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    2000AD Looking for hooks for the next Judge mission

    Hi there, my Judge Dread campaign reached a climax, when the Judge PCs were able to find evidences to take down a corporation, which was collecting alien artifacts. This corporation used the artifacts to summon they "queen" (a powerful energy-based enitiy) by merging her and some followers with...
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    WOIN Looking for stats of a grappling gun and a line thrower gun

    Hi there, as the title says. My Judges will have to serve an acsused a warrent but he lives in a highly secured skyscraper, as the next mission.
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    WOIN [NEW] What is a "ruined" planet?

    Hi there, I was playing around with the planet generation from page 247 and the first planet type is "ruined". All the other types I understand but this seems strange to me. Does it mean, that the planet was a different type before but then an event (like a supernova) destroyed its surface?
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    WOIN Does the hardy skill apply to the Vital Defence?

    Hi there, recently I created a new character for a new player and this one has "hardy 3". Like the book suggests, I applied it to the Health pool but now I am considering to apply it also to the Vital Defence. Would this work or would the skill become to powerful?
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    2000AD Can a gorilla ride a Lawmaster or does he need a bigger vehicle?

    Hi there, a new player, who will join my campaign, would like to play a gorilla judge. No problem for me, but I am concerned that a large gorilla is too big for a Lawmaster. Any ideas to solve it? Thanks in advance
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    2000AD [WOIN/Judge Dredd] Looking for stats and grapple rules for Harpoon guns

    Hi there, for a vehicular combat in the Cursed Earth, I would like to add some wasteland raiders who use mounted harpoon guns on the PCs van (like in Mad Max Fury Road). Any suggestions for the stats and grapple rules? Thanks in advance
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    2000AD [2000AD] How would you build up a witness protection escort mission?

    Hi there, I am planning an adventure in which the Jugdes have to escort a key witness to a secured Judge base in the wastelands. The witness is important for a bigger investigation against two companies. To spice things up, they have to drive the whole way through the territory of the Angel Gang...
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    2000AD [2000AD] What kind of "magical artifacts" could be found in world of 2000AD?

    Hi there, for a Judge Dredd campaign I rewrite an old Shadowrun campaign about finding magical artifacts for an organisation. The premise for Judges will be the break up of an artifact smuggling ring. I am not sure if the origins of the Shadowrun artifacts fit into the 2000AD world without...
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    2000AD [2000AD] Do anti-vehicle weapons work against robots?

    Hi there, I am preparing Robot Wars right now and the two scene against the Heavy Metal Kids makes me wonder: Would the cyclops laser of the Lawmaster (with the newly introduced keyword "anti-vehicle") also deal the extra damage against giant robots (or robots and inanimate objects in general)?
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    WOIN [WOIN] Question about weapons, auto/burst trait and ammo!

    Hi there, does it cost more than one bullet (rules-wise) when you use the auto trait for a cone attack or the burst trait for a burst area attack?
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    2000AD [2000AD] Need help with an One Shot I will run at friday

    Hi there, at friday I will host an One Shot of Judge Dredd. The players are system- or TTRPG-newbies, so I decided to simplify the adventure so that the players can concentrate more on the rules than the story. I am planning three scenes which fit into the trope "Beat Cop Work". The first scene...
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    WOIN [WOIN] Falling off/out of a moving vehicle

    Hi there, how would you calculate the (falling) damage if a character falls off a moving train or got kicked out of a moving car?
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    WOIN [WOIN] Free universal exploit and psionic powers

    Hi there, is it possible to take a psonic power as free universal exploit at the character creation?
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    2000AD [Judge Dredd] Cadet question

    Hi there, I found a litte inconsistency about the Cadet career. This career has 18 years but in the description and in the pregen Jugde character sheets, it has 13 years. Which value is correct?
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    WOIN [WOIN] Question about special ammunition

    Hi there, does special ammunition change the damage type of a weapon completely (i.e. from ballistic to heat) or does it deal both types of damage (in case of a crit)?
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    WOIN [WOIN] How to handle minion groups?

    Hi there, I need some advice how to handle a enemy group like a zombie horde or stormtrooper unit. Could I combine several low level npcs to one entity?
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    WOIN [WOIN] Question about armor skills in cinematic mode

    Hi there, the cinematic mode allows to wear armor of any quality without having the appropriate skill rank. What are the benefits of having a rank in an armor skill (besides reducing the defense penalty) while in cinematic mode?
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    WOIN [WOIN] My homebrewn Mass Effect adaption - Part 1: player races

    Hi there, i am working on my own WOIN adaption of the Mass Effect setting. Finally I finished my first draft of the player races, but I need some unbiased eyes for proofreading. As creation tool, I used the WOIN Racebuilding Engine PDF and tried to keep the building points around 20. You can...
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    WOIN [WOIN] Looking for an origin which represents a social outcast

    Hi there, as the title says, I am looking for an origin for a social outcast. Some members of the race are treated as outcasts by their own kind because the parents did something wrong. Which attributes, skills and exploit could represent this case?
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    WOIN [WOIN] How to calculate the starting age for a short lived species?

    Hi there, i am considering to add a short lived species to my game. They become old at 20 years, but I couldn't find something like the opposite of the Long-Lived exploit. Should I divide by a factor of 3 and how should I handle the fractions of the result?