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    (YB!) Irene vs Nikosin! Oir judging!

    A mist billows into the seemingly empty arena, shortly followed by a bald woman holding a billowing red staff. An observer would see that she lacks eyes and a mouth - and that despite this, she is keeping a potion bottle fastened to her belt which also holds several pouches. With some...
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    (YB!) Irene vs Victarion (Patch Judging)!

    As if to spite the blowing winds, a thick, if small fog cloud hangs over the field, softer fog billowing around it. In the center of the fog, on a lone rock, sits a bald woman in simple clothes, juggling a few small stones - which might seem remarkable, as the woman has no eyes. That she also...
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    4E Are humans balanced in 4e?

    That side discussion was about 3.X, though, where elves should be preeminent wizards. :p 4E solved that "elf" problem.
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    4E Are humans balanced in 4e?

    Not really. Rather, the designers have come to think of that as a mistake, the so-called elf problem.1 2 Since elves are supposed to be preeminent wizards, but don't have the mechanics to back that up, a race with an Int bonus would undermine the supposed niche of elves.
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    Asgard #4 Download Problem?

    I've gotten a report by Greg K that one of the Asgard issues I've uploaded here, namely issue #4, does not download properly. It works on my end, and I don't think there's anything I can do except a re-upload, which I've already tried. Anybody else who has that problem, or an idea why it...
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    [Proposal] Clarify Blindborn Ability

    Discussed in the General Discussion thread. Currently, the blindborn template states the following: The Blinded condition states the following: The Permanent Blindness ability isn't completely clear on what penalties still apply and which don't. As such, I would like to amend it to the...
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    4E 4E Player’s Handbook II

    http://www.enworld.org/showpost.php?p=4275416&postcount=90 Though Oompa isn't entirely correct: Dragon Magazine material can be used in other books. Specifically:
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    [Game Aid]Card styles for MSE (Power cards, monster cards)

    Since the other thread is getting very large and information is quickly buried, I thought I'd put this out here - links to my power card templates, and some of Lord Tirian's (namely those that share the same game file), as well as the DDM RPG stat cards. As the thread title states, these...
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    4E 4E PrRC ~v2.7~ FINAL UPDATE May 29.08

    Yes, many thanks for your work! :)
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    4E 4E PHB Viewing at Games Plus, what we saw

    Yep, saw it in the other thread, but maybe it jogs someone's memories if they read it.
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    4E 4E PHB Viewing at Games Plus, what we saw

    Half-elves might be able to get a class feature from another class (the XP warlock had a ranger feature, and the KotS cleric has a weapon power that marks the enemy), though there may be other reasons for that. Also, they might be able to choose Human and/or Elf feats (the XP warlock has a Human...
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    4E 4E PHB Viewing at Games Plus, what we saw

    Thanks for taking the time to look at the dragons, Thalmin! :)
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    4E 4E PHB Viewing at Games Plus, what we saw

    Is there still time to add a request to the ever-growing list? If so, I'd like to hear what dragons are actually in (just the chromatics as per Massawyrm, or more?).
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    4E 4E PrRC ~v2.7~ FINAL UPDATE May 29.08

    Nope, it's clearly 5. Nature/Dungeoneering and four others. Maybe Eladrin gain a bonus skill as well?
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    4E New 4e Info! GAMA Tradeshow Scoop

    The transcript you've quoted is missing the Hit line. Hit: 4[W] + Charisma modifier radiant damage. If I recall correctly, a healing surge normally heals 1/4 your maximum hit points.
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    4E A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion

    Because marks might have also been resilient, resulting in "old mark suoersedes a new one," based on initiative count ("faster mark supersedes a slower one"), by class ("paladin mark supersedes fighter mark"), etc, while still being true to the "one mark per enemy" description. If it weren't...
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    4E A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion

    It fits quite well with what the Combat Challenge ability actually says, though. The first portion tells us when the fighter marks. The second and third portion tells us what happens when a marked creature becomes marked again (we know that because the paladin divine challenge uses basically...
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    4E A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion

    How marking works, and any extra effects beyond the attack penalty from marks, differs between the classes. The paladin loses his old mark when he issues a new Divine Challenge. The fighter can mark multiple enemies, however, from what has been released. For example, from the Marking Marked article:
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    4E XP in 4E?

    I seem to recall someone saying that the new measure is ten encounters of equivalent level for level up. If that's the case, it should be 1000 XP for 2nd level, another 1250 (total 2250) XP for 3rd, and so on.
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    4E Two-on-Two 4e Brawl

    They sense structural disruptions of their frame? Wavering of their animating spirit? Temporary bugs in their programming? ;) That's really the problem with some of the flavor text - this one assumes a living opponent, the Split the Tree power is misreadable as quasi-magic... I'm not sure if I...