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  1. NaturalZero

    Your Favorite Character... That You Barely/Never Got to Play

    I just jumped into a new group today and as I was whipping up a character that would work well with the party, I found myself falling back to a build concept I had used at a different table and started thinking nostalgically about all of the characters I've made but barely played. If we go...
  2. NaturalZero

    5E How good is PC burrow speed?

    I'm working on my homebrew totemist class and I'm looking at just how many monsters of the monstrosity type (formerly "magical beast" in 3.x) get burrow speed and it seems, thematically, like totemists should be able to gain access from at least one of their melds. When i stopped to think about...
  3. NaturalZero

    5E Running a game from a tablet.

    I've run RPGs for years now and I've always relied on typing out my session plans on the PC and printing them out before bringing them to the table. Doing so has often been a huge hassle though, with dried out ink nozzles or lack of paper. I've decided to completely reboot my DM organization...
  4. NaturalZero

    Effect-based 4e?

    There isn't a character in any of the games i play in or run that isn't reflavored all over the place. In fact, my group is at the point where someone comes up with a concept and the DM asks "well, what mechanics are you reskinning to do that?" Even something as straight forward like a warforged...