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    (YB!) Irene vs Nikosin! Oir judging!

    A mist billows into the seemingly empty arena, shortly followed by a bald woman holding a billowing red staff. An observer would see that she lacks eyes and a mouth - and that despite this, she is keeping a potion bottle fastened to her belt which also holds several pouches. With some...
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    (YB!) Irene vs Victarion (Patch Judging)!

    As if to spite the blowing winds, a thick, if small fog cloud hangs over the field, softer fog billowing around it. In the center of the fog, on a lone rock, sits a bald woman in simple clothes, juggling a few small stones - which might seem remarkable, as the woman has no eyes. That she also...
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    Asgard #4 Download Problem?

    I've gotten a report by Greg K that one of the Asgard issues I've uploaded here, namely issue #4, does not download properly. It works on my end, and I don't think there's anything I can do except a re-upload, which I've already tried. Anybody else who has that problem, or an idea why it...
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    [Proposal] Clarify Blindborn Ability

    Discussed in the General Discussion thread. Currently, the blindborn template states the following: The Blinded condition states the following: The Permanent Blindness ability isn't completely clear on what penalties still apply and which don't. As such, I would like to amend it to the...
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    [Game Aid]Card styles for MSE (Power cards, monster cards)

    Since the other thread is getting very large and information is quickly buried, I thought I'd put this out here - links to my power card templates, and some of Lord Tirian's (namely those that share the same game file), as well as the DDM RPG stat cards. As the thread title states, these...
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    "Conversion" templates

    I've recently mentioned I'd post some of the stupid stuff I came up with, so let's see what we have here. ;) First post for the basics, then a post per template. "Conversion" Templates "Conversion" templates are designed to quickly alter the appearance of a creature along with giving it...
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    Ashardalon and I

    With the influx of 4th Edition news, I've found that I post somewhat more often under my Ashardalon account than previously (I typically do that when I feel I don't have time to adequately post to my PbP threads and I don't want to lose the subscriptions being shown in my UserCP). I've never...
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    Feat Ban/Change

    I hate to make any changes to the SRD rules, but in this case, I feel it might be necessary. Proposal 1 and 2 - Ban (1) Persistant Spell and (2) Superior Expertise (also known as Improved Combat Expertise). These two feats are technically legal in LEW due to being part of the Divine SRD, but...
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    Leadership and its Followers

    In 3.5, the Leadership feat lost the text restricting followers to commoners, experts, and warriors. I seem to recall reading that this was a deliberate decision, but searching, I cannot find anything to back that up. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
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    General Discussion Thread X

    Wow, the tenth GD thread. LEW has quite a history by now (and it isn't said enough, kudos to El Jefe for going through all the old threads!). Without the Big Crash, we'd have been here earlier, of course. As always, this is the place for questions, help, general discussion, and the like.
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    Stink in Ship's Towers

    Jonath leads you through Clifftop, and you notice that he doesn't lead you to the nearest watch station, but after a few minutes, you do reach your goal, a larger station. You are allowed inside and directly brought into a captain's office. It is easy to see that the captain - a stout...
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    Ashnar Spells IIb

    As mentioned in the other thread, Ashnar's research priorities have shifted a bit, due to the events of his current adventure. Of course, it mostly referred to his death. ;) Ashnar's Athleticate Augmentation Transmutation Level: Sor/Wiz 2 Components: V, S Casting Time: 1 standard action Range...
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    I just noticed...

    ... thanks to a guy called CCShade (;)), we made it onto Wikipedia.
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    Spotty Access for a while

    Construction works around the house means my LAN access may be spotty for a while. Got a point that allows access currently, but I can't count on it to remain.
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    You know, ...

    ... I'm kind of surprised that you guys didn't jump into this discussion yet.
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    Detail Discussion

    Since it appears that there is enough interest in a Living Eberron campaign, this thread is for the judges (Bront and Rystil, those who the two appoint, and me) to carve out the details so that we can start playing quickly. Spectator comments are welcome, of course. 1) The other thread pretty...
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    Magic Item Compendium - March 07

    On Amazon.ca. Other March 07 titles, which I'm pretty sure are all novels: The Great White Wyrm: Champions, Volume Four by Peter Archer (Author) (Mass Market Paperback - March 13, 2007) Forge of the Mindslayers: the Blade of the Flame, Book 2 by Tim Waggoner (Author) (Mass Market Paperback -...
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    Living Eberron - Gauging Interest Level

    Edit - See THIS thread. There has been some talk about whether a Living Eberron campaign would be interesting to have and play in, similar to the Living Enworld and Living Supers model. To gauge whether there would be enough interest for such a game, I've started this poll. Note that this poll...
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    Who' Baker? - WotC's You Craft the Creature

    It's time for the concept vote. My concept didn't make the cut. :( But go vote, anyway. ;)
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    The monsters take over! (aka Congratulations Finland)

    A small band of monsters had invaded Greece recently, apparently bent on musical domination. Lordi, the name of the band, had just one more obstacle to overcome - the European Song Contest. Despite warnings from jealous commentors and other concerned people, the creatures managed to charm their...