you on the scent so you have to buy more, for example. This happens with D&D editions, too, each one having its own characteristic smell, from the "this has gone through way too many hands"...
  13. Cristian Andreu

    Boss Monster [Card game]

    A few weeks ago I found Boss Monster by accident at a videogame store, and last week I finally got to try it out. BM is a non-collectible card game for 2 to 4 players by Brotherwise Games, themed after classic side-scrolling games like Castlevania and retro-RPGs, in which you play the role of a...
  14. Cristian Andreu

    1E What 1e Books Should Make a 5e Comeback?

    Manual of the Planes! It's often my favourite supplement of every edition, and with the return to a Great Wheelish model, I'd love to see a reinstalment. Maybe they could throw it in while doing a planar-based storyline. Deities & Demigods I'd be happy to see as well, though in a line similar...
  15. Cristian Andreu

    4E The Best Thing from 4E

    Simplified monsters are by far my favourite thing about 4e. It makes improvising monsters (something I do basically every session) much easier.
  16. Cristian Andreu

    5E Polymorph into Non-Beasts

    In the process of moving from Pathfinder to 5e, one of the players has asked me about using the Polymorph spell to include non-beasts (he was fond of Form of the Dragon in PF). Just expanding the spell to include other types of creatures seems deceptively tempting, but I'm not sure if I'd be...
  17. Cristian Andreu

    5E Knock Unconscious and Massive Damage

    Last weekend I ran into a problem: The party's rogue wanted to knock people out quick and assuredly by using his Assassinate feature to both sneak attack and auto-crit, in order to make sure he reduced the victims down to 0. However, this often meant he would deal twice the target's HP in...
  18. Cristian Andreu

    5E Lord Cupcake's Will

    Page 36 of the 5e DMG reads: "Travok and Kairon don't want to undertake a quest for Lord Cupcake" What's with these uppity heroes dismissing quests from Lord Cupcake? Would have they done the same if Duke Smoothy or Count Hors d'Oeuvres had been involved? I think not. The biggest question...
  19. Cristian Andreu

    [Boardgame] Republic of Rome

    Has anyone else played this game? Republic of Rome is a boardgame that puts up to 6 players in control of a political faction of Republican Rome. Through these factions, players attract and manipulate senators (as well as their retinues) which in turn are used to run the Republic, be it by...
  20. Cristian Andreu

    5E Recreating High-level Pathfinder characters in 5e

    Last saturday, players of the current Planescape campaign I'm running with Pathfinder asked about the posibility of changing over to 5e. I told them that, even though I really like 5e, it might prove to be complicated (they are all 16th level) and that their characters might have to endure...