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  1. RobJN

    General What are the "dead settings" of D&D?

    The Piazza paints a slightly different picture of the "alive-ness" of some of these settings...
  2. RobJN

    General Do people like re-skinning?

    I'm pretty sure it's required that you re-color your monster if you add hit dice, add to damage, or change a property of an attack ;)
  3. RobJN

    General Who's your villain?

    Bargle. Con man, swindler, thief, murderer... and those are his better qualities. He is currently on the run, after having stolen the Black Opal Eye, and Fire Opal Eyes of Traldar for some (no doubt) nefarious purpose.
  4. RobJN

    General Easter and D&D

    RUN AWAY!! (armor soiling optional)
  5. RobJN

    5E Wizards of the Coast freebies

    Following the WotC links has made my DM's Guild speak French....
  6. RobJN

    General Recommendation for 1st level adventure?

    Too bad you don't want to use orcs, because B11: King's Festival is an excellent 1st level, first adventure....
  7. RobJN

    OD&D Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play BECM/RC D&D? How Was/Is It?

    One of the older GaryCon panels, it was noted that the Expert Set was regarded by some as being more-advanced-than-Advanced D&D, I think, due to it expanding into areas like wilderness exploration and name-level keeps/temples/guild/tower building not as the endgame, with a minimum of rules for...
  8. RobJN

    WOIN Tell me about O.L.D.

    Many of the rules and systems are the same, with a bit of reskinning. Rather than a stellar naval academy, an O.L.D. equivalent may be the skyship branch of a fantasy nation's navy. The hallmark of O.L.D. has to be the freeform magic system: a verb (magic skill)+noun (secret) combination that...
  9. RobJN

    iPad help

    Keynote slides of the monster + bluethooth remote?
  10. RobJN

    General What makes a good DM good?

    ... what do you mean "sometimes"?
  11. RobJN

    So here's the new Batmobile

    What happens when it hits 88 mph?
  12. RobJN

    WOIN Help looting magically

    Transform the rest of the party into pack mules...?
  13. RobJN

    General Busted

    Take a cue from any JRPG from the Nintendo/SNES era, or Diablo, and make sure to change the color when you tinker ;)
  14. RobJN

    General Old Campaign Worlds - What Have You Used And Why?

    I DM Mystara (and by extension, Blackmoor). Grew up with the setting, as it evolved. Nowadays, I've darkend things up a bit, bolting on elements from Eberron (warforged, dragonshards, dragon marks, artificers, magewrights, demonic possession of things as well as people) and thematic bits and...
  15. RobJN

    5E Terrible Titles for a Xanathar Follow-up

    .... he is now!
  16. RobJN

    5E Terrible Titles for a Xanathar Follow-up

    No, no. Sequels have annoying punctuation tacked on to the end of the title: a * or ! or !! (probably all three in at least one case...)
  17. RobJN

    5E Terrible Titles for a Xanathar Follow-up

    We Can't Call It Unearthed Arcana Because We Already Used That Title For The Website Articles
  18. RobJN

    5E Terrible Titles for a Xanathar Follow-up

    Xanathar's Guide to Everything Else
  19. RobJN


    Looks like Russ is having a Super Christmas. Hope everyone else is, as well! Yo, ho ho and all that