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    Chaosium Releases Basic Role Playing SRD

    Yeah, looking at the license and the SRD content this is essentially useless. If you use any of it you have to slap that logo on your book, "prominently", regardless of how little you actually use. And let's be frank, between the paucity of content in the SRD and the plethora of restrictions in...
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    The D&D Edition Complexity Thread- How do you order Edition Complexity?

    Race-as-class was one of the things Moldvay did to internationally simplify the game for B/X. Original D&D and Holmes Basic Set don't actually have that, but the strict class limitations on the demi-human races in the original D&D boxed set, which began to be loosened with the introduction of...
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    The D&D Edition Complexity Thread- How do you order Edition Complexity?

    That's exactly why I consider 4e to be on the rather complex end of the scale. The systematic elements are straightforward, but the devil is in the details within the actual game play, and the result is it often takes a while to resolve events like combat. In many ways it's elegant, but it's not...
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    General Which standard classes have you never (or very rarely) seen played? (Edited)

    The way I've previously described Essentials that makes more akin to a half edition in its own right is that it is self-contained. That is, one doesn't need the core (PHB, MM, DMG) to play the game using the Essentials books, they are sufficient on their own. Even the 4e PHB 2&3, MM 2&3, etc...
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    5E WotC's Kate Welch Hints at Celebrity-Written 2020 Adventure Book

    Not surprised that Woll's work would be good. If you've ever caught an episode of Relics & Rarities, the streaming series she DM's for, she's quite good.
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    PF2E Complexity vs. Depth -- A Look Inside Pathfinder 2nd Edition

    I completely agree about ancestry feats. I'm surprised they kept them from the playtest, as I recall them not being popular, but also the are altogether illogical. Gaining more advanced skill in one's profession, which is what leveling represents, should have no bearing whatsoever on how much a...
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    5E D&D Essentials Kit Offers a New Place to Start

    funnily enough, "Expert" was the name of one of the NPC classes from 3e (and Pathfinder), so it's actually something of a return in its use.
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    5E WotC's Nathan Stewart Teases New D&D Setting Book in 2019

    Not exactly. The Greyhawk version bears no actual resemblance to the full setting; it's really just a name drop from the days when no one knew anything about any of these settings, a friendly nod to the other group as a small tribute and inside reference. The other two were both written by...
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    5E WotC's Nathan Stewart Teases New D&D Setting Book in 2019

    There's three versions of Blackmoor. Arneson's full, standalone version was last seen as a third-party published 4e setting book. Arneson licensed back the rights and teamed with a company called Zeitgeist Games to produce a 3e version, and later a 4e version as the last thing he worked on...
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    PF2E Paizo Announces Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    I agree with this idea. Merging in Pathfinder with the older editions of D&D makes sense if it's just PF1 which is really just a patched over 3.5, but since PF2 is going to be its own thing, it should probably be split back out. And Starfinder was always a bit of a poor fit there anyway, so a...
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    General DMs Guild Classics Wishlist

    Holmes Basic. If only for the historical curiosity.
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    UA Psionics Hits Unearthed Arcana

    As an INT-based class, wouldn't INT saves being the permanent, unchanging ones make more sense than WIS?